1st ANNIVERSARY Giveaway at The Reading Cafe

1st Anniversary Giveaway at The Reading Cafe


Thank you for being a part of The Reading Cafe. On February 2, 2012 we embarked on an adventure that started with an idea. An idea to talk about the books we love to read, the authors we follow and the covers that catch our eye. We had no idea how successful our first year would become and thanks in part to our contributing reviewers, members, authors and publishers, and friends who visit The Reading Cafe on a daily basis we are able to offer, what we think, is a fabulous series of prize packages. To show our appreciation and to celebrate our ONE year anniversary The Reading Cafe will be offering YOU a chance to WIN prizes and giveaways throughout the entire month of February.

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Winter Storms by Lucy Oliver – a Review

Winter Storms by Lucy Oliver – a Review

winter storms

Two years ago Carly Roberts split from her lover, Daniel Edwards, after he caused a terrible sailing accident that cost her both the use of her right leg and her Olympic dreams. Unable to watch his climb to double Olympic success, she stayed in the Cornish village they grew up in, while he travelled the world.

Racked with guilt, knowing he destroyed her future, Daniel has finally returned home to make amends.  But he didn’t expect to fall in love with her again.

However Carly has her own life now and it doesn’t include him. She can’t forgive him for the catastrophic injuries that changed her life. While the storms of a Cornish winter lash their village home, can Daniel persuade her to give him a second chance?

Winter Storms is Lucy Oliver’s debut novel.  This was a nicely written romance about a young couple once in love, that was destroyed by a tragic accident.  The story takes place in a Cornish village by the docks, which is known for it’s terrible winter storms.

We meet our heroine, Carly Roberts at the beginning.  Carly is somewhat disabled, with a bad leg caused by an accident two years ago, and now she needs a cane to walk.  Carly owns and operates her own business;  a gift/trinket store.  It is close to Christmas, and on a nasty night, she closes the shop early. 

We then meet our hero, Daniel Edwards, who left town 2 years ago, after Carly’s accident.  They were lovers, until the tragic accident, which Carly blamed on Daniel.  Both were Olympic trainees for sailing, and now Daniel is a gold medal champion, and Carly resents him for what she no longer can have. 

After two years, Daniel cannot forget his love for Carly, and comes home, but Carly still wants nothing to do with him.  Carly has moved on with her life, and accepts her handicap. However, she finds she can’t forgive Daniel totally, and part of the reason is her own jealousy that he has succeeded as an Olympic champion, which she herself was also destined to do.  As much as she knows she still loves Daniel, she doesn’t feel she can get past her resentment of him.

This was a wonderful story of two people in love, even with the two year separation, trying to overcome the obstacles in front of them.  In the terrible winter storm, another tragedy occurs, bringing everyone in the town, and the two star-crossed lovers united in saving others.  I really did enjoy this story, and Lucy Oliver does a great job with her debut novel.  Her characters are wonderfully written, as you find yourself liking them.  She created a wonderful couple, with issues to overcome to find love again. Winter Storms was a great read, and one I recommend.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provdied by Author


Possessed by Desire (Firebrand #3) by Elisabeth Naughton-a review

Possessed by Desire (Firebrand #3) by Elisabeth Naughton-a review

Possessed by Desire

POSSESSED BY DESIRE (Firebrand #3) by Elisabeth Naughton

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release January 2013

Even desire comes at a price…

Imprisonment has taught Ashur, the youngest djinn prince enslaved by a power-hungry sorceress, one thing: life as a pleasure slave has its rewards…if you play by the rules. He’s been tortured. He’s nearly died protecting a tribe that’s forsaken him. But he’s also seen life on the other side as an obedient slave. For a shot at revenge against the brothers who abandoned him, he’s willing to serve his master, even if it means using passion to corrupt the souls she needs to fuel her immortality. His first assignment, however, turns out to be more than just a woman in need of a little pleasure. Claire is an angel, and angels have the ability to steal djinn powers. No amount of vengeance—not even a ravenous desire he can’t seem to control—is worth the loss of his powers. And there’s no way he’s tangling with a celestial being.

Unless, of course, she tangles with him first


REVIEW: POSSESSED BY DESIRE is the third storyline in Elisabeth Naughton’s Firebrand trilogy of novellas. This is Ashur’s story.

Believing he has been abandoned by his brothers, Ashur is the last of the siblings whom remains willingly enslaved by an evil Sorceress. Imprisoned and trained as a sex slave, Ashur will find himself pulled into another dimension when a human female commands the power of the Firebrand opal. And to the Sorceresses delight, this human female is much more than a mere woman, but a being a supernatural power. With renewed efforts, the Sorceress sends Ashur back to claim the woman’s soul but in doing so sets a series of events into motion that involve all of Ashur’s brothers and their new found mates.

The relationship between Ashur and Claire is one built on want and need. Ashur believes Claire has used the power of the Firebrand opal to command a slave but Claire soon learns she was being tested. Ashur and Claire both want something from each other and each believes they need it to survive.

To be honest, I did not feel the connection between Ashur and Claire in this particular storyline. Ashur was duty-bound to the Sorceress to bring back Claire’s soul and he knew that Claire had the power to strip him of his own. But there was so much pent up hostility in Ashur directed at his brothers, at the Sorceress and at Claire, that his actions seemed almost stilted and robotic-even in the bedroom. I did not feel the emotions or the burning desires as in the two other previous storylines.

Possessed by Desire is an interesting tale but one that was missing something-it did not grab me like the other two storylines. There was something different but in the end, it was a welcome addition to the Firebrand series– Ashur needed his story told.

1. Bound to Seduction
2. Slave to Passion
3. Possessed by Desire

ORDER LINKS: Amazon / Barnes and Noble/ KOBO

Reviewed by Sandy


An Interview with K Daniels

An Interview with K Daniels

k daniels

The Reading Cafe is happy to welcome K Daniels our guest today.

She is here today to discuss her new book, A Reason to Run,  just recently released, as well as to tell us a little bit about herself.
Hi Karen.  Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions today. We are always looking forward to reading about the author behind the book.

TRC: Will you please tell us about yourself?

Karen: Thank you for having me. I live in Houston, Texas, am the mother of three great kids, and in addition to writing novels, I also work for a private investigations firm and freelance as a reporter for our local newspaper.

TRC: Have you always been interested in writing?

Karen: No. In fact, I never dreamed writing a novel was within my grasp. I was an avid reader from childhood through childbirth. It was after having kids that ideas for novels started coming to me. I took my first novel writing class at the age of 30.

TRC: Is there anything (in general) you find particularly challenging about writing?

Karen: Getting started each and every day. Once I get past the first page, I can usually find my zone.

TRC: Can you tell how you came up with the idea of A Reason to Run?

Karen: It started with a newspaper article about a man that missed his flight that later crashed. This was in another country. I kept trying to find more information on why he missed the flight, but everything from that point on was in Portuguese. This planted the seed for the novel and I made up my own reason why he missed the flight.

a reason to runTRC: Would you please tell us the premise behind A Reason to Run

REVIEW: A Reason To Run

Karen: A Reason to Run tells the story of three women whose paths cross after each makes the decision to run. A plane crashes in west Texas. Robin’s husband was supposed to be on the plane, but missed his flight. Marissa’s husband should have been camping near the area, but lied about his plans. And Autumn’s teenage daughter witnessed the crashed landing, after running away. With nothing in common except their life-altering problems, the women will have an opportunity to help one another when their paths cross. If they do, they will earn a trait they are lacking to help solve their problems. If they don’t, they will be forever stuck. What they are running from and what they are running to, takes them in directions they never imagined.

Links to order A Reason to Run:
Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

TRC: Can you tell us what are you currently working on?

Karen: Currently I am working on a novel tentatively titled: The Decision. The story revolves around the lives of a therapist and one of her patients. Each is facing a decision they must make in the next thirty days - a decision they cannot hide from.

TRC: What is your writing process?  Do you like to write at specific times, in a special place?

Karen: I prefer to write in the morning. Creatively I seem to be more open to ideas at this time. And I prefer to edit in the afternoon, away from my desk, in my backyard if the weather is not hot and sticky. (Did I mention that I live in Houston?)

TRC: What else about your book might pique reader’s interest?

Karen: I love storytelling and suspense. My book blends plot and character development evenly. Although I don’t write mysteries, there is something to figure out, a question that needs an answer, a problem that needs to be solved. The reader is usually one step ahead of the main characters.

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

Karen: My first novel, Three Days in Purgatory, is also women's fiction suspense, and answers the question: Do we every learn if the mistakes we make have purpose.


Favorite Food:   Anything Italian

Favorite DessertTiramisu

Favorite Author:  Alice Hoffman

Favorite Novel:   Room

Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams

Milk or Dark Chocolate: Dark

Thank you Karen, for answering our questions. The Reading Café wishes you
the best of luck with A Reason to Run.

If you would like to learn more about Karen, you can visit her at the following sites:



 Karen has graciously offered to give a member of The Reading Café a chance to win an e-copy of her book, A Reason to Run.

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3.  Giveaway open to Internationally.

4.  Contest runs from January 30th – February 3rd..


A Reason to Run by K Daniels – a Review

A Reason to Run by K Daniels – a Review

a reason to run

Sometimes running away brings us closer to the truth.

The lives of three women converge after a plane crashes in West Texas. Robin’s husband should have been on that plane, but missed his flight. Marissa’s husband should have been camping near the area, but lied about his plans. And Autumn’s teenage daughter witnessed the crash landing, but has run away to find her father. Three women from different states with nothing in common except their life-changing problems, cross paths after each makes the decision to run. What they are running from, and to, takes them in directions they never imagined.


A Reason to Run by K. Daniels is story of three people, who lives have just fallen apart.  None of them know each other, but a plane crash brings their story into focus as the main characters of this book.  Along this journey, they and their families will pass each others paths to eventually meet, and possibly change their lives.

Robin is a career minded reporter, whose husband was supposed to be on that plane.  But because she was late getting him to the airport, he later missed the flight, and feels his life was spared for a reason.  At his insistence, they head to Texas.

Marissa’s husband is missing, as he was supposed to be on retreat near the crash.  As she goes to find him, Marissa finds a lost girl, with parents who neglect her, and want to sell her to Marissa.  Marissa has always wanted a child of her own.  She takes the girl to protect her, which leads to running away from a kidnapping chase.

Autumn, has spent her life trying to prove her innocence from the disappearance of her husband years ago.  She gets a call that her daughter is missing, and finds out that she was involved in a car accident near the plane crash. 

K Daniels has actually created three stories into one book, and the concept is interesting.  There were so many characters, as each chapter went back and forth between each of the women.  Some of the male characters would later become involved with one of the other women in helping them. 

Though the plot was good, with each women having their own issues, I found myself becoming confused at times, with all the switching.  I would have liked this better, if this story blended earlier, with the characters working more together.  I thought K Daniels has a nice writing style, but for whatever reason, though the story was interesting, I found myself not having a connection to any of the main characters.  But even with that, I had to finish the book to see what happens, I found that this style of three different POV’s, was not for me.  But the story was interesting and many of you will find this story more to your style and entertaining.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Author


Sugar Springs by Kim Law-a review

Sugar Springs by Kim Law-a review

Sugar Springs

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date- December 24, 2012

Lee Ann London once had big plans…scholarship, college, love. Then she found herself raising her deceased sister’s twin girls when their father disappeared. Now, with her beautiful girls, a community that depends on her, and her photography studio finally taking off, Lee Ann may not have the life she’d imagined, but it’s definitely where she wants it. Until Cody, her bad-boy ex, returns to Sugar Springs…

Cody’s childhood put a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas. Bouncing around the foster care system, he was always the one to leave before anyone left him first. Then he found a place he wanted to stick. Lee Ann was the best thing that ever happened to him. Only, he hurt her. Bad. He’s back now, and determined to earn her forgiveness…and maybe win back her love while he’s at it


REVIEW: SUGAR SPRINGS is a contemporary romance novel written by Kim Law with all the usual push and pull of bad-boy does the town sweetheart wrong.

Kim Law takes us on a journey of heartbreak and sorrow at the hands of one man-namely Cody Dalton. Cody has been running all of his life-from foster home to foster home, then from the only woman he ever loved. When the reality of his life came crashing down around him, Cody made a major error in judgment that affected the rest of his life-as well as Lee Ann’s. But in all fairness, Cody was oblivious to the knowledge and information that he had fathered twin girls with a reckless one-night stand. Cody never ran from his responsibilities-he just never knew they existed. Cody’s betrayal would shape Lee Ann’s world for the rest of her life.

Lee Ann London never regretted the life she now led. Raising her nieces as her own, motherhood was difficult but she had the support of her mother and the entire small town of Sugar Springs. But Cody’s reappearance after nearly thirteen years made her question her true feelings about the man who broke her heart. The attraction was still there but memories of past indiscretions continued to replay with every heart-tugging encounter. There is sexual tension as well as the inevitable acknowledgement of a love that was never forgotten, but with it comes a whole new set of rules meant to protect and guard one’s heart.

In true contemporary romance style, Lee Ann will struggle with her feelings for the man she believes abandoned his children and left for places unknown. When the truth is finally revealed, Lee Ann’s heart remains damaged when Cody is reluctant to stay in one place for too long. Cody would have to make a decision-and someone would have to compromise-but in the end-isn’t that what all relationships are about.

Sugar Springs has an assortment of secondary characters that add an interesting flavor to the story line-especially the long line of town gossips who seem to be up in everybody’s business. And life in a small town is further complicated when people’s eyes do not always see what they are looking at. There is a build up for another storyline and there is a happily ever after-for now. If you like small-town romances where a broken heart finally mends, Sugar Springs is the read for you.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


An Interview with Elke Feuer

An Interview with Elke Feuer

elkeThe Reading Cafe is happy to welcome Elke Feurer as our guest today. Before we meet Elke, let’s find out more about her.

I was born and raised on Grand Cayman where I live with my husband and two wonderful kids. To my surprise, I enjoy writing romantic suspense, and even more surprising, writing about serial killers. I’m fascinated by what motivates them to kill. I also write historical, time travel and contemporary stories to even out my dark side.

Reading, spending time with my family, traveling, and meeting people, are my joy. Writing is my passion.

I sometimes wonders if I’m not Billie Holiday incarnate because of the strong connection I feel, along with the urge to sing jazz, but I quickly remember I’m too chicken to get onstage. I pacifies the urge by listening to jazz while I write, and dancing. My favorite dance is salsa, however since having kids the only dancing I do is to get my daughter to sleep.

Let’s meet Elke.

Hi Elke.  Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions today.  We are always looking forward to reading about the author behind the book.

Elke: It’s a pleasure to be here, Barb. Thanks for having me. I’m happy to answer anything but my deep dark secrets. 🙂

TRC: Will you please tell us about yourself?

Elke: Oh. I always go blank when people ask me this question, but here goes. I live on the island of Grand Cayman. I’m married, with two wonderful kids. Reading, traveling and meeting people is my fun. Writing is my passion. My favorite music to write to is jazz or salsa.

I have a strong connection to Billie Holiday and sometimes wonder if I’m not her reincarnated. No, not really, but I am a big fan.

I wrote really bad, heart wrenching poetry in high school that I use to sing as lyrics. I can laugh about that now, but I took it very serious at the time. LOL!

TRC: Have you always been interested in writing?

Elke: Oh yes! I got my first typewriter (yes, I’m that old) for my ninth birthday and I’ve been writing ever since.

TRC: Is there anything (in general) you find particularly challenging about writing?

Elke: Hmm, it used to be editing. I’d rather have a root canal, but I made peace with it and now enjoy it. I think of it as making my work better. Now writing settings give me the heeby jeebies. I could write a whole book and not think about the settings at all. The only exception is my debut novel. The settings (the house and jazz club) floated around in my head for years, so it was easy for them to become part of the story.

TRC: For the Love of Jazz is your debut novel. Can you tell how you came up with the idea of this story?

REVIEW: For The Love of Jazz

Elke: Yes, I was having a bubble bath (This was long before I had kids.), listening to jazz when the image of a house came to me along with the main characters. I dreamed about the club a few nights later. It rattled in my head for years before I got it down on paper.

For The Love of Jazz


TRC: Would you please tell us the premise behind For the Love of Jazz?

Elke: Love can overcome any obstacle: death, race, social background, and of course, murder attempts.




Links to order For The Love of Jazz:
Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

TRC: You write Romance, have you ever thought about writing in another genre?

Elke: Not until recently. I love a good ‘who dun it’ and really enjoy writing them, so I’m thinking about mysteries and thrillers. I’m fascinated by serial killers. Not in the creepy I want to write them in prison way, but what shapes them and motivates them to kill. That’s not creepy at all, right? LOL.

TRC: What are you currently working on?

Elke: My next book is called Deadly Boodlines. It’s about, you guessed it, a serial killer. The story is based where I live. I’m hoping to turn it into a series. Murder in Cayman, maybe?

TRC: What is your writing process?  Do you like to write at specific times, in a special place?

Elke: My perfect schedule got thrown about the window the second I had my second child six month ago. LOL. Now I write when I can: when the baby sleeps on the weekend, after the kids good to bed at night, and during my lunchtime.

TRC: Many authors bounce ideas with family and friends.  With whom do you bounce ideas?

Elke: I brainstorm or write my ideas in a journal for later. I change my mind too often and would drive my family crazier than I already do. My best friend Katie is my critique buddy. She’s provides me with invaluable feedback. I’ve been warned, however, not to bring her my first draft. I tend to change the story before she gets the next chapters.

TRC: What books, authors or people in your life have influenced your writing?

Elke: I loved reading Nancy Drew and it’s probably why I still love mysteries today. When I got older, I read Amanda Quick, Johanna Lindsay, and Jude Deveraux, more than any other authors.

Definitely, Leigh Michaels. She teaches on-line romance writing classes at Gotham. I sat in my own little writer bubble for many years writing a lot of stories, but getting nowhere. Her class dragged me into the reality that I had a lot to learn. I still do, but she helped me come a long way. Without her classes I wouldn’t be published today. 

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

Elke: I love writing, but the thing that surprised me the most is how open and supportive everyone is. There are no writing groups in Cayman, so I don’t have that support like other authors. Thankfully over the years I’ve met some amazing people on-line whose friendships mean so much to me. I couldn’t survive without them.


Favorite Food: Anything I can fit in my mouth. LOL. I love to eat and there’s very little I don’t like.

Favorite Dessert: Anything covered in caramel or peanut butter. YUM.

Favorite Author: That’s a tough one. Historically, Amanda Quick.

Favorite Novel: Too many to mention.

Favorite Movie: The Holiday

Milk or Dark Chocolate: Dark

Thank you Elke, for answering our questions. The Reading Café wishes you the best of luck with For The Love of Jazz.

Elke: Thanks for having me, Barb. It was fun!

If you are interested in finding out more about Elke, you can find her at the following links: