Match Point by Chelsea Dorsette-a review

Match Point by Chelsea Dorsette-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 1, 2013


After losing her mother to cancer, Kelly musters up the courage to leave her lucrative real estate career behind and move to South Carolina to pursue her dream of becoming a mystery writer. In those wildest dreams did she ever imagine she would meet – let alone fall in love with – Patrick, her sexy tennis instructor. What starts as innocent flirting quickly becomes the most erotic sexual relationship she has ever had.

When things start heating up, two jealous tennis club employees hatch a plot to break them apart. When Patrick thinks there’s no hope of ever getting Kelly back, an unexpected conversation gives him the information he needs to exact revenge. But will it be enough to get Kelly back into his life and his bed again?


3 out of 5 for this reader folks!

Match Point by Chelsea Dorsette is a short story with elements of erotica/BDSM, a love match meant to be, two “I want to throttle” antagonists and a big side of tennis.

Kelly is our heroine who after taking care of her dying mother has decided she is in dire need of a change. She packs her home up and sets off to pursue a dream of becoming an author. She decides she is going to join a local tennis club to stay in shape and this is where she meets her soon to be soul mate.

Patrick is the tennis pro who soon becomes Kelly’s trainer. He is a light hearted guy, loves his job, is quick to smile and put up with all the ladies who want to dig their claws into him. When Kelly shows up for her first lesson, the sparks ignite, they soon are falling for each other and ticking off two spiteful employees that secretly want them apart.

Okay, so this was a quick read and because of that, character development kind of lacked a little for me. It is so hard for authors to write a short story and give the reader the natural build up many of us crave in our stories. I was a little disengaged and being an emotional reader that kind of sucks. But with the negative, there is always a positive. This was a HOT read, and I was pleasantly surprised to come across a few scenes that I have never encountered before in a BDSM novel. I loved that! I also loved the tennis background. I think that Chelsea has lots of promise in this genre, and I will certainly check out anything she has written!

So again, a short read, and if you need a quick erotica fix, Match Point will certainly scratch that itch.


Reviewed by Rachel

Copy supplied by the publisher.


Sunroper by Natalie Damschroder – a Review

Sunroper by Natalie Damschroder – a Review


Goddesses Rising – Book #3
by Natalie Damschroder
Release Date: December 31, 2013

Links to order Sunroper: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / The Book Depository

Marley Canton is done being a victim. A year and a half has passed since she discovered her ability to nullify power in those who aren’t supposed to have it. She’s now on a quest not only to stop the brats who’ve become addicted to goddess power, but also to find the source of their addiction.

Like Marley, Gage Samargo is tracking down the goddess who went rogue decades ago. Insane with too much power from the sun, she’s selling that energy to Gage’s younger brother and his friends, who are no longer content to come into power naturally. While they work to find a way to neutralize the goddess, Marley discovers that every time she nullifies someone, she takes on some of the goddess’s insanity.

Gage falls for Marley’s sharp wit and intense desire to right wrongs. But once he discovers she’s turning into her enemy, is it too late to back away?



Sunroper by Natalie Damschroder is the 3rd book in her Goddesses Rising series.  Damschroeder is new to me, as I have not read the first two books in this series.  However, Damschroder wrote this story so well, she was able to sneak in explanations early on about what has already happened previously,  allowing us to read this even as a standalone novel.  Upon completing this wonderfully exciting adventure, I have added Damschroeder to my list of authors I want to read.

In Sunroper, our heroine is Marley, who is Quinn’s sister, the heroine in book #1. Previously, in the earlier books, Marley lost her Goddess power, by foolishly trusting her ex boyfriend, and has felt empty since.  Feeling responsible for introducing leeching of goddesses powers, Marley avoids her sister Quinn, and her friend Riley, and works to help find those who have been given some of the goddess powers.  Since she has lost her powers, Marley now has discovered that she has the ability to take away those powers, and is determined to find those effected and nullify them.   She meets Gage, our hero, who starts to investigate Marley, seeing her take away the flux (energy from goddess) from someone.  Soon Marley begins to work with Gage to find the goddess responsible for giving out the flux.  Gage’s brother is missing, and this is another reason he is trying to work with Marley to find the nemesis. 

What follows is a non-stop exciting adventure, where Marley must come up against a powerful Goddess that threatens to destroy Marley.    Though an unlikely pair, the romance  between Gage and Marley was wonderful, as I loved them together. Their chemistry was off the wall, not to mention steamy.  It was also great to bring the others into the story to help Marley & Gage fight the enemy. The story became very tense, especially as Marley continues to absorb the flux from others, which causes her to become more unstable each time. Marley knows to fight the goddess might cost her life, but she will let nothing stand in her way to save her friends and family.  Will Marley survive?  Will Gage and Marley ever be able to find happiness?  You will have to read the book to find out.

I enjoyed Sunroper very much, as Natalie Damschroder has created a wonderful, exciting, non stop action story that was impossible to put down.  But most of all, she has created some wonderful characters.   So much so, that I have to go back now and read the first two books, just to learn more about their heroes, Quinn & Nick, and Riley & Sam.  If you want to read a book that is exciting, action filled, terrific friendships, a wonderful romantic couple, then Sunroper is for you.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher


Born in Blood by Alexandra Ivy-Blog Tour and Giveaway

Born in Blood by Alexandra Ivy-Blog Tour and Giveaway


The Sentinels, Book #1
Publisher: Zebra
Publication Date: December 31, 2013
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-2514-6

Born in Blood Dec 13 / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO / The Book Depository

In a stunning new series, Alexandra Ivy lures readers into the dark, seductive world of the Sentinels—humans outcast by their hidden abilities, treading the line between life and death, good and evil, pleasure and pain. . .

In The Heart Of Darkness

Sergeant Duncan O’Conner has seen it all before. Beautiful erotic dancer, murdered at home, no suspect, no motive. But there’s one clue: she’s missing her heart. It’s enough to make the hard-bitten Kansas City cop enlist the help of a necro–one of the dead-channelling freaks who live in the domed city of nearby Valhalla. It’s a long shot, but desperate crimes call for desparate measures.

Lies The Kiss Of Death

Unlike the other “high-bloods” in Valhalla, Callie Brown considers her abilities a gift, not a curse. But when she reads the dancer’s final thoughts, she senses a powerful presence blocking her vision. This is no ordinary homicide. This is the work of a legendary necromancer who controls souls. A ravenous force that will put Callie’s skills to the test, O’Conner’s career at risk, and both their hearts on the line. . .literally.

About The Author beige

Alexandra Ivy

Alexandra Ivy is the New York Times bestselling author of the Guardians of Eternity series, the Immortal Rogues series and the Sentinels.

Alexandra graduated from Truman University with a degree in theatre before deciding she preferred to bring her characters to life on paper rather than stage. She currently lives in Missouri with her extraordinarily patient husband and teenage sons.

Connect with Alexandra:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads


Part 4

Alexandra Ivy
Part Four

She hunched a shoulder, deeply regretting her brown hair that was pulled in a ponytail and the predictable dark eyes that came with her Italian heritage. She wasn’t ugly. She was…plain. Ordinary. Just once she wished she could be the sort of woman that made a man like Anton look at her as if she were more than an unwelcome intruder.

“Only a place that has something to hide goes to such insane efforts to keep people out,” she accused, trying to remind herself why she was there.

This was all about Charlie.

Wasn’t it?

“We have nothing to hide, but a great deal to protect,” he countered, his gaze skimming down to land on her mouth, lingering there as if he was considering what it would feel like to kiss her. She shivered. Yes, please. His fingers moved to stroke over her heated cheek. “It’s amazing how many norms assume we’re savage mutants who are a threat to the world.”

Her mouth went dry. She’d been desperately aware of Anton since he’d arrived on her doorstep. Now she struggled not to make an idiot of herself.
No throwing yourself at the sumptuous, edible male…

“I don’t think you’re a threat to the world,” she muttered.

His thumb traced her bottom lip. “But you don’t trust us.”

“You have my brother.”

“We don’t have him,” he protested, his voice oddly absent. As if his thoughts were distracted. “Charlie came here of his own free will, as you well know.”

He wasn’t the only one distracted. Jayne struggled to breathe as he explored her face with the tips of his fingers.

What was he doing? Was it a high-blood thing?

She tried to pretend the light caress wasn’t sending tingles of arousal pulsing through her body.

“It’s true he agreed to come to Valhalla.” Jayne was forced to halt and clear her throat. “But that doesn’t mean he’s happy here.”

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If You Dare by Jessica Lemmon – a Review

If You Dare by Jessica Lemmon – a Review

If You DareLink to order If You Dare: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

SHE’LL MAKE HIM A BET… Lily McIntire is sick of losing every office wager to her overly cocky—and yeah, devilishly handsome—coworker, Marcus Black. After a few too many tequila shots, and a taunt from Marcus that she’s a wuss, Lily lays down a bet he can’t refuse: One night in the abandoned and spooky Willow Mansion alone for his recent office win, a trip to Hawaii.

HE CAN’T REFUSE… There’s only one thing Marcus wants more than his upcoming vacation to Hawaii; it’s to take his sexy coworker on a real date. Every time he’s tried to get close to Lily, she’s shut him down cold. Too bad the sexual tension has hit the boiling point. Now, he’ll have to scare her out of the mansion if he has a prayer of taking her out any time soon.

UNTIL ALL BETS ARE OFF… But in between trying to scare Lily out of her pants and get his hands into them, Marcus realizes there’s more to the mansion than either of them counted on. Suddenly, it’s not just he and Lily that are going “bump in the night”.  If they manage to survive the night and escape the mansion unscathed, can they survive each other in the light of day? Or will what happens at Willow Mansion stay at Willow Mansion?


IF YOU DARE by Jessica Lemmon is a quirky new read concerning a bet between two coworkers!  Marcus Black is the office “bad boy” who has always had his eye on coworker, Lily McIntire.  She has shut him down repeatedly and Marcus Black sees the chance to win her over.  Over tequila shots and a pool game, he dares Lily to spend the night at an abandoned and “haunted” Willow Mansion.  If she makes it through one night, she wins his trip to Hawaii. If he wins, she has to go on a date with him!  The bet is made and the fun begins.

Lily is settling down for her night in this abandoned mansion and Marcus is going to try to scare her out of the mansion, so that he can win!  What he doesn’t realize is that there are actual things that go “bump in the night”!  In between their attraction and sexual tension, scary things start to happen.  Her car keys disappear, the lantern goes out and their phone batteries are dead.  What is happening?  Will they survive the night? Willow Mansion seems to have a life force of its own.  There is some hot action, but the question remains, who will win the bet?   Let’s hope that they can survive the night!

Reviewed by Jules

Copy provided by Publisher


Race to Kill by Rachel Kall – a Review

Race to Kill by Rachel Kall – a Review


Race to Kill
A Love and Scandal series
Book #1
Release Date: October 1, 2013

Race to KillLInks to order Race to Kill: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

When fiercely independent Vivian Reese is thrust onto the national stage during a heated presidential campaign, she doesn’t expect to become a media darling. She also doesn’t expect to start to fall for her sexy new bodyguard, Marcus Locke. But when threats start surfacing against the sitting President’s campaign and all evidence points to Vivian, she doesn’t know who to trust.

Delta Force Operator turned FBI agent Marcus Locke is supposed to be investigating campaign finance crimes. He’s not supposed to be checking out the sexy, eloquent campaign spokeswoman Vivian Reese, who’s one of his prime suspects! But when they are caught in the middle of a presidential race that is quickly turning deadly, he is forced to put both his heart and his job in the line of fire.

Tempers flare and passions ignite as the campaign gets dangerous, but when bullets start to fly will either of them survive?


Race to Kill by Rachel Kall is the first book in her new A Love and Scandal series.          Race to Kill is a romance suspense story, and it is the first book I have read by Rachel     Kall, and I am impressed.  The story was excellently written and put together so well.        From the beginning the story caught my attention, and for the rest of the way I could not      put it down.  It was an exciting, suspenseful, interesting,and sexy story with a political campaign background.

Vivian Reese is our wonderful heroine.  Viv worked in the campaign for a Senator            running for President.  An exciting time for Viv, who is early on pushed to the forefront          of the campaign, when her mentor and boss suffers a heart attack. 

Marcus Locke is an FBI agent, formerly a Delta Force soldier, who goes undercover, as    private security, to investigate campaign funds fraud.  While he secretly investigates the people involved in the Senator’s campaign, Marcus finds himself becoming           enamored of Viv. Things quickly take a turn for the worse though, as Viv has a stalker      and Marcus is assigned by the Secret Service to protect her.  Eventually, their sexual         chemistry will also bring them together romantically, and they made a great sexy couple.

There are so many twists and surprises along the way, as besides Viv, other members of   the campaign become involved in the mystery.  When the President’s life is threatened,    the danger becomes very real, and way beyond a stalker or finance crime.   Viv and     another member of the campaign team are suspected and Marcus, not only must protect   Viv, but change his direction of the investigation to find the truth behind these attempts to    sabotage the campaign for both parties.

What I loved about this book was how well, Kall wrote the story, with the campaign         storyline, and the overall exciting action, and yet gave us enough of this romance to find      ourselves invested into this couple. Both Marcus and Viv, were smart, savvy and great       characters. Kall created some great secondary characters, especially Viv’s ex, Scott, who was a former Navy Seal, and I enjoyed how he and Marcus over time became unlikely      friends. The two of them worked together to save the day.  Race to Kill was a   wonderful story, filled with action and suspense, not to mention a great romance. What more could you ask for in a book? I really enjoyed Rachel Kall’s writing style, and will happily read her again.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Author


Shatter by Joan Swan – a Review

Shatter by Joan Swan – a Review


Phoenix Rising series
Book #4
by Joan Swan
Release Date: December 31, 2013

Links to order Shatter: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / The Book Depository

For seven years, Halina Beloi has been in hiding. But she’s never forgotten Mitch Foster, the long, lean man she had to leave behind. Until, that is, Mitch shows up with a list of questions and a 9mm in his hand.

All Mitch knows is that Halina broke his heart and disappeared. But new information has surfaced implicating her as a player in the deadliest game of Mitch’s life. This time, he’s not letting go without answers. Now terror, danger and heat will fuse them together or shatter the future. . .



Shatter by Joan Swan is the 4th book in her wonderful Phoenix Rising series.  I have read and reviewed every book in this series from the start, and have loved every moment of this fantastic ride.  I have been a big fan of Joan Swan from the first book, and Phoenix Rising has become one of my favorite series; as it is so well written; and each book has been filled with action, excitement, suspense, super team of friends, awesome couples, and steamy sexual chemistry between them. 

Our hero in Shatter has been one that we have been waiting for from the start.  Mitch is one of our awesome and hot heroes, even though he has not been one of the men/women who developed unique powers due to a chemical explosion years before.  It is Mitch, who is Alyssa’s (heroine of the 1st book) brother, who had the powerful connections & money to help protect and fight the evil enemies from DARPA.   We knew Shatter would be Mitch’s story, as we learned at the end of Rush, about his long lost love, Halina.

We meet Halina early, as she has built herself a new identity, after she left Mitch, 7 years before.  Halina, being a scientist, worked for Schaeffer, our villain, who is behind the threats against our heroes.  When Mitch comes face to face with Halina, his anger is evident, and Halina is shocked that he found her.  Mitch wants the truth about why she left him, and her involvement with Schaeffer; the explosion that affected the members of the Firehouse, who now all have unique powers. Halina tries to escape Mitch a number of times, as she knows that once she is discovered, the enemy will kill him, to get what they want from her.  She has never stopped loving Mitch, and spent these years watching him from afar; staying away just to protect him.  Mitch finds some truths, which angers him even more, as he doesn’t understand or trust Halina, but he knows that he still loves her. 

Once they get to the compound where everyone is staying together, the story becomes even more exciting, with the team learning more about Halina, her powers, as she too was exposed to the chemicals; and her research for Schaeffer that may have some answers.  The action is non stop, and it was just great to see all of our heroes together again, joining hands to fight a common enemy.  I loved loved Dex, Halina’s well trained guard dog, who becomes part of the team.  Most of all, I loved the romance between Mitch and Halina, even though Mitch was a bit rough with her early on, not knowing that Halina was trying to save him.  You knew they both belonged together, as their chemistry was off the wall.

I do not want to give spoilers, since this is an early review.  Shatter is a wonderful addition to Joan Swan’s Phoenix Rising series.  Each of the books in this series have been suspenseful, explosive non stop action, exciting, and tense;  with the added element of Joan’s wonderful blend of steamy sex for each couple.  If you want to read a book that has everything; excellent writing, romance, suspense, steamy sex, then look no further then Shatter.  But start with Fever, the beginning of this fantastic series.  Though there are some characters that can have their story told, Joan does tie up some loose ends, and Shatter could be the finale of this series, but I hope somehow we get to see more of these wonderful characters.  If you have not read this series, what are you waiting for?  When it comes to romance, suspense, with hot sexy couples, Joan Swan is one of the best.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher via NetGalley


The Time Smugglers by Rosie Morgan – a Review

The Time Smugglers by Rosie Morgan – a Review


The Time Smugglers
The Camelot Inheritance series – Book # 2
by Rosie Morgan
Release Date: October 30, 2013
The Time Smugglers

Link to order The Time Smugglers: Amazon

It’s been a year since Arthur Penhaligon swapped his skateboard for a sword and became a reluctant, teenage hero – and a Guardian of Cornwall.
Twelve months since he and his friends found themselves among time-travellers and ancient knights.
Fifty-two weeks of wondering what would happen next. The waiting is almost over.
On Cornwall’s shores, old and new enemies are gathering, more deadly and more powerful than the four Guardians could ever imagine.
Memories will live and the Time Keeper will be named. There will be bloody battles, death will finally claim its prize and a tiny green dragon will make its mark

Nick still jokes (all the time), and Gawain’s Uncle Kitto is just as mysterious. Tamar is even more feisty and Arthur discovers that some old enemies will not die – well not quite.

‘A long-limbed figure scrambles over the rocks accompanied by a midnight-feathered bird. On the cliff path, a Watcher observes the man and the bird, before disappearing with a crackle and a ‘woomph’ into another century.
Meanwhile Arthur, Nick and Tamar sit together on the hillside above the beach, three of the four Guardians, unaware that the peace of the last year is about to be shattered in the cruelest way possible


In less than a complete first chapter, author Rosie Morgan thrust me back into the scenic, coastal town of Cornwall, England and guess what?  I missed this wonderful cast of characters and was delighted to accompany them on their next quest in The Time Smugglers (The Camelot Inheritance).  It’s a year later, but it’s been strangely quiet.  Everybody’s thinking it, after the upheaval of last summer (read review of The Golden Sword here), but impulsive Guardian, Nick, voices the sentiment.  Oh, oh…that’s an open invitation if I ever heard one!

“But it’s been a whole year since we saw him and everything’s been so…normal.  I’m beginning to wonder if anything’s ever going to happen!”

The adversarial Crow Man has located Arthur at his aunt’s home (whom is also a valuable piece of the roundtable, if you will) and his vengeance is as fresh as the summer day.  Before long, the Crow Man resumes his menacing role and the “four musketeers” (tagged by Nick) scramble to elude him lest they engage in his vendetta for the death of Matearnas a year ago.  Oh, the battle comes, rest assured, but timing is everything as you’ll discover in this sequel. 

Ms. Morgan introduces time travel, instantaneous and mind-jarring, as a central theme.  Watchers are summoned from individual posts throughout the world across time (Joseph in Egypt, a young Leonardo Da Vinci in Italy), but they’re of the animal variety as well!  The cats are back, hooray, but we are treated to helpful aviary and aquatic friends as well.  Arthur and his Guardians are surrounded by protectors (bless their hearts), though it seems wholly unfair to supervise/observe their charges, but not be able to defend them when threatened. 

“The Rule states that we must never intervene, but at times it is a hard command to follow.”  They were quiet as they contemplated their commission:  to Watch those assigned to them – but never to interfere.

A scene was particularly brutal and I was furious that harm came to one of our beloved characters!  Mental communication, or “deep listening”, lends a hand to speedy exchanges of information (fortuitously preventative on occasion), but they’re also costly to Arthur’s well being (the dark forces inflict agony upon his senses).

That’s when Arthur happens upon a book that unfolds as necessary (difficult to decipher in its current state).  Each Guardian, chosen for their unique traits, is being approached and assigned a duty regarding the safety of Arthur and his momentous undertaking.  Tamar, the sole female, has been designated the Time Keeper and she gets involved in plenty of “hairy” situations (remember this key word).  Unfortunately, as Arthur is evading their clutches, Arthur’s Guardians/friends have become nearly as valuable; they know his honor would never allow those he loved to be sacrificed.

“There are some who refuse to recognize your birth-right Art, an’ Tamar is also a Guardian; they believe that you will be weakened without her.”

A series of developments/revelations at their proper time lead to the inevitable, climactic showdown between light and darkness.  So many interesting events!  A sea of boiling water, Watchers come to life (trust me, they’re so cool), animals rallying to assist and thwart threats…it’s a magical book.  We even join the legend and interact with King Arthur, Lancelot and Excalibur!  My tiny criticisms involve character development and too many confusing exchanges.  The description of the Watchers, emphasis on the plural, because there are many, forced me to re-read several lines of dialogue.  It was at times difficult to keep up with who was talking during dialogue (Walker, Fisherman, Writer?), and I wasn’t always certain who was friend or foe.  While we had a good idea of Matearnas’ intentions in the debut novel, the new villain, the Lady of Darkness, or as “she calls ‘erself the True Queen of Kernow”, her role came on a bit late.  The dark forces, led by this self-proclaimed queen, are opposed to young Arthur assuming the ultimate power, but this woman, evil incarnate as she may be, is not fleshed out enough to understand her purpose.  Perhaps I’m missing something from the legend of King Arthur? 

Ms. Morgan is writing/editing book 3 and I am ready to read it in its earliest stages.  I love the camaraderie, the contemporary influence on a historic legend, the involvement of secondary characters, and the magic that is woven throughout its pages. 

“And in a dusty corner of a bedroom, a book flips wide open.  Its pages turn, a blur of ink, until they slow and stop.  A picture of a magical island, crowned by a castle and encircled by ice, illuminate the empty room.

The book – and the island – wait.”    

As will I…as patiently as possible.  🙂

Reviewed by Carmen

Copy provided by Author


Forged by Fate by Reese Monroe – a Review

Forged by Fate by Reese Monroe – a Review


Forged by Fate
Bound by Hades – Book #1

by Reese Monroe
Release Date: December 9, 2013Forged by FateLinks to order Forged by Fate: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

He’s waited more than 900 years to love her…

Being the Gatekeeper to Hades is no small feat, and waiting almost a millennia to meet your mate is damn near impossible. But Theo Bradford’s mark has finally surfaced on his intended. Now all he has to do is find her and convince her to embrace her supernatural heritage.

Young genius, Sadie Nowland, has got life figured out. Graduating college at the age of eighteen and accepting a six-figure job is just what she needs to prove she’s made something of herself. But when a strange tattoo mysteriously appears on her shoulder and Theo starts talking about Mates, it catapults her neatly laid out life into chaos.

Somehow a vicious demon banished to Hades defies Theo’s vanquish and returns, setting his target on Sadie, and she is thrust into the volatile world of Shomrei warriors and a connection to Theo her brain can’t comprehend and her body can’t deny. That primal bond proves more imperative to their survival than either could have ever imagined—and just may be the key to the world’s survival.



Forged by Fate by Reese Monroe is the 1st book in her Bound by Hades series.  I was offered this book to replace another book that had been delayed.  I was not sure how this book would be, nor did I know Reese Monroe.  Now that I have finished this book, thank you thank you for allowing me to read this book, as I loved it; and Reese Monroe is now being added as an author I want to read.

Forged by Fate begins as we meet our hero, Theo, who it turns out is a powerful supernatural.  Theo is a Gatekeeper of Hades, who vanquishes the demons back to hell, and was created by the Great One. His brother Justin, is his companion, someone who is not as powerful, but who is responsible for helping the gatekeeper.  Justin is the funny and womanizing one. Theo is reserved, serious and dedicated to his responsibilities; he also remains celibate all these years, waiting for his mate.  Theo now knows his mate, whom he has waited for over 900 years is now ready for his claiming. 

Sadie is our heroine, and we meet her as she prepares for her graduation, and moving on to a promising career.  Sadie is a genius, having graduated with high honors, and is also a black belt. Around her 18th birthday, she discovers a strange tattoo on her shoulder and from there on her life begins to change.  She is getting stronger, and slowly, especially after meeting Theo, begins to gain more powers.  Theo, a gorgeous hunk, introduces himself as her mate.  Sadie at first, freaks out, trying to keep her distance from Theo.  Shortly after, she sees demons, who are after her, gets kidnapped and taken to Hades; where Theo will rescue her.  Theo and Justin try to help Sadie understand her destiny, and despite her  original disbelief, she slowly realizes her life as she knew it is over. 

The story was non stop action, as Theo, Sadie, Justin and their friends find themselves under attack by Demons, who have gained abilities to get past Theo’s Gatekeeper powers.  As Sadie learns more, she discovers that she will be the one to help stop evil from taking over, and must find the answers before it’s too late.  Along the way, both Theo and Sadie find themselves in very dangerous & deadly situations.

Reese Monroe has created a fantastic New Adult fantasy storyline with Gatekeepers, Demons, God, Lucifer, Angels and Humans.  The characters she has created are awesome:  Theo is a wonderful hero, not only gorgeous, powerful, a real hunk, but he is sweet and totally devoted to Sadie.  Sadie is a fabulous heroine, as she is strong, independent, brave, and has no qualms stepping up to take control. They are fabulous together, as we watch their romance build slowly.  Justin, whom I loved; Sadie’s friend Dasha;  Halena, a female gatekeeper, all play major parts in the story.  

The best part of the story is watching Sadie come into her own, gaining some awesome powers, discovering the truth about the parents she never knew, coming to terms with what she is & will be, and seeing her fall in love with Theo.  This was a beautiful romance with an awesome couple.  The story keeps you engrossed from the start to the exciting climax.  I hope Reese Monroe continues with more Theo and Sadie, so we learn more about them; and hopefully the charismatic Justin will get his story.  This was a great fun action filled story, and a new wonderful author to add to your list, as I have done.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher