Bite Me (Pride #9) by Shelly Laurenston-a review

Bite Me (Pride #9) by Shelly Laurenston-a review

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BITE ME (Pride #9) by Shelly Laurenston

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 25, 2014

Livy Kowalski has no time for idiots. When you shapeshift into a honey badger, getting through life’s irritants is a finely honed skill. Until she gets stuck housing her nutso cousin and dealing with her dad’s untimely and unexplained demise.

That’s where Vic Barinov comes in—or his house does. Vic can’t step outside without coming back to find Livy devouring his honey stash and getting the TV remote sticky. It gets his animal instincts all riled up. But he’ll have to woo her at high speed: all hell is breaking loose, and Livy is leading the charge…


REVIEW: BITE ME is the ninth instalment in Shelly Laurenston’s contemporary, adult, shifter PRIDE series. This is badger shifter Olivia (Livy) Kowalski and hybrid shifter Vic Barinov’s (Siberian Tiger/Kamchatka grizzly bear) storyline. Readers were first introduced to Vic and Livy in Wolf with Benefits. This is a friends to lovers storyline.

The premise focuses on Livy and the truth about her father’s death. Badgers are known for their ferocity in a fight and their ability to protect the ones that they love but Livy’s father had been hunted and the family will do anything to bring the people responsible to justice-and justice- is another way of saying-dead.

Vic and Livy’s relationship is interesting. Vic is Livy’s go-to person when things get a little too tense with the family and tense is a way of life for the badgers. Their attraction to one another is apparent to everyone but to the couple who believe their mutual love for honey keeps their friendship real- in this they dance around one another all the while fighting off marauding bears and nasty badgers. There is none of the does he want me/does she love me conflict-Livy and Vic are two mature shifters who go for what they want and they want one another.

When the truth about Livy’s father’s death is revealed Livy knows that Vic will do everything he can to help locate the person(s) responsible but Vic will bring in assistance from another part of the world when all fingers begin to point to connections an ocean away.

BITE ME is a novel that features many of the previous storyline characters and premises including another look at shifter roller derby; Bo Novikov and Blayne Thorpe as they prepare for their upcoming dual nuptials with Gwen and Lock; as well as the Smith Pack including Dee Ann and Eggie play a pivotal role in the take down of those responsible but not before the badgers begin to make life miserable for anyone connected to Livy and her father’s death.

Shelly Laurenston writes with her usual flare of humor, entertainment and sexiness. A storyline rich in one liners and poetic sarcasm, BITE ME is a story that focuses on speciesism, stereotyping, discrimination and a hatred for a group of people all because of who and what they are.

If you love a shifter storyline with plenty of humor, family, friends and a take no prisoners kind of attitude, Shelly Laurenston’s Pride Series should be your next go to read in your ever growing TBR pile.

Copy supplied by Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy


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Her Summer with the Marine by Susan Meier – a Review

Her Summer with the Marine by Susan Meier – a Review

Her Summer Fling with a marineLinks to order Her Summer Fling with the Marine:
Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

The Donovan Brothers #1

The last person Ellie McDermott wanted to run into after returning to her hometown is Finn Donovan, her high school nemesis and the guy she crossed the line from enemies to lovers with one night years ago. Now ex-military, tattooed, and still sexy as hell, Finn is a complication Ellie doesn’t need—she needs to concentrate on saving her family business.

Finn’s entire life, Ellie was there, going head-to-head with him in every class, bee, and test. So it’s no surprise she’d show up just as he was about to take over her father’s struggling business. It is a surprise, though, that his attraction to her is even more explosive than it had been. Acting on their attraction is one thing, but Finn has to turn a profit to save his own family, and nothing—not even love—will get in his way.

When Ellie McDermott receives a call that her father is not doing well, she has no idea how bad things really are until she arrives back home.  She has a successful career in advertising and has never thought twice about running the family business, a local and very beloved funeral home.  But, when she arrives home she discovers that her dad has Alzheimer’s and it has progressed very quickly.  She also discovers that he is going to need constant care, which means moving him into a personal care facility, which doesn’t come cheap.  Once she arrives home, who does she find?  None other than Finn Donovan, whom she has known all of her life.  They had gone from being each other’s nemesis to being lovers, but only for one night.  After that, he never spoke to her again…….. One of my favorite quotes comes to mind:  The longest distance between two people is a misunderstanding………….

Finn knows that Ellie’s dad is not doing well, and offers to buy his funeral home.  He had opened his own a few months earlier and knew that two couldn’t survive financially in a small town.  The one thing that he hadn’t counted on though was Ellie NOT selling to him and running the funeral home herself.  Oh yeah, and he hadn’t counted on the sparks between them either……But they were there.

Once they face off and start vying for business in their small, to say that they butt up against each other is an understatement.  They constantly try and one-up each other.  Finn, however, was hiding a family secret that would change everything once the truth came out.  Will Ellie and Finn be able to resist their mutual attraction?  Of course not.  After all, the name of the book gives that much away!  LOL! And, who will win the bulk of the business and be able to keep their respective business afloat?  Well my friends, you’ll have to read to find out.

Her Summer Fling with the Marine is a wonderful, sexy and heartwarming story filled with a little humor, a lot sizzle and a whole lot of emotion.  The lengths they each go to in order to one-up the other borders comical at times.  They both experience heartbreaking losses which left me with a few tears.  And, their chemistry?  Off the charts.  If you’re looking for a quick read with just the right amount of umph, this one is for you.  This was my first Susan Meier novel, but it will not be my last.

Reviewed by Vickie

Copy provided by publisher


Legal Affairs Vol 1-6 by Sawyer Bennett-A Serial Review

Legal Affairs Vol 1-6 by Sawyer Bennett- A Serial Review

Legal Affairs 1 thru 6

One year ago, I graduated from law school and embarked on a career as a purveyor of high priced legal shenanigans.

Six months ago, my boyfriend dumped me when I thought he might be proposing.

Two weeks ago, I got drunk and joined a secret sex club.

Two days ago, I had a torrid one-night stand with a stranger.
Today? Well, today I’m contemplating having an affair with my boss.

Matt Connover is all kinds of forbidden temptation wrapped up in a deliciously wicked package, and he’s made it clear… he’s only interested in sex.

My name is McKayla Dawson but everyone calls me Mac. I work at the powerhouse firm of Connover & Crown, LLP, where the law has never felt so hot.

But between you and me, I’m afraid my heart won’t survive these Legal Affairs.

Legal Affairs is a serial romance with a whole lot of hot and a little bit of funny. It has six volumes that will be released every two weeks, the first one, entitled Objection, on January 10, 2014.

Legal Affairs – Objection – releasing January 10, 2014
Legal Affairs – Stipulation – releasing January 24, 2014
Legal Affairs – Violation – releasing February 7, 2014
Legal Affairs – Mitigation – releasing February 21, 2014
Legal Affairs – Reparation – releasing March 7, 2014
Legal Affairs – Affirmation – releasing March 21, 2014

NOTE: LEGAL AFFAIRS #1: Objection is currently FREE at most ebook retailers

NOTE: All LEGAL AFFAIRS ebooks Vol 2-6 are currently available for only .99cents from your favorite ebook retailer.


LEGAL AFFAIRS #1-Objection by Sawyer Bennett-a serial storyline

FREE ebook: || Barnes and Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Smashwords

Legal Affairs ObjectionREVIEW: Release Date January 10, 2014

OBJECTION is the first release in Sawyer Bennett’s sexy adult, contemporary, serial novella series focusing on high powered attorney Matt Connover and lawyer McKayla Dawson. The premise follows Matt and Mac as they embark on a one night affair-no commitments, no promises, no personal details. But all things change when the firm at which McKayla works is bought out by Connover and Crown and McKayla’s new boss is her one night stand Matt Connover.

Sawyer Bennett has written a sexy, smart, engaging and sensual introduction to a series that will prove sleeping with the boss may have some perks of its’ own. We follow as Matt tries desperately to keep McKayla at a distance but working closely with a woman you know intimately from head to toe is becoming more difficult with each encounter.

OBJECTION is the beginning to a new series that will catch your attention immediately-from the polished cover to the words in between-Sawyer Bennett proves she is a worthy opponent in the literary world.


LEGAL AFFAIRS #2: Stipulation by Sawyer Bennett / / Barnes and Noble /

Legal Affairs StipulationABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date: January 24, 2014

I crossed a line with my boss and there’s no taking it back.

Not that I’d want to.

You see… Matt Connover? Well, he’s something else. Strong, magnetic, sexy as hell… but yeah, he’s still my boss.

What am I doing? Why is he so irresistible to me? Maybe it’s because I finally saw a different side to him. I saw, for a brief moment, that Matt is vulnerable, possibly damaged. Is it wrong that it makes him even sexier in my opinion?

I’m in deep and I don’t see any way out.

I don’t want to find a way out.

I want to find a way for both of us to stay involved in these Legal Affairs.
~ McKayla “Mac” Dawson


REVIEW: LEGAL AFFAIRS: Stipulation is the second instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s new, contemporary, erotic LEGAL AFFAIRS serial series. Releasing every two weeks beginning January 10, 2014, the series focuses on new lawyer McKayla Dawson and high power attorney Matt Connover. Matt is McKayla’s boss and something more. Current friends with benefits, Matt promises nothing more than sex and McKayla agrees. But when Matt demands McKayla’s obedience outside of work, McKayla knows that her only option is to end their relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom.

The relationship between Mac and Matt is sensual and sexy but Matt claims that it is only sex-hot and hard sex-but just sex. When Mac begins to realize that she is no longer in control, she will push away the man with whom she is falling in love. He demands and takes but denies McKayla the freedom she wants.

SAWYER BENNETT has written a provocative and intense storyline. McKayla and Matt both know what they want-but getting there is pulling them in opposite directions.


LEGAL AFFAIRS #3: Violation by Sawyer Bennett / / Barnes and Noble /

Violation 3ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 7, 2014

My life is in a tail-spin and I’m about ready to crash.

I’ve cut Matt Connover out of my life… well, at least out of my bedroom… but I still have to deal with him at work. I have Lorraine intent on raining hell and destruction down upon me, which at least provides a nice diversion from my miserable feelings over Matt.

About the only good thing that has happened to me lately?

Cal Carson asked me out… and I accepted.

Matt’s not going to like that. Not one little bit.

But that’s not my problem now, is it?


REVIEW: LEGAL AFFAIRS: Violation is the third instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s contemporary, adult, erotic serial series focusing on McKayla Dawson and Matt Connover. McKayla is an attorney who works for Matt’s firm and sleeping with the boss is becoming more complicated as the days and weeks go by.

Violation finds McKayla reluctant to continue her sexual relationship with Matt. He is a man unwilling to get involved with a woman beyond the bed and McKayla wants more. Walking away is difficult but believing Matt has bounced immediately into another woman’s arm is betrayal and it hurts. Hoping to forget Matt, McKayla accepts an offer from Cal Carson who has a history with Matt and one that McKayla hopes to uncover.

VIOLATION will tug at the heart when you realize that our heroine is willing to be used as nothing more than her boss’s play thing. It was difficult at times to accept that McKayla willingly places her heart in the hands of a man who is unable to love or promise anything beyond the immediate goal.

Sawyer Bennett pulls the reader into a sensual and seductive story about two people who are physically and sexually attracted to one another but for one there is no promise of a happily ever after.


LEGAL AFFAIRS #4: MITIGATION by Sawyer Bennett / / Barnes and Noble /

Mitigation 4ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 21, 2014

I’ve seen a new side to Matt Connover. He’s proven to me that there is something inside him other than icy control and masculine force.

I’ve seen care… tenderness… even protectiveness.

I’ve seen vulnerability.

But Matt Connover’s issues run deep. I know Cal hurt him deeply, and he keeps himself protected because of that. I also sense there is something more to his pain that even I cannot comprehend.

Matt is struggling between what he knows and what he wants.
I’m struggling with boundaries and how to protect my own fragile heart.

This time I’m drawing a line in the sand and Matt can either step over to join me, or these Legal Affairs are finished forever.


REVIEW: LEGAL AFFAIRS Mitigation is the fourth instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s contemporary, adult, erotic serial-format Legal Affairs series focusing on power attorney Matt Connover and lawyer McKayla Dawson. The premise follows Matt’s fear of commitment and betrayal and, McKayla’s fear of losing her heart to a man who gives nothing in return. When McKayla asks for more she knows that only heartbreak and pain will follow. As MacKayla’s world begins to fall apart, Matt becomes her protector only to walk away –again.

Matt and Mac’s relationship is hot and sensual but for each, the relationship is built upon a different foundation. For Matt, this is nothing but sex and control: but for MacKayla she is beginning to fall for a man who isn’t willing to give more than he has already. When MacKayla gives Matt an ultimatum, everyone will suffer when Matt realizes that there was more to MacKayla than just a one night stand.

MITIGATION is another intense and seductive instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s erotic Legal Affairs series. The heartbreak and sorrow are visceral; it comes from the heart and from the soul when rejection is at the hands of someone you thought you could love.


LEGAL AFFAIRS #5: REPARATION by Sawyer Bennett / / Barnes and Noble /

Reparation 5ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 7, 2014

Matt Connover is like a new person. Caring, romantic and thoughtful. No worries though… he’s still sexy as hell.

He has changed in every way that I have ever dreamed of, and he did it because he wants me. It’s like a fairy tale of sorts.

Except… like with every fairy tale, there is a villain. One who threatens to disrupt the harmony we have created together.

Is what we have strong enough to survive? I truly believe that perhaps I can find love within these Legal Affairs. I’m just not sure Matt believes it.


REPARATION is the fifth instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s adult, contemporary, erotic Legal Affairs series focusing on lawyer McKayla Dawson and high powered attorney Matt Connover. Matt is McKayla’s boss and their relationship has become something more than just sex. When Mac threatened to walk, Matt knew that to keep McKayla in his life, he would have to open up and look at the truth behind his cold façade and icy heart.

The storyline follows Mac and Matt and, their attempt at a normal dating relationship but they have not been discrete with their feelings for one another. When the time comes for Mac to meet the little man that holds Matt’s heart, Matt’s past will come roaring back seeking vengeance and retribution. Matt’s heart will, once again, turn cold when he takes out his aggression on the woman with whom he was falling in love.

Sawyer Bennett continues to pull the reader into a sensual and erotic storyline about a man betrayed by the people closest to him and the woman who is trying to put back the pieces of his broken heart. Legal Affairs is a storyline where love and hate run a fine line with sorrow and pain when a man is unwilling to trust because of what happened in the past.


LEGAL AFFAIRS #6: Affirmation by Sawyer Bennett / / Barnes and Noble /

Affirmation 6ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 21, 2014

Things are off, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Some things, however, are the same. For example, the sex with Matt is just as nuclear and consistent as it always has been.

Still… I feel like I’m holding onto Matt with my fingertips, like he’s on the verge of slipping away and I don’t know what to do.

When I started these Legal Affairs, I had no way of knowing the depth of feeling that would become involved. I had no way of knowing this man could shatter my existence.

I don’t want to be hurt, so I’m grasping hard and I can only hope that he wants me enough to hang on just as tight.


REVIEW: LEGAL AFFAIRS Affirmation is the final instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s adult, contemporary, erotic Legal Affairs serialized storyline. Affirmation is the culmination of a forbidden relationship between power attorney Matt Connover and lawyer McKayla Dawson. Following the recent encounter with his ex wife and Mac’s declaration of love, Matt’s demeanor reverts back to the cold and aloof alpha male that Mac encountered during her first days at the firm.

Affirmation plays on the definition about the truth; to affirm or acknowledge the truth; a declaration and, in this, the truth about love; the truth about a betrayal; and the truth about the relationship between Matt and Mac. Sawyer Bennett pulls the reader into a storyline where walls are erected between two people when the truth about the past and the present collide. Matt must face the demons from his past-demons he blames for the demise of his family and the demise of a friendship; and Mac must face the reality that walking away may be the hardest thing she will ever have to do.

LEGAL AFFAIRS is a serialized storyline that is sensual in its’ presentation. A story about two people who enter into a relationship with no expectation but find themselves pulled into the maelstrom of lust, love and forbidden desires. Sawyer Bennett grabs your attention from the very start. The reader is pulled into a roller coaster of emotional heartbreak and unrepentant desire; a relationship fueled by the anxiety of prohibited lust, the power and control and, the prospect of falling in love against the odds.

Throughout the series, the world building continues as we encounter Matt’s past, his vulnerabilities and the possibility of a happily ever after. The storyline is written from McKayla’s POV. We are privy to her inner most thoughts and desires; her pain at heartbreak; and the decision to walk away. And in the end, we will get our happily ever after, but not before rejection and saying good bye pushes one man over the edge and the realization that what he wants and what he needs is—McKayla Dawson—in his life, his heart and his forever.

Copies supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


Catching Up with Theresa Rizzo-Interview & Giveaway

Catching Up with Theresa Rizzo

Just Destiny Banner

The Reading Cafe is happy to welcome back Theresa Rizzo. Theresa is here today to discuss her new release, Just Destiny. Our review of Just Destiny is below this post. Theresa will also tell us what she has in store for us in 2014.

Let’s talk to Theresa.




TRC: Hi, Theresa.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us again at The Reading Cafe, to discuss your upcoming new release “Just Destiny”, as well as to give an update as to what you have upcoming in 2014.

Theresa: Hi Barb, thanks so much for having me on The Reading Café!

TRC: Your first novel, He Belongs to Me had wonderful reviews.  How did you feel, especially being your first book, with the positive reviews, and commenters saying how much your story effected them emotionally?

TheresaI couldn’t be more pleased with the warm reception He Belongs to Me has gotten. I worked hard for more than a dozen years learning the industry and growing in my craft and it’s great to see how this story touched people’s hearts and entertained them.

Just Destiny


TRC: You have just released your new novel Just Destiny, would you please give us a brief description of the book?

TheresaJust Destiny is a love story wrapped in suspenseful courtroom drama. It’s about a grieving young woman, willing to risk embarrassment and possibly revealing long-held family secrets in court, for the right to conceive her dead husband’s baby, and her lawyer, best friend’s struggle to help her, despite his reservations.

You can order Just Destiny at  these links:
.Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBookstore /  Smashwords

TRC: Can you please tell us how you come up with the idea of this story?

TheresaMy husband was on a business trip on my birthday, so my sister and brother-in-law took me out to dinner to celebrate and I’d cut out this article in the newspaper about a woman being sued by her deceased husband’s family to keep her from having his baby after he was dead.

The idea of having your dead husband’s baby seemed bizarre, but still it struck me as a frivolous, ridiculous lawsuit.  I figured it wasn’t anybody’s business, after all once you get married, your body’s mine and mine’s yours, right?

My attorney sister got this puzzled look on her face and said, “Actually that’s a really interesting legal issue.  I wonder if sperm is considered property . . .”

And then my brother-in-law looked at her, saying, “I’m not sure I’d want you to have my baby after I’m gone.”

So we discussed some legal and moral implications of the situation and what had initially seemed so incredibly simple and private suddenly became complicated and intriguing, propelling me to do some research into the legalities and morality of the issue.

I was so fascinated with the idea that I had to build a book around it.

TRC: Your first two books, He Belongs to Me and now Just Destiny are very emotional stories. How much research do you put into these books?  Also, when writing stories that have such deep emotional conflicts, do you find it difficult to write?

TheresaI do a TON of research—actually it seems that each book requires more and more research.  I have binders and word files FULL of research that take as much as a month or three to accumulate.

Not only do I research on-line, but then I email experts in the industry asking questions, make field trips to locations where I set various scenes in the stories, or asking my legal and medical experts to read scenes/chapters etc and reword dialogue so it sounds accurate and natural—or tell me where I’m taking artistic liberties.

For instance, an attorney would NEVER hold up a finger and tell a judge to wait a minute as the attorney did in He Belongs to Me—however it worked for the story and added to the drama, so I kept it.

I only write stories that fascinate me, so I enjoy learning new things, but also, I really don’t want to be inaccurate. I want to give my readers my very best effort and produce a story I can be proud of.

You know, I love writing deeply emotional stories and when I cry or chuckle writing something, I know it’s good.  I cried and cried while Jenny was in the hospital with Gabe. Setting up the story just broke my heart. But I ADORE the holiday party that Jenny accompanied Steve to. Writing that, reading that, made me really happy.

And my heart ached for Steve’s situation.  He was living one of my worst nightmares. But I don’t mind putting my characters through the wringer because I KNOW they will have a happy ending.  In the beginning, I have no idea what that happy ending is or how they’re gonna get there, but I promise myself that I will help them fix things and they WILL have that happily ever after.

TRC: Do you have any desire to write in another genre?

TheresaI have written a romantic suspense I’m going to publish early 2015 and have a rough draft of another romantic suspense I’ll finish and put out after that.

I write the story that I can’t get out of my head regardless of genre, but you’ll never find me writing a historical –I simply don’t have the “voice” for that as much as I enjoy reading them.

TRC: Would you like to share with us what you are currently working on, and what you have in store for us in 2014?

TheresaIn the fall I’ll put out my next book, The Lives Between Us, which is book dealing with love, loss, revenge, and making hard choices. Here’s the description:

Grieving the loss of her beloved niece, reporter Skylar Kendall plots revenge on the US Senator who opposed life-saving stem cell research and therapy. She becomes romantically involved with his best friend, putting her in the perfect position to tear the senator’s world apart when tragedy strikes.  Only, she hadn’t counted on falling in love.

Sen. Hastings’s tragedy would absolutely make Skylar’s career and satisfy her thirst for revenge, but can she betray her new love and friends?

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

TheresaI want to thank you for having me on your blog and reading and reviewing my books. The greatest challenge for any self-published author is discoverability and I am so very grateful to every single generous reader who makes the time to write me a review and tell a friend about my book or host me on their blog.

Thank you so very much for your support!

TRC: Thank you, Theresa for giving us an update on Just Destiny, as well as what we can look forward to in the future.  It was a pleasure talking with you again.  We wish you good luck with the Just Destiny, and hope to catch up with you again.

You can find more about Theresa on the web at, or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.
giveawayTheresa has graciously offered to give one member of The Reading Café a chance to win an e-copy of her new release, Just Destiny.

1.  You must be a member at The Reading Cafe. If you are not a member, please register using the Log-In at the top of the page, or by using one of our social log-ins.

2.  If you are using a social log-in e.g. Twitter, please leave your email address along with your comment.

3.  Giveaway open Internationally

4.  Contest runs from March 30 – April 3, 2014



Just Destiny by Theresa Rizzo – a Review

Just Destiny by Theresa Rizzo – a Review

Just DestinyLinks to order Just Destiny: Amazon / Barnes & NobleThe Book Depository


What would you do if your whole world fell apart?
Jenny Harrison made some poor choices in the past, but marrying Gabe was the best thing she’d ever done. They had the perfect marriage, until a tragic accident leaves Gabe brain dead and her world in ruins.

Devastated by grief, she decides to preserve the best of their love by conceiving his child, but Gabe’s family is adamantly opposed, even willing to chance exposing long-held family secrets to stop her. Caught in a web of twisted motives and contentious legal issues, Jenny turns to best friend and attorney, Steve Grant. Steve wants to help Jenny, but he has reservations and secrets of his own.

When something so private and simple turns public and complicated, will Jenny relent?
What is Steve willing to sacrifice to help Jenny?

5 out of 5 for this reader folks!

OH MY HEART STRINGS .. man they weren’t just pulled .. they were yanked!

I remember you Theresa Rizzo.  The last book I reviewed for you left me an absolute wreck and ball of mush, and WHAMO .. you just did it again!  You can tell a great story and captivate a reader, but what I love the most .. I felt this story could be real.  No imaginary world, imaginary place but a collection of words about a situation that surely is controversial and that someone somewhere has faced!  I really enjoy that aspect of this book.

So without many spoilers …..

Jenny Harrison is living a happy life married to a great man and then just like that *SNAPS* everything changes.  Her husband Gabe was in a horrific accident and is now classified “brain dead”.  Jenny faces the decision to pull the plug.  Another topic surfaces as well … donation of organs.  Devastated, Jenny grieves hard and although it was decided earlier by the married couple to not have children, Jenny wishes to retrieve her husbands sperm and have a piece of him with her always.  Does she have the right to this??  Clearly, Gabe cannot give his consent nor did he fill out any paperwork that identified his opinion on donation of organs.  Does this decision then go to Jenny as his spouse?  Before we know it Jenny is thrown into the fight of her life as Gabe’s family members oppose her wishes and will do all they can to prevent Jenny from conceiving his child.

Steve Grant is Jenny’s best friend and an attorney.  He agrees to help her any way he can with this fight despite his own feelings on the topic.  He also has secretly been in love with Jenny (she doesn’t know this) since they became neighbours but respected her marital status.  Now Steve faces his own uncertainty of his future and how to, if to progress with Jenny.

This story flourishes and blooms in the court room.  Theresa must of done some serious research on this topic, because all the views, be it moral, ethics, law, emotion etc.. were well represented.  So much so in fact that I found myself feeling like a tennis ball being exchanged from side to side.  Never once did I feel I had a stern opinion on one particular side but more of an understanding of how both sides perhaps felt.  Some characters were blatant ^%%(*)_(* and the methods/threats used to try and sway the other were cruel.  Jenny herself annoyed me at times as well.

Truely an incredible story that came to life and knocked me on my rear end.  There was no clear cut solution and after reading this I still feel undecided on how I felt on the topic.  I do know however, that I now have an empty tissue pack that was almost full when I started this book.

Well done Theresa Rizzo, you cut deep and to the quick and because of that, you are memorable!


Reviewed by Rachel

Copy provided by author


Tame Me ( Stark International Novella #1) by J. Kenner – a review

TAME ME (A Stark International Novella #1) by J. Kenner

Tame Me / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO /

ABOUT THE BOOK: March 25, 2014

Aspiring actress Jamie Archer is on the run. From herself. From her wild child ways. From the screwed up life that she left behind in Los Angeles. And, most of all, from Ryan Hunter—the first man who has the potential to break through her defenses to see the dark fears and secrets she hides.

Stark International Security Chief Ryan Hunter knows only one thing for sure—he wants Jamie. Wants to hold her, make love to her, possess her, and claim her. Wants to do whatever it takes to make her his.

But after one night of bliss, Jamie bolts. And now it’s up to Ryan to not only bring her back, but to convince her that she’s running away from the best thing that ever happened to her–him.

REVIEW: TAME ME is the first storyline in J.Kenner’s contemporary, adult, erotic Stark International novella spin off series from Julie’s RITA award nominated Stark Trilogy. This is Stark International’s chief of security Ryan Hunter and Jamie Archer (Nikki Fairchild Stark’s best friend’s) storyline. Ryan and Jamie have been dancing around one another for awhile and now that Nikki and Damien have left for their honeymoon, Jamie takes the opportunity to make a move-in more ways than one.

The novella focuses on the sexual attraction between Jamie and Ryan-one that is hot, sensual and off the charts. As Jamie prepares to move back to Texas, Ryan will make Jamie an offer she cannot refuse. In the end, Jamie will do what Jamie does best-she will run not once but twice-and Ryan will be waiting each and every time.

J. Kenner pulls the reader into a sexually graphic storyline where two people who have wanted one another for a very long time test the waters of sex, sin and a little bit of BDSM. Jamie is no stranger to the allure of her sexuality but she may have met her match with the alpha male Ryan Hunter-a man who knows what he wants; how to get it; and when to let go. In this, Ryan is a man determined to keep Jamie Archer-all to himself.

The world of Stark International has been previously established through the Stark Trilogy and continues with the SI novellas. We learn Ryan and Jamie’s backstories-their sexual history; their wants and needs and, what they want is to find love and be loved. They are mature adults who give in to the exotic allure of each other’s bodies.

TAME ME is a quick read; a fast paced novella that explores the sexual relationship between two people who want, who need, who demand it all. J. Kenner writes a provocative story of lust, love and passionate desire.

Reading Order
1. Release Me
2. Claim Me
3. Complete Me
3.5. Take Me
4. Tame Me

Reviewed by Sandy


Snap: White Nights by Michele Drier-Review and Cover Reveal

Snap: White Nights by Michele Drier-Review and Cover Reveal

SNAP White Nights / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 17, 2014

SNAP: White Nights, the seventh book in The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles, is now out!

White Nights continues the love story of Maxie, a regular, and Jean-Louis, a five hundred year old Hungarian vampire. And it begins the story of Nik, a Kandesky vampire and Jazz, a regular who’s climbing the ladder of success at SNAP, the world’s largest and richest celebrity gossip empire.

Set in Kiev, Ukraine and St. Petersburg, Russia, the lovers confront gangsters, rival vampires and international tensions as Kiev faces uprisings and the deposing of the Ukrainian president.

I love writing the Kandesky Chronicles. I’m half in love with Jean-Louis. Their world is so filled with challenge, wealth, fear, political plots and danger that falling in love is one more hurdle to overcome.

Because of its setting, White Nights has contemporary events woven into the plot. Writing as current events are changing the setting for the characters was a challenge for me, as the author. I’d watch the news for the latest happening in Kiev, then go back and rewrite Maxie’s story to reflect the chaos.

Just as in the real world, there’s no resolution to the Ukraine/Russia conflict. And the intimate conflicts between the lovers? This is playing out, too.

Coming later this spring is Book Eight, SNAP: All That Jazz.


REVIEW: The next SNAP is White Nights, and oh what nights they are! Ms. Drier has done it again, she taken us back to the world of the Kandesky vampires, wealth, fashion, travel, incredible passion and romance; and as always has some intrigue and danger mixed in.
In White Nights you can expect more of the magnificently sexy Jean-Louis and Maxie; but wait..there’s a new coupling on the rise! The ever efficient and bubbly Jazz meets the sleek and golden Nik…ahhh! It’s instant ultra-attraction for them both.

There are wonderful parties, exotic places and people. The road is never quite smooth, with great wealth and power come enemies, and those they love are often the easier targets for those enemies. Jazz and Nik have a few bumps as she learns the world of the Kandeskys. Jazz has worked for SNAP and is very good at her job, but the incredible power of this family as well as the wealth is a real eye opener for her.

She soon learns it’s not all fun and games, with all the good comes probably an equal and sometimes a little unequal bad. Can she handle it? Will Nik’s love be able to overcome her fear? Oh you’ve got to read this!

Just when Maxie thought her brutal attackers were all gone, the one who was missing is back! Vengeance and power is his game and Maxie and Jazz are his targets. An enemy of both Jean-Louis and Nik, Jules is the monster who …oops…almost did too many spoilers! Well, if you’ve read the others you know who he is, if you haven’t – what the heck is stopping you?

This is great paranormal romance ladies. Vampires, were-wolves, demons, and so much more stuff we girls love to play with! (Chuckling)

Personally, I can’t wait for the next installment of this wonderful series; I’m really looking forward to it!

Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, (I found a new local winery – yummm) kickback and dive into this wonderful story! Enjoy everyone, I did!

Copy supplied by the author

Reviewed by Georgianna

About The Author Black and Red

FOLLOW:   Website /Facebook /Twitter / Amazon

Michele DrierMichele Drier was born in Santa Cruz and is a fifth generation Californian. She’s lived and worked all over the state, calling both Southern and Northern California home. During her career in journalism—as a reporter and editor at daily newspapers—she won awards for producing investigative series.

SNAP: White Nights the seventh book of her paranormal romance series, The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles, was published March 20. She’s working on the eighth book in the series, SNAP: All That Jazz, scheduled for publication in late spring 2014.

She also writes the Amy Hobbes Newspaper mysteries, Edited for Death and Labeled for Death. A third book, Delta for Death, is coming in 2014.


Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Maxwell – a Review & Giveaway

Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Maxwell – a Review & Giveaway

Happily Ever After Banner

Happily Ever After
by Elizabeth Maxwell
Release Date: March 18, 2014

Happily Ever AfterLinks to order Happily Ever After: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

In this witty, sexy tale, an erotic novelist meets the fictional hero of her most recent book in real life, and must decide whether she wants to get him back between the pages—or between her sheets. At forty-six, Sadie Fuller’s life isn’t exactly romantic. A divorced, overweight, somewhat sexually frustrated mother of an eleven-year-old, she lives in the suburbs, shops the big box stores, makes small talk with her small-minded neighbors, and generally leads a quiet life. But while her daughter is at school, or when Sadie is up late at night, she writes erotic fiction under the name KT Briggs.

Then, during a routine shopping trip, Sadie runs into someone familiar…too familiar, in fact. She encounters an incredibly handsome man exactly like the one in her imagination—and her latest novel. Is Aidan Hathaway really one of her characters? And if so, what is he doing in Target? As Sadie tries to negotiate this strange new world, her eyes begin to open to romantic possibilities in places she never dreamed of looking… places where Happily Ever After might not be so far-fetched after all.



HAPPILY EVER AFTER by Elizabeth Maxwell is in a class of novels that can cause “snaughling”.  That is laughing so hard you snort, then laughing because you snorted!  This is a novel that is really out there at times, but it is a fun and quirky read.

Sadie Fuller is a divorced 46 year old woman who is a little overweight, raising her daughter in the suburbs and who writes erotica at night!  Poor Sadie even had to find a man on Craigslist to have sex with once a week!  She is an expert at creating fabulous characters who have the most amazing sex ever, but her own life is not very exciting.  

Her life changes when she runs into a man at Target who looked oddly familiar!  He is the sexy, uber-hot, character from her latest novel!  What in the heck is happening?  How has her hunky hero come to life? Her neighbors are envious when the handsome “Aidan Hathaway” shows up at a school charity event.  Even her gay ex-husband is wondering what is going on!   As Sadie tries to solve this mystery, other characters start to show up and she and her characters need to figure out how to break a spell so that they can all live “happily ever after”!! Maybe Sadie didn’t realize that her own happiness was right under her nose. 

This was a fun and totally original novel that will lead to much “snaughling”.  Come up, you know you want to read it now!!   Enjoy!

Reviewed by Jules

Copy provided by publisher

Giveaway white and rose
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