Ares (Guardians of Hades #1) by Felicity Heaton-Review, Book Tour & Giveaway

ARES (Guardians of Hades #1) by Felicity Heaton-Review, Book Tour and Giveaway

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 26, 2016

Ares, book 1 in New York Times best-seller Felicity Heaton’s hot new paranormal romance series, Guardians of Hades, is now available in ebook and paperback. To celebrate the release of Ares and Megan’s romance, she’s holding a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY and sharing sneak peeks of the book.

Enter the ARES international giveaway (ends December 11th) and be in with a shot of winning a $75, $50 or $25 gift certificate by using the Rafflecopter form at her website, where you can also download a 4 chapter sample of the novel:


Here’s more about the book and the sexy Greek god hero and his heroine…

Ares / / B&N / KOBO / Indigo Chapters /

Prince of the Underworld and Lord of Fire, Ares was banished from his home by his father, Hades, two centuries ago and given a new duty and purpose—to keep our world and his from colliding in a calamity foreseen by the Moirai.

Together with his six brothers, he fights to defend the gates to the Underworld from daemons bent on breaching them and gaining entrance to that forbidden land, striving to protect his home from their dark influence. Caged by the manifestation of his power, held apart from those he loves by his own fire and starved of physical contact, Ares lives a cold existence driven by duty and the desire to return to his world.

Until his world collides with a daemon who steals his power and a mortal female who shatters the ice around his heart and awakens the true fire within him—a soul-stirring passion both dangerous and seductive.

Megan has wandered far from her home, driven from everyone she loves by the devastating realization that she is different to them all. Unsure who to trust in the world, she keeps to herself, until a fateful stormy night brings a temptingly handsome warrior crashing into her life and into her heart—a warrior who seems to hold powers more frightening and marvelous than her own.

When the New York gate comes under threat, and Ares is put to the test, will he choose his duty and regain the power he needs in order to save his world or will he choose the desires of his heart and sacrifice his fire so he can be with the woman becoming his whole world?


REVIEW: ARES is the first installment in Felicity Heaton’s adult GUARDIANS OF HADES paranormal, romance series based in mythology, focusing on six brothers- the sons of Hades and Persephone -sent to earth to guard the gates to the Underworld. This is Prince of the Underworld and Lord of Fire Ares, and Megan’s story line.

Told from several third person perspectives ARES focuses on the brothers’ battle to protect the Gates to the Underworld. With the recent influx of ‘daemons’ in searching for the elusive Gates Ares and his brothers have had to step up their nightly patrol but Ares finds himself out maneuvered in a battle where he will have his powers stolen by a daemon of unknown origin. Enter Megan, a human with some powers of her own, who witnesses the struggle of the man who will steal her heart. What ensues is the building relationship between Ares and Megan, and Ares battle between recovering his powers and the love of a woman that calls to his heart.

The relationship between Ares and Megan is one of immediate attraction. Ares believes Megan is his mate, and with the loss of his powers he is helpless against the feelings and emotional fall out of their physical relationship.

We are introduced to Ares brothers, each with their own power and abilities but brothers who know that once Ares recovers his powers Megan may be destroyed by the man that she loves.

ARES is a sexy and decadent story of ‘forbidden’ love told through character introspection, reflection and plenty of internal dialogue. Felicity Heaton invites the reader into a passionate tale about one man’s search for what he lost, and the love of a woman who offers everything and more. The premise is enchanting: the characters are colorful and animated; the romance is emotional. There is plenty of exciting and lively action as the brothers battle for their lives.

Copy supplied for review.

Reviewed by Sandy


Megan kept her head down, using the hood of her coat to keep the rain off her face. She wasn’t sure why she bothered. The storm had already soaked her to the bone. Maybe she did it because the streets in her neighbourhood were pitch-black due to the power outage and she had already passed several unsavoury characters on her route from the bus stop to her apartment. The only light came from passing cars and the lightning forking across the heavy clouds.

She had never seen such a violent storm before and it unsettled her, bringing thoughts of Armageddon and the end of the world. A man passed her on the opposite side of the street, running hard through the heavy rain. He crossed the road further up, moving to her side.

She wrapped her arms around herself as he paused on the pavement and looked in her direction. When her manager had told her she could knock off early from her nightshift at the packing warehouse because of the power problems, she had thought it would be a good thing. Now she wasn’t so sure. She hadn’t considered how dangerous it might be to cross several blocks of New York in total darkness.

The man hadn’t moved.

She turned left down the next street.

It was a shortcut she often used on her way home. Normally, she only did it during the day when there were plenty of people around. It cut several minutes off her journey but it was also an alley. She quickened her pace until she was verging on jogging.

A creeping sense that someone was watching her washed over her and she glanced back into the darkness behind her.

Lightning split the sky and illuminated the main street.

Her heart jumped into her throat as shadows danced around. No sign of the man. She was just being paranoid again. He had probably stopped to figure out where he was going. It was easy to become disorientated in the darkness.

Her footsteps echoed along the alley, loud despite the thunder rolling overhead and the sound of rain battering the tarmac.

She turned to face forwards again.

Lightning flashed.

Her heart leaped into her throat.

An immense figure strolled towards her from the other end of the alley, long coat flaring out from his waist in the wind that gusted from behind her, pushing her towards him. His hand reached down to his side, she caught a flash of metal in the next lightning strike, and then he was running at her.

Chills erupted down her spine and over her arms.

“Move.” The word was a dark growl and her heart stopped dead.

Before she could convince her feet to do as he had ordered, he reached her. A bright burst of light illuminated his face, revealing chiselled features set into a black scowl and eyes that burned her with their intensity as they briefly locked with hers, and then he was running up the wall beside her and flipping over her head like some damned action hero.

He landed hard behind her and her heart exploded into action.

Megan whirled on the spot and brought her hands up in front of her, expecting him to attack her. Her dark eyes widened. The man from the street was there at the other end of the alley.

The larger man ran at him and she caught flickers of both men in the lightning strikes and another flash of metal. The slimmer male had a gun too. Her breath hitched and she tried to run but found that she couldn’t. Her legs refused to respond, no matter how desperately she tried to get them to work. The one who had spoken to her reached the smaller man and they both moved incredibly quickly, beyond humanly possible.

Was it the lightning causing them to look as though they were moving faster than her eyes could track?

It had to be.

They clashed and before either of them could fire their gun, they had both knocked the other one’s away. The big man drew two large blades from inside his long black coat, his broad back to her, and clashed again with the slimmer man. She only caught snippets of their fight as the storm raged above them.

Was it a gang fight, or perhaps a mugging?

Megan wasn’t sure what was happening but she knew what she should be doing. She had to run, or maybe call the police. She pulled her bag towards her and fumbled with it. She couldn’t see a damn thing in the darkness. Where was her phone?

Lightning flashed again and the slimmer man was only a few feet from her, his wet blond hair plastered to his forehead and dark gaze locked on her. The large man tackled him from behind and they rolled past her as she shrieked and leaped away from them, hitting the wall of the alley. Her legs trembled and her bag fell from her shoulder.

“It will take more than steel to win this fight,” the blond man snarled and she frowned at his accent. French?

A bright flash exploded overhead, the thunder rolling in time with it, and she flattened against the wall. Both men had found their feet and were fighting close to her, heading back towards the end of the alley in a flurry of kicks and punches.

She caught brief flickers of the blond man’s thin face as he fought the bigger brunet. Rain rolled down his cheeks and dripped from his small goatee. He didn’t look scared as he fought a man twice his size.

That man circled with him, his expression a picture of darkness and intent. Strands of his overlong dark hair had fallen down and were stuck to his sculpted cheeks. Not a trace of fear lined his features either.

If anything, both of them looked angry.

The Frenchman attacked with a burst of punches, landing a few despite how quickly the other man moved to evade them and then he was on the defensive as the big man swiped with his twin knives. He grunted as one of the blades sliced across his arm and the sickening tinny scent of blood instantly joined the smell of earth and ozone in the air.

He flipped backwards towards the mouth of the alley and came to a halt. He straightened, facing the larger man, and squared his shoulders. The lights in the alley blinked back into life and Megan looked at the street beyond him. They were back on there too. The dim alley lights shone down on the two men as they faced each other, both casual despite the fact they were in the middle of a fight, as if this was an everyday occurrence for them.

The Frenchman tipped his chin up and his eyes narrowed. “I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.”

“Your death?” the larger man growled, his voice deep and edged with darkness. “You should have dropped in earlier. I’m always happy to send scum like you into the afterlife.”

The Frenchman’s thin lips twisted in a cruel smile. “It is you who will die here tonight.”

“We’ll see.” The larger man launched himself forwards, boots pounding the tarmac.

The blond man raised his hand and suddenly the big one was flying through the air towards her.

She dived out of his path and hit the wet ground hard. Pain blazed through her right shoulder and she curled up on her side, covering her head with her arms. The brunet hit the wall and shards of brick rained down on her. When everything went quiet, she gathered the courage to crack her eyes open.

The large man lay face down on the ground near her. Above him, there was a huge dent in the brick wall of the building. What the heck had just happened? Was he dead? Her hands shook with the thought of witnessing a murder. It wasn’t possible that a man could survive something like that, at least not without broken bones and a severe concussion, but then everything that had happened in the last few seconds seemed impossible.

Her gaze darted between him and the blond man. She had faced some dire odds in her life and survived, but something told her that she wasn’t going to survive this. She should have run when she’d had the chance. She didn’t want to die here tonight.

The large man snarled something dark and her eyes widened as he moved. His hands shifted closer to his elbows and he pushed himself up onto his knees. He shook his head, causing the long strands of his wet hair to caress his face, and then got to his feet.

How the heck could he move after that?

He shouldn’t even be conscious.

His dark eyes shifted to her and she swore red embers lit their penetrating depths. He stared at her for a few seconds, as though they were the only two in the world and there wasn’t another man in the street with them.

A man who wanted to kill him.

“You okay?” he husked and she swallowed and nodded. He nodded too and then did something that surprised her. He smiled, his sensual mouth curving into it and setting her heart racing. How the heck could he smile when he had just been tossed into a wall with such force he shouldn’t be standing right now and was bleeding? “Stay down. I won’t let him near you. It’ll be over soon and you’ll be safe. Understand?”

He growled like a feral beast before she could respond and launched his right hand forwards, as though throwing something at the other man. A bright fierce orb of fire burst from his hand and shot down the alley, blinding in the darkness. He turned and chased it. It exploded against a wall and another flash of fire followed it.

Megan couldn’t believe her eyes.

The large man dodged and air whooshed past her, ruffling her wet shoulder-length hair. Trashcans further along the alley exploded as though something had struck them. Was that what had hit the large man and thrown him into the wall?

She crept to that brick wall and crouched there, keeping as small as possible. Her heart pounded and eyes darted, trying to take in the fight as fear turned to fascination.

The brunet unleashed another swirling orb of fire from his palms and the Frenchman evaded it, rolling forwards in the alley. The man levelled another fiery blast at him, catching him this time and sending him spinning through the air. He landed hard on the tarmac and rolled.

Awestruck didn’t cover how she felt as she watched them now. Both of them had powers. It was incredible.

The big man pounded towards the other one and he disappeared, reappearing right in front of him. They clashed again and the sound of material tearing cut through the thunder rumbling across the city. The brunet leaped backwards, towards her, distancing himself.

“You’ll pay for that,” he growled and she looked at the Frenchman. He stood in the middle of the alley, black cloth dangling from one of his hands. Had he torn the man’s clothes?

The slim blond smiled, tossed the piece of material aside and crooked a finger. “Come and make me.”

The brunet charged and they clashed again, each throwing punches. Megan flinched with every heavy blow and vicious kick, fear slowly trickling back in to wash away her fascination. She had seen some brawls in her time, but nothing like this.

This wasn’t a brawl.

It was a battle.

The lights on the walls flickered, flashes of lightning causing them to stutter. She couldn’t tell who was winning. She hoped it was the brunet because she had the impression that he wasn’t out to hurt her. Not like the other man. There had been moments when he had looked her way, and each time there had been a look on his face that said she was next.

The Frenchman ducked to evade a punch and threw his palm at the larger man. Was he trying to push him over? Megan couldn’t see why he would want to do that and it was the only explanation she could find for him pressing his palm against the man’s chest.

The immense brunet flung his head back and threw his arms out at his sides as he roared in agony at the storm. The lights on the wall of the alley died as his garbled scream filled the night, battling the growling thunder. He fell to his knees and arched backwards, the Frenchman’s hand still pressed against his chest. Orange light shone from the point where they connected, illuminating the blond man’s face as he grinned.

“It was too easy.” He drew his hand back and stared at his fingers.

Something glowed in the centre of his palm, strange light illuminating threads that ran around the back of his hand. He turned his cruel gaze on the large man.

The man collapsed forwards, palms pressing into the wet ground, and the lights on the wall blinked back into life again. His big body heaved as he breathed hard and she frowned as she realised something.

He was shaking.

Flames flickered over the Frenchman’s hand and a fireball grew from the centre of his palm. He aimed it down at the other man.

In an instant, Megan knew what he was going to do and she couldn’t allow it to happen. She couldn’t let this man kill the brunet. She wouldn’t stand for it. Her gaze quickly scanned the dimly lit street and darted back again. One of their guns lay on the wet tarmac only a few feet from her. She reacted on instinct, pushing off the ground and running for it.

She scooped it up.

Raised it.


A loud crack like thunder split the silence and she jerked back from the force of the recoil.

The bullet nailed the Frenchman in his right shoulder, knocking him backwards, away from the other man.

An unholy shriek pierced her ears, more like the sound a bird of prey would make rather than a man, and the Frenchman turned his gaze on her. Megan hesitated, fear washing through her stronger than ever and her heart smashing like a jackhammer against her ribs. Eyes that glowed ethereally locked on to her.

What was he?

He raised his hand, the light from the fireball casting dark shadows across his face. She didn’t hesitate. She lifted the heavy silver gun and took aim again.

The fireball exploded from his palm.

About The Author

Felicity HeatonFelicity Heaton is a New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you’re a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.


If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, the best-selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series or any of her stand-alone vampire romance books. If you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try the best-selling Vampire Erotic Theatre series. Or if you prefer huge detailed worlds filled with hot-blooded alpha males in every species, from elves to demons to dragons to shifters and angels, then take a look at the new Eternal Mates series.

If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:



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Compromising Positions by Jenna Bayley-Burke -a Review

Compromising Positions by Jenna Bayley-Burke -a Review


Compromising PositionsAmazon / Kobo / BAM / The Book Depository

He never broke a rule…until he met her.

When fitness empire CEO David Strong agrees to help teach a yoga class for couples based on poses in The Kama Sutra, he’s put in one compromising position after another. Especially since the instructor is his best friend’s little sister-in-law, doesn’t have a lot of experience with men, and is totally off-limits. She’s everything David’s never wanted. So he can’t understand why he suddenly needs her so much.

Sophie DelFino has fantasized about David for over a decade, but he has a type, and she’s far from it. He’s also got all sorts of rules and reasons why they shouldn’t be together. Good thing Sophie is all about bending the rules.



I thoroughly enjoyed Compromising Positions by Jenna Bayley-Burke.  It’s a well written story with very real characters dealing with real issues, and boy do our hero and heroine have issues.  It’s a wonder they managed to form a relationship in the first place, but it was an enjoyable adventure to watch them embark on.  Compromising Positions is a fast read, but properly balanced between plotline and romance.  The reader is allowed to really get to know our hero(David) and heroine(Sophie), learn of their reasons for why they are where they are in life so far, and what they both yearn for, but are afraid they will never get.  David and Sophie are believable characters that you can get behind, relate to, sympathize with and want to see get their HEA’s.  Jenna Bayley-Burke manages to weave a fun, sexy, flirty and real storyline in a short amount of time that keeps the reader entertained the whole way through.  Watching poor David and his rules about dating/women crumble at his feet were funny, but you also could sympathize with him at the same time.  David just didn’t stand a chance once he entered Sophie’s world, and you just knew he was going to be a goner after one Yoga class with Sophie practicing poses from the Kuma Sutra.  Sophie is very determined where David is concerned and I liked the fact that even though she didn’t have much experience with romance and men in general she wasn’t afraid to go after David and what she wanted between them. The sexual tension and chemistry between David and Sophie is palpable and simmers right up until they reach their boiling point and David can’t hold back any longer. They are a sweet couple and David was a total gentleman and charmer where Sophie’s concerned.  I loved how he just wanted to take care of her and give her everything she deserved, so swoon-worthy.

Now if I have one issue/pet peeve with this story, it’s that I just wish there was a little bit more to the ending then just jumping straight into the epilogue after David proposes to Sophie(lovely and well written scene). I would’ve liked to have seen David and Sophie explore their relationship a little bit more once they figured everything out between each other. However, the epilogue did show us where they are in life now, happy and experiencing everything they wanted but were afraid of having back in the beginning of their adventure.   For anyone who enjoys a fast paced contemporary romance, with real characters and sexy flirtatious dialogue, then Compromising Positions is a must read. 

Until next time, happy reading everyone! 

Reviewed by Marcie

Copy provided by Publisher


Duke of Pleasure (Maiden Lane #11) by Elizabeth Hoyt-Review, Interview & Book Tour

DUKE OF PLEASURE (Maiden Lane #11) by Elizabeth Hoyt-Review, Interview & Book Tour

Duke of Pleasure Banner

Maiden Lane #11
by Elizabeth Hoyt
Release Date: November 29, 2016
Genre: historical, romance

Duke of Pleasure / / B&N / KOBO / ibooks / Google / indiebound /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 29, 2016


Bold. Brave. Brutally handsome. Hugh Fitzroy, the Duke of Kyle, is the king’s secret weapon. Sent to defeat the notorious Lords of Chaos, he is ambushed in a London alley—and rescued by an unlikely ally: a masked stranger with the unmistakable curves of a woman.


Cocky. Clever. Courageously independent. Alf has survived on the perilous streets of St. Giles by disguising her sex. By day she is a boy, dealing in information and secrets. By night she’s the notorious Ghost of St. Giles, a masked vigilante. But as she saves Hugh from assassins, she finds herself succumbing to temptation.


When Hugh hires Alf to investigate the Lords of Chaos, her worlds collide. Once Hugh realizes that the boy and the Ghost are the same, will Alf find the courage to become the woman she needs to be—before the Lords of Chaos destroy them both?


REVIEW: DUKE OF PLEASURE is the eleventh full length installment in Elizabeth Hoyt’s MAIDEN LANE historical romance series. This is the Duke of Kyle, Hugh Fitzroy, and street urchin/Ghost of St. Giles Alf’s story line. DUKE OF PLEASURE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty although Alf’s story has been building for several installments.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Alf and Hugh) DUKE OF PLEASURE focuses on the hunt for the notorious and secretive Lords of Chaos-a well to do group of politically appointment men whose crimes are evil and notorious. After a late night attack by a group of thugs, the Duke of Kyle-Hugh Fitzroy- hires a young street urchin whose ability to ferret out information is well known in and around the streets of London and St. Giles. Enter Alf-a young woman who by day disguises herself as a young boy but by night is the infamous masked vigilante the Ghost of St. Giles. What ensues is the building relationship between Alf and Hugh, and the search for the people who have marked Hugh Fitzroy for death.

The relationship between Hugh and Alf is slow to develop as our heroine has presented herself as a young boy for most of her life. It is only with the accidental discovery of Alf’s true self does the Duke of Kyle begin to look at Alf in a different light.
Alf is a loner; a young woman whose independence was forged at an early age but a woman whose desire for love and a family finds our heroine on the outside looking in. Hugh Fitzroy is a widower with two young boys who struggles to raise his family without the benefit of wife and mother. His attraction to Alf is visceral as the young woman calls to his lonely heart.

DUKE OF PLEASURE is a story about family and survival. The premise is a mix of mystery and intrigue; the characters are charismatic and entertaining; the romance is seductive and tangible. As a single father Hugh Fitzroy battles the demons from his past including the death of his wife, and the years he was absent from the young boy’s lives. We are introduced to Hugh’s late wife’s best friend Lady Jordan aka Iris whose story will be told next in DUKE OF DESIRE. Hoyt’s DUKE OF PLEASURE is an enchanting and spirited tale of opposites attract and second chances at love.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy

Duke of Pleasure Teaser



TRC:  Hi Elizabeth and welcome back to The Reading Café. Congratulations on the release of DUKE OF PLEASURE.

Elizabeth HoytElizabeth: Thank you and thank you for inviting me back!

TRC: For anyone who does not know you, would you please tell us something about yourself?

Follow: Twitter / Website/ Facebook /

Elizabeth: I live in Minneapolis, have plowed my front yard under for a flower garden, drink too much coffee, and have three dogs. I think that tells most people about all they need to know about me. But in case that isn’t enough: I also write historical romance whilst two of the dogs sleep on my lap. I’ve been published ten years this fall (woo!) and, on the whole, it seems like a pretty good gig.

TRC: Who or what influenced your career in writing?

Elizabeth: When I first started out what I was reading: the romance writers of the late 1990’s/early 2000’s: Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, Amanda Quick, Lisa Kleypas. Now I’m influenced more by pop culture I think. TV shows and things I hear and see on the internet. Stuff that other people are excited about. I like to take apart what makes them excited, what draws them in, and see if I can translate that to the written form.

Duke of PleasureTRC: Would you please tell us something about the DUKE OF PLEASURE?

Elizabeth: Why yes! Duke of Pleasure features reader favorite Alf, who if you’ve been following my Maiden Lane series you’ll remember as a tough boy who lives in the slums of St. Giles and makes his living by selling information. Except Alf is really a woman in disguise. And in Duke of Pleasure we find out that not only is Alf a woman, but at night she’s taken on the mantle of the Ghost of St. Giles, a masked vigilante helping the poor and downtrodden. She fights with two swords and is totally badass.

Assassins are pursuing the hero, Hugh Fitzroy, the Duke of Kyle, when the Ghost saves him. Hugh is tasked with taking down a shadowy aristocratic society and hires Alf to help him. Except Alf is attacked and wounded and then she stays at Hugh’s townhouse to recover and it starts getting hard to maintain her disguise…

TRC: What challenges or difficulties have you encountered writing and publishing your stories?

Elizabeth: In writing them, I think just the everyday stuff of getting up and getting the job done. Writing is a very solitary profession. It’s all self-motivated and it’s all self-generated. Sometimes you have to have nerves of steel.

With the publishing side I’ve been pretty lucky—I really haven’t run into any real difficulties. I mean, people keep saying that the historical is tanking…but then they’ve been saying that since before I was published and here I am, so.

TRC: How do you keep the plot(s) unpredictable without sacrificing content and believability?

Elizabeth: Ooo! Good question! I get bored easily, which is probably why no two of my books are alike. So from my end, I’m not worrying about trying to write an unpredictable plot. I just want to have an interesting character who is in a situation that challenges me as a writer. If that produces what you describe above, well, great!

TRC: Do you believe the cover image plays a deciding factor for many readers in the process of selecting a book or new series to read?

Elizabeth: Yes. It’s the first thing the reader sees, especially in a physical bookstore or big box store. Obviously if the artwork can catch the reader’s eye that’s a plus. And once the reader has opened the book, than I’m confident that my writing can do the rest. 😉

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

Elizabeth: I hope readers enjoy Duke of Pleasure!

TRC: Thank you Elizabeth for taking the time to answer our questions. Congratulations on the new release.

Elizabeth: Thank you!

Wicked Intentions price drop / / B&N / KOBO / ibooks / Google Play /

WICKED INTENTIONS is now FREE for a limited time!

The ebook edition of WICKED INTENTIONS, the first book in Elizabeth Hoyt’s bestselling Maiden Lane series will be FREE from November 28 through December 12! This is a great opportunity to introduce friends to the series! On December 13 the price returns to $5.99.



When All The Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz – a Review

When All The Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz – a Review


When All The Girls Have GoneAmazon / B&N / Kobo / BAM / The Book Depository

When Charlotte Sawyer is unable to contact her step-sister, Jocelyn, to tell her that one her closest friends was found dead, she discovers that Jocelyn has vanished.

Beautiful, brilliant—and reckless—Jocelyn has gone off the grid before, but never like this. In a desperate effort to find her, Charlotte joins forces with Max Cutler, a struggling PI who recently moved to Seattle after his previous career as a criminal profiler went down in flames—literally. Burned out, divorced and almost broke, Max needs the job.

After surviving a near-fatal attack, Charlotte and Max turn to Jocelyn’s closest friends, women in a Seattle-based online investment club, for answers. But what they find is chilling…

When her uneasy alliance with Max turns into a full-blown affair, Charlotte has no choice but to trust him with her life. For the shadows of Jocelyn’s past are threatening to consume her—and anyone else who gets in their way…



When All the Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz is another one of her wonderful standalone romance suspense novels.  Charlotte Sawyer is our heroine, who works at a senior citizen home.  She loves her job, and the residents love Charlotte. With her step-sister away on a month long retreat, Charlotte goes to her house to pick up her mail;  she finds a note from her sister’s friend about a package.  When she tries to contact the friend, she is told by a private investigator that the friend is dead.  At this point of her life, though she is happy, things will drastically change.

Max Cutler is our hero, and he is a private investigator hired by the dead woman’s cousin to investigate what is presumed to be a drug overdose.  Max is very good at his job, since he used to be a profiler, but because of burnout, he gave up that to become a private investigator.    When Charlotte arrives to talk to Max about her sister’s mail, they both will strike up a friendship and partner together to try and find Jocelyn (Charlotte’s sister), and the rest of the group that formed the Investment club.  When another death occurs, Charlotte fears for her sisters life, and Max with her help will try to decipher what part of Jocelyn’s past is the real reason for the murders.   Jocelyn had been raped as a teenager, and the investment club with her friends may also be a reason due to someone wanting to keep the money for themselves. 

What follows is an interesting, exciting adventure that will bring both Max and Charlotte looking into the past to find out who was responsible for the rape; as well as investigate the people involved in the Investment Club. 

In the midst of this intriguing storyline, is a slow build romance that will develop between Max and Charlotte.  I really loved them together, as they had great camaraderie, and it was fun to watch their feelings for each other grown into love.  We also learn more about Max’s childhood that still haunts him, as well as Charlotte’s ex fiancée, who dumped her at the altar.   I also enjoyed some of the parts in the senior home, especially where one of the residents will help them.

Once again, Jayne Ann Krentz has given us a wonderful romance suspense, with an excellent plot, great characters and fun to read.  There were some surprising twists and turns along the way that kept you guessing.  If you like romance, suspense and a mystery, you can never go wrong with Jayne Ann Krentz.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher


First Step Forward by Liora Blake – Review & Giveaway

First Step Forward by Liora Blake – Review & Giveaway

First Step Forward Banner


First Step ForwardAmazon / B&N / Kobo / BAM / The Book Depository

After eight seasons playing pro-football, Cooper Lowry knows all the right answers.

Is he stubborn, short-tempered, and impatient? Yes. Are jersey chasers more trouble than they’re worth? Absolutely. Has he ever imagined a life beyond the game? Nope.

Cooper has built an enviable career—the result of staying focused, working hard, and keeping his head on straight—even as his body takes the brunt. So when a hard hit during a Sunday home game leaves him in a dazed heap on the field, it’s nothing more than another day at the office. The only thing that’s different about this Sunday is a chance encounter with a certain fascinating, beautiful free-spirited woman. And some sternly-worded instructions from his coach to take a little time off and give his body the TLC it craves—before he does lasting damage.

Whitney Reed is a few months away from losing the organic fruit orchard she bought three years ago in the tiny town of Hotchkiss, Colorado. At the time, she was just looking for a place to get lost. Instead, she found a home, somewhere she could finally put down roots. Now foreclosure is knocking on her door—along with a grumpy, gorgeous football player who might be just what she never knew she needed.


First Step Forward by Liora Blake is the 1st book in her new Grand Valley series.  This was a sweet fun romance.   We meet our hero, Cooper Lowry, who is a professional football star.  Cooper has a major headache, as he suffered a concussion in his last game, and goes to the pharmacy to get some salt to soak his aching body.  Whitney Reed notices someone bending down in pain, and tries to offer support.  She ends up giving him advice on what to buy, knowing nothing that she is talking to a mega super sports star.

Whitney is in town to try to get a loan for her organic apple orchard which is facing foreclosure, due to insufficient funds.  In another chance encounter with Cooper, a friendship develops of two people totally different.  Cooper, when sidelined with a leg injury will visit Whitney, where she lives in a small town called Hotchkiss, and finds a different peaceful atmosphere that he is not used to.  Whitney is totally surprised to see Cooper, and shortly thereafter a fun romance begins.

I loved the premise of this story, as well as our leading couple.  Whitney was enjoying her flirtation with the rich famous Cooper, and he was finding himself slowly falling for her.  She refuses to allow Cooper to help her with a loan, since she does not want to owe anyone anything.  The story was a lot of fun, as we follow Cooper during his games, and his injuries that could end his career.  We also follow Whitney as she tries to salvage her business and land, and meet some of the people from Hotchkiss.  I will add that there were a lot of sex scenes throughout the whole story, which I prefer to be more story oriented.  But overall it was a fun read with a sweet couple. 

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher



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Wrong For Me (Motor City Royals #2) by Jackie Ashenden-a review

WRONG FOR ME (Motor City Royals #2) by Jackie Ashenden-a review

Wrong For Me / / B&N / KOBO /

About the book: Release Date November 29, 2016

After eight years in prison, Levi Rush is finally out and back on the gritty streets of Detroit to claim the future he was owed. A future that includes the one woman he’s wanted for years—his former best friend Rachel. She’s the reason he went inside and if getting her to do what he wants means buying the building that houses her tattoo studio and using it as leverage, then that’s what he’ll do. Because if there’s one thing he’s learned inside it’s that if you want to win, you have to play dirty.

Rachel Hamilton is a tattoo artist and one hell of a tough girl. Detroit is her home, and she’s determined to make it a better place. But her plans are threatened when her old friend Levi reappears and gives her an ultimatum: she gives herself to him body and soul, or else she and her business are out on the street. Levi’s got no room in his heart for anything but anger and the lust he’s been carrying around for so long. But the only thing stronger than the secrets of their shared past is their fiery attraction to each other.


REVIEW: WRONG FOR ME is the second installment in Jackie Ashenden’s contemporary, adult MOTOR CITY ROYALS erotic, romance series focusing on a tight knit group of friends from Detroit. This is former inmate Levi Rush, and tattoo artist Rachel Hamilton’s story line. WRONG FOR ME can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Rachel and Levi) WRONG FOR ME is a friends to lovers/second chance storyline that follows the rekindling friendship between Rachel Hamilton and Levi Rush. Eight years earlier Levi was sent to prison for killing a man who had attacked his best friend Rachel. Fast forward to present day and Levi is an angry ex-con, h*ll bent on reclaiming all that he lost, and what he had lost were the eight years he could have been spending with the woman that he loves. Determined to renew his relationship with Rachel, Levi ‘blackmails’ Rachel for all of the wrong reasons ensuring Rachel remains by his side-one way or another. What ensues is an emotional battle between Levi and Rachel, and Levi’s dogged determination to prove he is worthy.

WRONG FOR ME is a story of family and friendship; heartbreak and love; moving forward and letting go of the past. Levi and Rachel, along with Gideon and Zoe come from the mean streets of Detroit, and it is their backstory and earlier years together that make up the emotional and protective relationships that encompass the series premise. Years of suffering and feeling unworthy find Levi Rush trying to prove he is deserving of the life that has passed him by.

The relationship between Rachel and Levi is one of emotional blackmail. Levi struggles with the loss of the previous eight years but more so with Rachel’s rejection and apparent lack of concern as it pertained to Levi and what happened years before.

All of the previous story line characters including Zee and Tamara (Dirty For Me #1), as well as Zoe James and Gideon Black play secondary and supporting roles. Rachel’s co-worker and fellow tattooist Xavier is ever protective of his friend and colleague. Zoe and Gideon’s story is next in Sin For Me (March 2017).

The world building continues to focus on five friends (Gideon, Zoe, Zee, Levi & Rachel) and the difficulties of growing up poor on the mean streets of Detroit. We are witness to the plans for redevelopment that may or may not have approval from the people who live and struggle to survive.

WRONG FOR ME is a dark and gritty look at endurance; at existing one day at a time; at struggling to succeed in a world that is continually pushing you down. The premise is startling ; the characters are passionate but tragic; the romance is emotional and disconcerting. At times, Levi’s treatment of Rachel and his need to recover years of lost time is misguided, vengeful and questionable. I also a couple of issues with questions that were never addressed and left unresolved.

Click HERE for Sandy’s review of book one-DIRTY FOR ME

Copy supplied by Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy


The Saint: World of De Wolfe Pack by Cathy MacRae-a review

THE SAINT: World of the De Wolfe Pack by Cathy MacRae-a review

The Saint 

Entire collection of 9 novellas WORLD OF DE WOLFE PACK only 99¢:

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date: September 4, 2016

Following in the footsteps of his uncle, the famous Lord William de Wolfe, Geoffrey de Wylde is counted among the greatest knights England had ever known. Revered for his justness and strict adherence to the chivalric code, he was known as The Saint.

Fleeing the unwanted attentions of her late husband’s brother, Marsaili de Ville runs headlong into the path of The Saint. She wants nothing more than to reach the safety of her family’s home in Scotland before Edmund de Ville’s henchmen capture her, but Geoffrey de Wylde insists on becoming her protector, slowing her flight and putting her unknowingly at risk.

As her past catches up with her, Marsaili will find more than a safe haven in The Saint’s arms. And Geoffrey de Wylde will discover his code does not tell him what to do with a woman who has been accused of murder, yet has captured his heart.


REVIEW: THE SAINT by Cathy MacRae is part of the multi-authored World of  De Wolfe Pack series set in Kindle Worlds. This is Lord Geoffrey De Wylde, and Marsaili de Ville’s story line. Each installment is stand alone.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Geoffrey and Marsaili) THE SAINT is an historical romance that follows Marsaili de Ville, widowed wife of Andrew de Ville- a woman on the run from her former brother in law who wants his brother’s widow for himself. Enter Lord Geoffrey de Wylde aka The Saint, who takes a reluctant Marasili under his protection as they continue their journey towards his new home. What ensues is a cross country trek through snowbound England while trying to stay one step ahead of Edmund de Ville.

The relationship between Geoffrey and Marsaili is slow to develop. Geoffrey struggles with the on-going pain and damage from an injury sustained in battle; and Marsaili is a woman whose need to return to Scotland outweighs any thoughts of starting a new relationship. The sexual intimacy is limited.

THE SAINT is a quick read: a novella length historical romance focusing on two people whose lives will collide on a stormy, winter’s night. The premise is entertaining; the characters are engaging; the romance is light and tender. Cathy MacRae writes a sweet and graceful story line that will capture your attention.

Copy supplied for review.

Reviewed by Sandy


Keeping Score (The Perfect Play #2) by Sara Rider-a review

KEEPING SCORE (The Perfect Play #2) by Sara Rider-a review

Keeping Score / / B&N / KOBO / BAM /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 8, 2016

Professional soccer player Jaime Chen is used to hearing the word “no”—she’s just not used to listening to it. Despite her tiny frame, she’s won two Olympic medals and earned the title of Assistant Captain of the Seattle Falcons. And when Sport Fitness magazine decides it wants her for the cover of its annual Bodies of Sport issue, she finally has the chance to prove to the world that she truly is a top-class athlete. But when a lingering ankle injury forces the team’s physiotherapist to bench her, Jaime’s top-ranking dreams start to slip through her fingers.

In his career as a pro sports physiotherapist, Alex Martinez’s instincts have never steered him wrong. But he’s also never met someone as obstinate and frustrating as the snarky Jaime Chen. With their spot in the playoffs on the line, the Falcons’ owner gives him an ultimatum: get Jaime back in the game or kiss his job goodbye. When she skips yet another appointment with him, the only way he can wrangle a diagnosis from the medically-phobic midfielder is to stick to her like a shadow. But getting close to the woman who simultaneously irritates him and turns him on like no other is the last thing he wants to do.


REVIEW: KEEPING SCORE is the second installment in Sara Rider’s contemporary, adult THE PERFECT PLAY sports romance series. This is professional soccer player Jaime Chen, and physiotherapist Alex Martinez’s story line. KEEPING SCORE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Jaime and Alex) KEEPING SCORE follows soccer player Jaime Chen as she struggles to keep her place with the Seattle Falcons woman’s professional soccer team. For weeks Jaime has suffered with debilitating ankle pain that is affecting her game and her play, and her chance to be on the lucrative magazine cover of ‘The Bodies of Sports’ issue. Enter team physiotherapist Alex Martinez-the man whom Jaime has lusted after since joining the team, and the man Jaime believes can make or break our heroine’s career. What ensues is the building relationship between Jaime and Alex, and Alex’s search for what ails our story line heroine. Meanwhile, Alex has an offer back home that he considers when his past begins to rear its’ ugly head.

Jaime is a multi-talented athlete with a couple of Olympic gold medals to her credit. Her decision to enter professional soccer has earned her the Assistant Captain position with the Seattle Falcons. She is known as the ‘wild child’ and her antics off the field add to her already meteoric rise to fame. Alex is a man with a secreted past that if revealed could affect his position with the team. Alex’s job is on the line when the team’s owners and managers demand information about Jaime’s ongoing injuries, and Alex is having a more than difficult time scheduling a diagnosis, and forcing Jaime into rehab and therapy.

The relationship between our couple is fraught with tension and the forbidden between player and team physiotherapist. Alex’s attraction to Jaime is palpable but Jaime struggles with her attraction to our story line hero. The $ex scenes are intimate and intense without the use of over the top graphic, erotic language and text but I did struggle with some of the immaturity of the leading couple.

Team captain Lainey Lukas returns along with her significant other Seattle Surge soccer player Gabe Havelak (For The Win #1), as well as sports agent Jillian Nichols whose story will be told next in GOING FOR THE GOAL (February 2017). Several of Jaime’s teammates play secondary and supporting roles including Tara, Joanna, Kara, Alyssa and head coach Victor Labreilla.

The world building focuses on the Seattle Falcons woman’s professional soccer team as they battle for the league’s ultimate prize, and the ongoing and undiagnosed pain of the team’s assistant captain. Although not readily obvious, I guessed the source of Jaime’s struggle immediately but for most readers it will remain a mystery until revealed.

KEEPING SCORE tackles diversity, sacrifice, illness and injury, the struggle to succeed, and women athlete’s battle for equality in the world of sports. The premise is realistic and intelligent; the characters are playful and energetic; the romance is provocative and captivating.

Copy supplied by Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy