A Dream of Stone and Shadow (Dirk and Steele #4) by Marjorie M. Liu

A Dream of Stone and Shadow (Dirk and Steele #4) by Marjorie Liu

A DREAM OF STONE AND SHADOW (Dirk and Steele #4 e-novella) by Marjorie M. Liu

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A DREAM OF STONE AND SHADOW was originally released in the anthology Dark Dreamers with Christine Feehan’s Dark Dream, but has been re-released (March 2012) as an e-novella by Marjorie Liu as a separate book in the Dirk and Steele series. For those that do not know about the series, Dirk and Steele is an agency of paranormal investigators and detectives with special abilities including shape shifting and psychics. A Dream of Stone and Shadow features Aggie Durand, a clairvoyant, who has the ability to see the future, only she views many different scenarios and outcomes based on a shift in probabilities.

Aggie is on assignment investigating a missing child, when all ties lead back to a kiddie porn ring. But Aggie has help in the way of a beautiful voice who directs her to a young girl who has been abducted by a group of sexual predators. Only this disembodied voice seems to know exactly what Aggie is missing in her life. Not only he is able to communicate psychically, but he is able to touch her body and make her feel alive from over 3000 miles away.

Charlie is a gargoyle who, along with his two brothers, has been trapped and imprisoned by a powerful witch who seems to take pleasure in torturing his all too human body of flesh and blood. And when the pain and torture become too much death is the ultimate goal- Charlie’s mind disengages and seeks refuge elsewhere. But on one of his many journeys, Charlie discovers a frightened young girl who is the victim of sexual abuse. Only Charlie has no way to help. As a disembodied spirit, he is unable to physically aid the young girl, but his presence soothes the child. But Charlie soon finds a receptive psychic in Aggie Durand and along with her partners at Dirk and Steele, they uncover a kiddie porn ring run by a mother and her son.

Charlie and Aggie’s relationship becomes physical when Charlie is able to ‘touch’ Aggie in ways she has not been touched in a long time. In order to ‘touch’ Aggie, Charlie must make sacrifices that cost him his life over and over, but it will be Aggie’s ultimate sacrifice that will save Charlie and his brothers.


A DREAM OF STONE AND SHADOW is a short story approximately 8 chapters in length. It is a quick read with the usual Dirk and Steele cast of characters, as well as a few gargoyles thrown into the mix. A great storyline and another wonderful addition to Marjorie’s D&S series. But for those fans of Christine Feehan, you can also find the storyline in Dark Dreamers.

Reviewed by Sandy


7 thoughts on “A Dream of Stone and Shadow (Dirk and Steele #4) by Marjorie M. Liu

  1. Great review Sandy . I just love love Marjorie Liu she so rocks it out in the Dirk & Steele Series , But i have to say damn i was thinking she had a new book out and was looking forward to reading it and once i read your review i find that i have already read this book and yes like all her others i loved it . But thank you Sandy for taking me on a walk down memory lane .

  2. Great review Sandy, I’m really enjoying this series and glad Miranda pushed me to read this series. Looking forward to more of the reviews.

  3. Love the name of the agency Dirk and Steele. I have this anthlogy but didn’t read Marjorie’s short story. I’ll give it a try. Great job Sandy.

  4. THIS is the book that first introduced me to Ms. Liu, but this Feehan novella was FALCON’s…I completed the book in full swoooooon!!! How was I to remember there was MORE to discover?? LOL!!!!

    **NOTE TO SELF: Re-read Dark Dreamers…TRY to skip Falcon’s story…** 😀

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