A Forbidden Temptation (The Shields #4) by Donna Grant-a review

A FORBIDDEN TEMPTATION (The Shields #4) by Donna Grant-a review

A Forbidden Temptation

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ABOUT THE BOOK:  Released December 2012

As one of the youngest men ever to have the title of general in ancient Rome’s great army, fame and fortune were my bedmates. I was chosen by the Fae for my mastery of any weapon.

Though the Shields like to claim they are stronger because of my skills, I know I am only alive today because the Fae found me before my demons could put an end to my life. Adventure and danger have always ruled my life, and I thrive on the thrill of the hunt. I am loyal to the Shields, willing to give my life to follow Hugh and the others to fulfill their oaths to save the world.

Who would have known following such great men would lead me to Nicole.

She is everything I have ever wanted in a woman and more. She is innocent and pure and beautiful of face and spirit. And she deserves better than me. Yet, every time I think of her in the arms of another man I find that I cannot let her go. For better or worse, Nicole has bound herself to me. I just pray that the demons loosen their hold before the past catches up with me and repeats itself.

Valentinus Romulus


REVIEW: I had not read any of the previous storylines in Donna Grant’s Shields series and yet I did not feel that I was lost. Although there was mention of and, appearances by the characters from the first three stories, the storyline could have been read as a stand-alone. I did go back to read the synopsis for each of the previous storylines.

The premise that surrounds the series follows a group of ancient warriors, who with the help of the Fae, are tracking down and reuniting the remaining Chosen females that have been sent from another time and place. With each encounter and time travel, the Shields, as the group of men call themselves, must fight the Great Evil in various forms including gargoyles, harpies, and a Gryphon who is reluctant to end the life of the woman he has been commanded to destroy.

Valentinus (Val) is our hero in A Forbidden Temptation (The Shields #4) who discovers that the woman they have rescued is one of the Chosen and his attraction to the female is immediate. But Val hides a painful past and he hopes to never re-experience the loss of loved ones due to his own demonic passions and lustful ways. To keep Nicole safe, Val vows to keep his distance. But when left alone Val will discover that his feelings for Nicole go beyond guardian and charge. And once again, the past will catch up with him when magic is used to tempt Val to his previous ways.

Nicole wants Val and it is Gabriel who sees that Val is making a mistake with his refusal to admit his attraction to Nicole. But with Gabriel’s help, both Nicole and Val will finally succumb to their desires leaving Val with feelings shame and guilt.

Gabriel is another one of the Shields and there are plenty of hints about Gabriel’s true identity. Gabriel does not know anything about his past including his heritage and family history, but there are several references to a connection that involves Gabriel and the Dark Evil. Gabriel was found by the Fae; he had no identity and could not remember what had happened. Gabriel’s story is next in the series- A WARRIOR’S HEART-to be released in January 2013.

A FORBIDDEN TEMPTATION is an historical fantasy romance. Donna brings together the heroes from the previous storylines to give a cohesive feel to the series, but again, this particular storyline can be read as a stand-alone without any feelings of a disjointed plotline. A Forbidden Temptation is a welcome addition to the Shields series by Donna Grant. Donna has an amazing gift for telling a story.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. As I said earlier, I have Donna on both my tbr and kindle tbr, but she has so many books. I need to stay home for a month, or longer, and do nothing but read Donna Grant. 🙂

  2. Great review Sandy, and like Barb I am going to have to spend some time with my tbr pile, I have a whole Donna Grant series in it that I haven’t read yet and want to. You have made it a must read for me.

  3. Sandy great review as always. I can see Val is going to give himself unnecessary heartache before he excepts his love and relationship with Nicole.

    Adding tomy TBR list.

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