A Highlander in Her Past by Maeve Greyson-a review

A HIGHLANDER IN HER PAST (Novella 3.5) by Maeve Greyson- a review

A HIghlander in her Past

ABOUT THE BOOK: How bad could one little spell be?

Trish Sullivan, archeologist and favorite aunt to the MacKay children, never thought she’d regret those words until Ramsay, the eldest MacKay lad, hurls them back to the 1400s with a botched transportation spell. Now she and Ramsay must find a way back before accidentally altering the past and unknowingly changing the future. That is, if Trish can survive the first trip across time without losing her life…or her heart.

What harm could come from a little soul-binding?

Proving his Highland honor alive and well, Maxwell Sullivan agrees to bind his soul to Trish’s in order to save her life. But Highland honor isn’t much help when Maxwell loses his heart in the bargain to the sassy woman headed back to the future


REVIEW: Released November 12, 2012, A HIGHLANDER IN HER PAST is a short fantasy story in Maeve Greyson’s Highlander series focusing on the McKay family and the little bit of magic in all of them. I had not read the previous two storylines and found myself just a little bit confused-but not too much. I always advocate reading in order, especially serial storylines where the characters overlap and interact with each other in each successive novel, and A Highlander In Her Past was one of those storylines where everyone came together. I do not advise reading out of order, but this particular storyline can be read as a stand-alone without too many issues-although most of the characters are from previous stories.

Maeve Greyson brings the McKay family back together in another fantasy adventure where the year 2020 meets 1425. This particular series spans 600 years-as in time travel and magic. The McKay family is blessed (or cursed) with magic and when a couple of the younger children ‘practice’ with other members of the family, no one will ever know when and where they will show up. Such is the case for Ramsay McKay, the young precocious child of Latharn McKay when he accidently sends himself and his Aunt Trish back to 1425 in the Scottish Highlands. Trish will meet Maxwell Sullivan and, her heart and soul will be lost forever-in the past.

A HIGHLANDER IN HER PAST is a very quick read; a cute storyline with a HEA and a hero with a heart. If you like novels about Highland warriors and time travel, this short story is for you. Because it is a novella, the relationship between Maxwell and Trish is quick to develop and there is little in the way of character building, but on that note, most of the world building was already done in previous storylines.


Reviewed by Sandy


11 thoughts on “A Highlander in Her Past by Maeve Greyson-a review

  1. As far as I’m concerned u can never go wrong w a highlander book. This one sounds cute and I have added this author to my list. I’m actually reading a highlander book right now

  2. Nice review, Sandy. I love Highlander stories, but I thought this cover was strange, though the man is nice. But why is the girl all bundled up, not very romantic.

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