A HUNGER SO WILD (Renegade Angels #2) by Sylvia Day-a review

A HUNGER SO WILD (Renegade Angels #2) by Sylvia Day

A HUNGER SO WILD is the second full-length novel (July 2012 release) in Sylvia Day’s Renegade Angels series.  Part of the series premise follows that if a Sentinel (Watcher Angel) falls in love or mates with a mortal/human their wings are removed and they become the Fallen. As a Fallen, they are now vampire, and require blood to survive. But along the way, a few of the Fallen have requested leniency and begged off from vampire status and have become ‘lycan’-infused with demon blood with the capability to shift. The lycans are currently on the run, hoping to escape servitude to the Sentinels. A Hunger So Wild will see lycan, vampire and sentinel join together in a war against a virus of unknown origins and an enemy that hits too close to home. This is a very detailed storyline thus I highly recommend you read the series in order including the two recently released novellas.

Vashti is a fallen angel, vampire, second-in-command to Syre (leader of the Fallen)  and a grieving mate.  With the loss of her mate Charron over 60 years ago, Vashti has had to suffer through the indignity of her mate’s death and a personal attack against herself within hours of his murder.  Revenge has been the foremost on her mind, knowing the three unidentified lycans were still on the lose and all the information she finds leads to a dead end.  But over the years, Vashti has made it known that no lycan is safe until she gets her revenge. Killing more than her share, Vashti knows that she has become the target of the lycan community, but when Syre sends her on a mission to joins forces with the lycan Alpha, she knows she could be walking into a trap. Vashti has always blamed the Alpha for the death of her mate.

Elijah Reynolds is a descendant of a fallen angel, a lycan, and a reluctant pack A2lpha.  And when the beautiful vampire Vashti presents Elijah with a proposition regarding the hunt for the mysterious ‘Wraith’ virus, Elijah knows that his inner wolf wants more than a working relationship-he wants his mate-and Vashti will be his. But their efforts to hunt down the origins of the virus, will meet with negative road blocks, suspicious pack members and surprising blood tests following a vicious attack by vampire wraiths. Needing help to save Elijah’a life, Vashti will confront a powerful sentinel putting her own life at risk. 

Throughout the story, Sylvia brings together many of the characters from her previous novels and novellas allowing for a smooth continuation of the series storyline. The sentinel Adrian and his vampire mate Lindsay will be the focus of healing an injured lycan, as well, Adrian will finally get the emotional relief he has needed from his loving mate:  Syre believes that his second-in-command has been compromised by her feelings for a lycan, and many of the missing and dead vampires, lycans and sentinels will come into question when a virtual paper trail leads back to a trusted friend. And the revelations regarding the origins of the virus will point to an unholy alliance of vampire and sentinel.

The relationship between Elijah and Vashti begins as one of mutual disdain but the anger hides an attraction that both cannot deny.  Elijah had previous dealings with the vampire and knew that his attraction to the female would have to be sated.  But Vashti’s guilt for the loss of her first mate will tamp down many of her natural feelings towards Elijah and those that she cannot control will throw her off –balance and into a relationship she never thought would happen again.

The search for the origins of the wraith virus will unite the species in a common cause.  When it is learned that there is a possible cure, Elijah will ensure that the lives of those targeted will be protected from a vampire hoping to save his own kind.

A HUNGER SO WILD is a remarkably detailed storyline that addresses many of the major points and premises in the previous novels. The revelations of those involved in the death of friends and family, and of a virus so lethal, that there is only one solution-and that solution may cause panic in the hierarchy of angels. A wonderfully seductive storyline that kept me on the edge from start to finish.

1. A Dark Kiss of Rapture
2. A Touch of Crimson
3. A Caress of Wings
4. A Hunger So Wild

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Reviewed by Sandy




19 thoughts on “A HUNGER SO WILD (Renegade Angels #2) by Sylvia Day-a review

  1. Great Sylvia Day reviews Sandy. I have only ever read her Dream Guardian’s series….well, it was supposed to be a series, but she stopped after book two. Grrrr. They were very intriguing books, with a unique premise. Other than one other novel published under her secondary pen name Lyvia Dare–I havent read one of her books since.

  2. Great review Sandy and if anything I’d read the book for the cover alone, *fans self* Is it getting hot in here??? LOL!!!

    It does sound interesting, and I haven’t read any of Sylvia’s books before. I’ve now added her to my list, in the hopes that one day I will get to all the wonderful authors I’m learning about thanks to this site. 😉

  3. I think I have this series, but will pay money if I don’t: It sounds FANTASTIC! I was going to do my typical “Ugh, lycans?”, hey I just did, but there is a lot of heart in uniting the species for a common cause. Who wud have thunk? 😀

    Excellent review!!!!

    • If you get a chance…A DARK KISS OF RAPTURE is the first novella in the series…it is FREE from Amazon…..a great place to start.

      As for the lycans, it isn’t your typical werewolf….the lycans are fallen angels with demon infused blood…so a little different…they are not happy about their circumstance and of course are in a war with the Fallen….and all because of prejudism….both ‘species’ originated from the same source…a sentinel angel.

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