A JAGUAR’S KISS by Katie Reus-a review

A JAGUAR’S KISS by Katie Reus -a review

A JAGUAR’S KISS by Katie Reus

A JAGUAR’S KISS is the latest novella from Katie Reus and the October 1, 2012 release in her paranormal romance line of books.

Gabriela (Gabby) Segura hadn’t been home to Bear Mountain Montana in close to 5 years. With the recent loss of her entire CIA team, Gabby needed some down time and reluctantly decided to head home, but she was unaware that there were problems between the shifters in town-Gabby walked into a storm of anger. Jaguars had been attacking humans and Gabby was a jaguar shifter. When the brother of her ex-boyfriend pulled a gun, she knew it had been a mistake to come home. The last thing she wanted was to get involved with Owen Wright and his family of wolves- Owen had broken her heart when she was 16 years old and now she was taken hostage by his younger brother.

Owen and Ethan Wright were wolf shifters, and Owen had a past with Gabriela Segura. As the new Alpha of the Wright pack, it was Owen’s responsibility to keep his wolves under control, but realizing his brother had kidnapped the only woman he had ever loved, Owen was beyond angry. He hadn’t spoken to Gabby in 10 years when he left to join the army, and now he was convinced that her family knew who was behind the killings. But first he needed to know why she left him all those years ago. And a surprise announcement would find both families joined together in more than just a hunt.

Owen is convinced that Gabby is his mate, but Gabby is mourning the loss of her friends. She is unwilling to, once again, open herself up to the man whom she blames for breaking her heart on the eve of her 16th birthday. She is willing to offer him ONE night together but Owen wants a life time. As the hunt for the elusive jaguar continued, to Gabby’s surprise she discovered the reason behind the attacks and would find herself fighting for her life.

A JAGUAR’S KISS is another wonderful storyline in Katie Reus paranormal romance storylines from Nocturne Cravings and Harlequin. This particular line of shifter stories is a series of stand-alones but can be grouped together. Katie writes a fast-paced short story where the central characters have a mutual but stormy history-therefore there is no need to prolong the inevitable. I enjoy Katie’s series of short stories-they are a perfect read before you go to bed.

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