A Reason to Run by K Daniels – a Review

A Reason to Run by K Daniels – a Review

a reason to run

Sometimes running away brings us closer to the truth.

The lives of three women converge after a plane crashes in West Texas. Robin’s husband should have been on that plane, but missed his flight. Marissa’s husband should have been camping near the area, but lied about his plans. And Autumn’s teenage daughter witnessed the crash landing, but has run away to find her father. Three women from different states with nothing in common except their life-changing problems, cross paths after each makes the decision to run. What they are running from, and to, takes them in directions they never imagined.


A Reason to Run by K. Daniels is story of three people, who lives have just fallen apart.  None of them know each other, but a plane crash brings their story into focus as the main characters of this book.  Along this journey, they and their families will pass each others paths to eventually meet, and possibly change their lives.

Robin is a career minded reporter, whose husband was supposed to be on that plane.  But because she was late getting him to the airport, he later missed the flight, and feels his life was spared for a reason.  At his insistence, they head to Texas.

Marissa’s husband is missing, as he was supposed to be on retreat near the crash.  As she goes to find him, Marissa finds a lost girl, with parents who neglect her, and want to sell her to Marissa.  Marissa has always wanted a child of her own.  She takes the girl to protect her, which leads to running away from a kidnapping chase.

Autumn, has spent her life trying to prove her innocence from the disappearance of her husband years ago.  She gets a call that her daughter is missing, and finds out that she was involved in a car accident near the plane crash. 

K Daniels has actually created three stories into one book, and the concept is interesting.  There were so many characters, as each chapter went back and forth between each of the women.  Some of the male characters would later become involved with one of the other women in helping them. 

Though the plot was good, with each women having their own issues, I found myself becoming confused at times, with all the switching.  I would have liked this better, if this story blended earlier, with the characters working more together.  I thought K Daniels has a nice writing style, but for whatever reason, though the story was interesting, I found myself not having a connection to any of the main characters.  But even with that, I had to finish the book to see what happens, I found that this style of three different POV’s, was not for me.  But the story was interesting and many of you will find this story more to your style and entertaining.

Reviewed by Barb

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10 thoughts on “A Reason to Run by K Daniels – a Review

  1. Great review. Where the POV divided into 3 different sections or by chapter? I have read one series…where there are 3 main characters and each successive is written from one of the 3 characters POV.

  2. Good review Barb. I’m not a fan of multiple POV story lines for the very reason of it becoming confusing for me. I prefer the 1 person POV, but at times don’t mind a 2 person POV if it’s written well. Not sure if I will check this one out.

  3. Great review Barb. I can see how going back and fort with 3 main characters with their own POVs can be confusing and at times create a frustration. I appreciate your honesty though. The plots and how they all come together does create a bit of intrigue for me.

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