A SCOTTISH LOVE by Karen Ranney- A review

A SCOTTISH LOVE by Karen Ranney

A Scottish Love is the latest release from author Karen Ranney (aka Katherine Storm). Returning to the historical shores of Scotland with Shona Imrie and Gordon MacDermond, Karen writes another storyline sure to capture the heart of every romance fan.

Shona Imrie is broke, penniless, and she has made the decision to sell the family’s beloved Castle to a wealthy American, Mr. Loftus and his daughter, Miriam. But to add insult to her otherwise tarnished pride, Gordon MacDermond, her childhood sweetheart, her first lover and the man who proposed marriage 7 years ago, has returned from the Indo-Crimean war, a national hero. And he is everything that she remembered-sexy, tall and handsome. But war comes with a high price-Fergus-Shona’s brother and Gordon’s best friend, returned 6months earlier, severely wounded and depressed, and now, Shona needs money to pay the bills.

Gordon is still in love with Shona, and does not understand why she refused his offer of marriage 7 years ago. They were lovers, they were in love, and as far as he is concerned, Shona is still his only love. But Shona married a man 40 years her senior, and is now a widow. Why had Shona turned away from Gordon, into the arms of a stranger? And why is she selling Gairloch Castle?

Shona is worried about Fergus, and must see to his health and safety before she leaves for good. When she asks Gordon to care for and take -in Fergus, she is surprised when she finds them both, at his house by the Castle. Thinking Gordon would return to his military career, she is even more surprised to learn he has moved back home, and will continue to operate his father’s old munitions factory.

With her friend Helen by her side, Shona embarks on a whirlwind frenzy to clean Castle Gairloch before the ‘potential’ new owners arrive. But, their early arrival from America, sends Shona deeper into debt, as she must now feed and entertain several more people including Loftus’s nurse Elizabeth and his bodyguard Helmut. And the stories regarding the castle ghosts, which Shona holds dear, continue to amuse and haunt, the otherwise unhappy guests. Ashamed and broken, Shona offers Gordon her last family jewel, in return for the funds, to buy food for her guests, but it is not the jewels, that Gordon requests in payment. It is her heart.

Meanwhile, Fergus is angry at his sister’s decision to sell their family home. But, Shona has never confided in Fergus, as to the depths of their financial problems, and she must now bear the brunt of his anger and sorrow, towards the inevitable loss of Castle Gairloch. But something or someone, has now angered Fergus-and his thoughts regarding the ‘new owner’s ‘ nursemaid, Elizabeth, have everyone concerned, especially Shona. As Fergus continues to make himself scarce, Shona is left alone with Gordon, to entertain and feed, the American guests.

It is during one of the many castle tours, that Miriam Loftus, sets her sights on Gordon, and declares that Shona and Fergus must arrange a party, to introduce the neighbors, to the new Castle owners.

Realizing she is still in love with General Gordon MacDermond, Shona tries to distance herself from family and friends, but Gordon is forever in her thoughts and dreams. And Fergus’s control over his own emotions explodes, when he reveals, that Elizabeth was more than just a nurse. They have a history—a history that has left Fergus depressed and withdrawn.

Throughout the storyline, several secondary stories, manifest themselves within the walls of Gairloch Castle. Gordon’s munitions factory comes under scrutiny when both the military and a ‘secretive’ group of gentlemen vie for the rights to option a powerful explosive: a history of love and rejection between Fergus and Elizabeth: a ‘ghost’ in the hidden passageways of the family home: and a recounting of a family mystery that culminates in the discovery of long ago lovers, tortured and left to die.

A Scottish Love is a true romance in every sense of a romance novel. The heroine directs the story, her emotions are real and she is torn between the love of a man and her pride. The secondary storylines and characters add complexity, and although, at times we wonder, why are they here?—in the end, their presence adds layers to the mystery surrounding Gairloch Castle and its’ past and present inhabitants. Gordon MacDermond will make you blush, and Fergus will break your heart. But, in true romantic fashion, there is always a Happily Ever After or two or three.



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