A Tale of Two Dragons by G.A.Aiken-a review

A TALE OF TWO DRAGONS (Dragon Kin .2) by G.A. Aiken-a review

A Tale of Two Dragons

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 5, 2013

Braith of the Darkness likes going through life unnoticed. Not an easy task for a She-dragon of royal descent. But the evil plots of her father are turning her quiet, boring life upside down, and she has now become the enemy of the most vicious queen her kind has ever known. But for once, Braith won’t have to fight alone. Not when the warrior dragon of her dreams is willing to risk everything to save her neck.

Addolgar the Cheerful wishes he could say he’s helping the pretty royal strictly for honorable reasons – but he’d be lying. It’s not his fault, though! He didn’t tell Braith of the Darkness to have the most delicious tail he’s ever seen! Yet before Addolgar can get his very strong claws on that tail, heads are going to roll. Just hopefully not theirs…


REVIEW: A TALE OF TWO DRAGONS is another prequel novella from G.A.Aiken and her Dragon Kin series. This is Addolgar and Braith’s storyline. Addolgar is an easy going and ‘cheerful’ dragon; one of Dragon Queen Addiena’s warriors; son of Aileen the Wicked and Shalin the Innocent; and one of Bercelak’s elder brothers. You remember Bercelak? Father of Fearghus, Briec, Gwenvael, Keita, Eibhear? And yes, we meet a young Bercelak as he once again encounters his future mate the princess Rhiannon.

Braith of the Darkness is a reluctant royal whose mother and father never bonded. Her father’s lineage is all about the sons while her mother’s is all about the daughters. Believing herself unattractive and unloved following the death of her mother, Braith has remained in the back ground until now. Ordered by her father and Queen Addiena to accompany the Queen’s daughter, Braith is surprised to learn that Addolgar the Cheerful will be one of the escorts. Braith has always had a bit of a crush on Addolgar and in his presence, Braith becomes shy and withdrawn. But the queen’s daughter has other plans and Braith will find herself Addiena’s target when her father sets out to betray the throne.

In true Aiken fashion, the storyline is awash in humor, sarcasm, witty rhetoric and the distinctive voice of the Cadwaladr Clan as they push and shove their way into each other’s heart and our own. And we learn just how far Aileen the Wicked’s slutty ways have travelled when Braith’s own family is well connected and known to the elder Cadwaladr dragon.

Aiken’s style of writing is a true testament of her ability to weave humor and sarcasm into a storyline without sounding snarky or trying too hard. The way she is able to pull the reader into the storyline with the colorful characters and sibling rivalry between dragons allows the reader to experience the emotional highs and lows, as well as entertaining us as we travel the skies with the Cadwaladr Clan and the dragons of Aiken’s Dragon Kin series.

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Reviewed by Sandy


10 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Dragons by G.A.Aiken-a review

  1. Great review and I too, love Aiken’s series and her Pride series written as Shelly Laurenston. She write with sooooooo much humor you can’t help but laugh out loud. Thanks for the review and info.

  2. Awesome review Sandy. I am a BIG LOVER of this series , I have yet to get this read but it is on my list of must haves and the sooner the better.

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