A Vampire’s Salvation by Alexis Morgan-a review

A Vampire’s Salvation by Alexis Morgan


A VAMPIRE’S SALVATION introduces Cord Kilpatrick- a vampire convicted 15 years ago of murdering his best friend and business partner. Although the body was never found, Cord has always professed his innocence, but now that the lead investigator chancellor Olivia McCabe has requested his presence, all bets are off. This can only mean one thing-his execution.

Chancellor Olivia McCabe has always known that Cord was innocent in the disappearance of his business partner, but the incriminating evidence was too strong. Ever vigilant, Olivia kept her eyes and ears open for any clue that would help free Cord from prison and the heavy labor he has had to endure for 15 years. With most murder convictions, the death sentence is carried out immediately, but without a body, Cord’s future has been hanging in the balance. And there are other clues pointing to someone close to Cord, who may be responsible.

Cord’s release from prison coincides with the discovery of his ‘recently’ deceased business partner. And it is now up to Olivia and Ambrose to find the real killer. But in the end, all Cord wants is his life back to normal with the woman he now wants to share his life. And what of his previous life and family? Someone from his past is no longer a part of his future, but has caused him enough damage that he may never recover.

A Vampire’s Salvation is another novella in Morgan’s Vampire Series. Like the other storylines, the pace is fast, the relationship has already been established and their story is over too quickly. I am a fan of the Vampire series, and I hope Alexis Morgan continues to write about the lives of the chancellors, vampires and humans that connect with each other –from her heart.

Reviewed by Sandy


7 thoughts on “A Vampire’s Salvation by Alexis Morgan-a review

  1. I have read some of Alexis Morgans books but not this series , To me i can’t say they sound all that exciting but hey looks can be deceiving and i just might give them a try .

    Great review Sandy it looks like you enjoy this series ,so for this i will check them out.

  2. Great review, Sandy. The more I read, the more interesting this is. I have read another series that is strictly novellas and they are great reads when you want a quick and fun read. When it’s a continuation of a series, that is even more fun.

  3. I have read Alexis Morgan but not her vampire series. I love her Paladin and Talion series and consider her a really good author. Another set of really good reviews Sandy…:D

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