A Vampire’s Vindication by Alexis Morgan-a review

A Vampire’s Vindication by Alexis Morgan


A VAMPIRE’S VINDICATION is the 4th storyline in Alexis Morgan’s Vampire Series. Although written as a novella, it was a fairly short storyline introducing vampire Griff Tyler and chancellor Keelie Bronson. Under the assumption that Griff was responsible for her father’s death, Keelie is stunned when she learns the identity of her father’s real killer.

Following her mother’s death from lymphoma, Keelie Bronson must face some realities. She is alone, the man suspected of killing her father is paying too much attention to her and the attraction between the couple is palpable. But it is the contents of the envelope that her mother left behind, that has everyone anxious and looking for a means to an end.

Griff Tyler is a wealthy vampire with connections but it is his brother Becan whom appears to be making up for lost time. Hoping to find out the truth behind the death of Keelie’s father so that he can take control of the family estate, Becan attempts to force Keelie into revealing the contents of her mother’s envelope. But it is the protective nature in Griff that steps in, warning the others, that Keelie Bronson is his.

Keelie must face reality when it is revealed that her mother’s house belongs to the Tyler Clan of vampires. But upon her mother’s death, the house must now revert back to Griff’s family. Stunned that she no longer has a home, Keelie attempts to pack up the remains of her mother’s life, when the house is rocked, by several explosions and fire consumes what is left of her mother’s things. Hoping to secure Keelie to a safe place, Griff calls in reinforcements to help locate the person responsible for the attack on the home.

Thinking the perpetrator is Griff’s brother the search party is stunned to find that Becan was a victim, as much as Keelie. When the truth about her father’s death is finally revealed, it is a saddened Keelie that must face the ghosts that have haunted her all of her life.

A Vampire’s Vindication is a quick read, and one that is not necessary to the series storyline. This particular novella may be read as a stand-alone, as it does not impart any pertinent information, but like most novellas, the story is interesting and adds another dimension to Morgan’s Vampire series.

Reviewed by Sandy


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