A Very Levet Christmas (Guardians of Eternity 11.5) by Alexandra Ivy-a review

A VERY LEVET CHRISTMAS (Guardians of Eternity 11.5) by Alexandra Ivy-a review

A Very Levet Christmas

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 30, 2014

A gargoyle of Levet’s charm and intelligence should not be facing a solitary Christmas. True, he may appear a little unconventional, not to mention unconventionally little even for a gargoyle. But what Levet lacks in height he makes up for in loyalty, and being banned from the festivities surrounding the Queen of Weres’ new pups is quite unfair.

So when a beautiful Christmas angel begs for help in fulfilling her duties, Levet has nothing better to do than agree. Armed with a magical wand, Levet confronts Damon, a pureblood Were intent on seizing the throne. Challenging the King will put the pups at risk and drive away Damon’s potential mate, Gia. Who better to convince Damon to choose love, not war, than a gargoyle expert in “amour”? With a little magic, and a lot of Levet, this may yet be a truly wonderful Christmastime

REVIEW: A VERY LEVET CHRISTMAS is the latest novella in Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity paranormal romance series. This is a short story featuring the little gargoyle known as Levet-the savior of the world-and a supernatural creature that only wants to be needed and loved. Hoping to celebrate Christmas with his ‘friends’, Levet is once again turned away by the very people he loves and protects.

A VERY LEVET CHRISTMAS is a storyline that finds Levet on a mission to stop a challenge for supremacy between Santiago (King of the Weres) and Damon –a pureblood Were whose heritage is rife with betrayal and mistrust. All of his life Damon has been pushed to destroy Santiago and everything he represents but when the opportunity presents itself, he will be blindsided by a small gargoyle who helps Damon see the error of his ways. When the Christmas Angel becomes trapped between worlds, she commissions Levet to carry out her duties that must be completed by midnight.

Following the same path as Charles Dickens’s –A CHRISTMAS CAROL – Levet takes our long suffering Were on a trip through his past, his present and the possible future if Damon were to succeed in his quest for the throne. As Santiago and the supernatural community celebrate the birth of his ‘pups’ they are unaware that their safety has once again been reassured by the action of a misunderstood little gargoyle.

A Very Levet Christmas is a sweet story that takes another look at a small gargoyle’s attempts to be noticed. The Guardians of Eternity series finds Levet continuously on the receiving end of disrespect and distrust but he will continue to prove himself worthy one step at a time. In A Very Levet Christmas, Levet once again, saves the day, although no one is aware of how close they came to battle.

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  1. Love Guardians of Eternity series by Alexandra Ivy. And you are correct about Levet-poor little guy only wants to be loved. Thanks for the review.

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