A Warrior’s Heart (The Shields #5) by Donna Grant-a review

A WARRIOR’S HEART (The Shields #5) by Donna Grant-a review

A Warrior's Heart

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Released January 2013

There are those who would love to rid themselves of painful memories, to forget nasty pasts and mistakes. They say its hell to live with those memories. I say its hell to live without them. I have no memories of my past, my friends or family.

I owe my life to the Fae who discovered me bleeding and nearly dead at their doorway. They saved me and offered me a new life, regardless of my past. So I’ve served the Fae and the Shields since that day. My special knowledge of herbs and healing has been needed to save the Shields countless times. They are my brethren, my family, yet I am alone.

No matter where I search or what questions I ask, I discover nothing to open a doorway in my mind of locked memories. Until I catch a glimpse of a woman who seems as familiar to me as breathing.

Gabriel the Hollow


REVIEW: A WARRIOR’S HEART is the fifth and final instalment in Donna Grant’s The Shield series. The Shield series focuses on a group of ancient warriors, all from different realms and times, hoping to rid the world of The Great Evil. With the help of the Fae, the Shields must locate and gather the Chosen. It is said the Chosen were sent as infants to other realms, to protect them from the evil. And along the way, the five Chosen will meet up with the Shields and their power will bring an end to The Great Evil’s reign. Each warrior had hidden a painful and terrible past only to be confronted with the reality that some things are not as they appear.

Gabriel is the last of the Shields to find his mate, but Gabriel’s past is a mystery. Found near death years before, Gabriel is nursed back to health by the Fae, only to discover his memories are gone and the little that he does remember, are of blood, death and betrayal. But a stranger will arrive at the Castle that tugs at Gabriel’s heart and for some reason she is eerily familiar to the warrior. When his memories finally return, Gabriel knows that his past has finally caught up with him, and retribution and revenge are only a few of the things on her mind.

A WARRIOR’S HEART is a well written, fast paced conclusion to The Shields by Donna Grant. Donna brings together a world of warriors and fae, shapeshifters and demons, omnipotent powers and immortal beings. She mixes a little of the Scottish Highlander with the fantasy of otherworldly beings and pulls the reader into a maelstrom of the power of love. If you like a little bit of fantasy with your Highland warrior The Shield series by Donna Grant is the perfect read.

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