The Reading Café offers advertising on our main page sidebar. This is a separate promotion and offer from our regular and daily free reviews, and guest post with promos, which appear for one to two days on our main page. We will offer a limited number of advertisement spaces per month. You can book a sidebar promotion in advance, as first come, first serve may eliminate any openings.

If you are interested in advertising your book on our site, please email us at either of the following emails for the particulars. Ad buys are sold on a per month period using PayPal and you must pay for the month in advance.

Prices are subject to change, but we will honor our price once it has been quoted for a particular promotion.  Additional changes or extensions after all parties agree, are subject to an additional cost.

We will NOT automatically accept all advertisements. We have the right to refuse any or all requests without explanation.

The Reading Café’s acceptance of the advertisement promotion does NOT reflect our opinion or endorsement of your book.

Advertisements must reflect the content of our site-cover reveals, book releases, book reviews, author and cover model interviews, blog tours etc. We will NOT accept any advertisements that link back to outside or non-book advertising, porn sites, and material The Reading Café deems unacceptable.

We are NOT graphic designers, therefore, if you do not have an advertisement design in mind but have a cover image etc, we will make every attempt to help enhance the image (adding text, dates, etc) if necessary.

If we accept your advertisement promotion, all necessary information must be included with your information prior to posting: release date, tour dates etc-whatever is required in the ad.

If you wish to advertise using a count-down image, please send us the HTML code.  Count down images are in addition to regular advertising images.  

We also offer new release promotions on our monthly newsletter.