AFTER MOONRISE (anthology) by PC Cast and Gena Showalter-a review

After Moonrise (anthology) by PC Cast and Gena Showalter-a review

AFTER MOONRISE –Possessed by PC Cast / Haunted by Gena Showalter

AFTER MOONRISE is an anthology (October 23, 2012 release) written by PC Cast and Gena Showalter. After Moonrise is a paranormal investigation agency and is the primary agency in both of the storylines. Norms are without any supernatural power (human) and Psys are those gifted with varying degrees of psychic ability.

POSSESSED is the first storyline written by PC Cast. At nine years of age, Kent Raef discovered he was a Psy. With his ability to feel only negative emotions Kent spent several years working for the military. Now State side and living in Tulsa Oklahoma Kent is a well-respected psychic detective working for the Tulsa branch of the After Moonrise Agency. Things are about to change for Kent when Lauren Wilcox enters his office hoping he will be able to help track her twin sister’s killer. But Lauren comes with a surprise-her sister’s spirit refuses to move on until her murder is solved. And it is Raef’s ability to see and communicate with Aubrey that pushes the detective in more ways than one.

Aubrey and Lauren Wilcox owned their own landscaping business and three months earlier Aubrey’s body was discovered at a job site-she had apparently been electrocuted on a dig. But Aubrey’s spirit refuses to move on and the sisters‘s relationship is slowly killing Lauren. It is not Aubrey’s choice to remain but a psychic killer who has the ability to keep her spirit alive.

POSSESSED is a well-written and fast paced storyline with a HEA but it was a difficult ending for me. I knew within the first couple of chapters that I would not like the outcome of this particular storyline. Aubrey’s bubbly personality made it obvious that she was the dominant twin and her attraction and playful attitude with Raef had the detective focusing more on the ghost than on the person. Lauren soon became nothing more than a second thought and a vessel for her sister’s spirit. What would you do for love?


HAUNTED is the second storyline written by Gena Showalter. Oklahoma PD detective Levi Reid suffered blackouts and his most recent was a 7 day blank. Waking up in a new apartment, with new neighbors in a new neighborhood wasn’t what he had expected but when Aurora Harper stepped into his life he recognized a broken soul. On an extended leave of absence from the force, Levi would find himself in the middle of a missing persons investigation where the missing appeared to be alive and well, and he had more in common with Harper than he was willing to admit.

27 year old Harper, following a recent move into a new neighborhood, was also suffering blackouts and the feeling that she had witnessed a murder-a murder that she had somehow suppressed but her paintings, as she is an artist, have recently taken on a presence of their own. She is painting the image of a murder. And to complicate matters she could feel and taste the fear and horror, hear the screams of pain and something or someone was stalking her very existence. Along with her roommate Lana, Harper and Levi would embark on the long road to uncovering the truth behind the images Harper was painting and stopping a serial killer. But Levi suspected more than Lana let on when she disappeared and he discovered she was working for the Oklahoma After Moonrise Investigation Agency.

As the storyline continues, Harper and Levi develop feelings for each. Harper has a smart mouth and sexy attitude, and Levi is drawn to the spunky artist. But Harper’s painting will suddenly become personal and they will soon discover that their lives had taken a different path than they ever thought possible.

HAUNTED is another well-written, fascinating and amazing storyline from Gena Showalter. There is murder and mystery, as well as romance and sex. Gena draws the reader into the storyline and throws you a curveball at every chance. Our hero is sexy and sure, and our heroine has a take no prisoners attitude. Another wonderful story that will have you second-guessing the premise –you think you have it all solved until Gena changes the playing field.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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    • Thanks for Possessed…some may enjoy how the storyline evolved and the ending…but I saw it within the first couple of chapters and was not happy with the direction. …..

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