ALEXIS MORGAN-Interview and Giveaway with the Author

ALEXIS MORGAN-Interview with the Author

Alexis Morgan-Interview with the Author: With the release of MY LADY MAGE in July 2012, The Reading Cafe would like to introduce the author Alexis Morgan.

LINK: Alexis Morgan Website

TRC:  Please tell us something about yourself?

Alexis:  I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated from the University of Missouri—St. Louis with a degree in English. My husband and I moved to the Pacific Northwest over thirty years ago and knew instantly that was where we wanted to stay.

TRC:  As a child, were you interested in writing? Have you always wanted to write?

Alexis:  I’ve always loved writing. I can remember writing short stories as far back as elementary school. However, I never even thought about writing a book until a writer friend dared me to try. Her name is Janice Kay Johnson, and we still brainstorm ideas together.

TRC: As Alexis Morgan, your writing genre is Paranormal Romance: as Pat Pritchard, the writing genre is Western Romance.Which genre is easier to write and why?

Alexis:  They each have their challenges, but both involve a lot of world building. I enjoyed writing the westerns, especially because in large part that is where I found my voice as a writer. My transition to writing paranormal romances was helped by the fact that the heroes in my westerns had much in common with those in my paranormal stories. Both feature strong warriors who are determined to defend those they care about with their very lives if necessary.

TRC:  Which genre, as a reader, do you prefer? Who are your favorite authors?

Alexis:  I like both, but I really love the rich diversity in the paranormal romance genre. For example, it’s truly amazing to me how the writers take a classic premise like vampires and take it in so many unique directions. Among my favorite authors are Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Ann Aguierre, and Jeaniene Frost.

TRC:  The Paladins series came to an end this past summer.What was your decision to end this particular series?

Alexis: It was a hard decision to make, but at 8 books and a novella, the series had a good long run. There was one more Paladin who I wanted to have his own story, so I’ve been doing a serialized novella about Lonzo Jones in the Members Only section of my website. There are also some other short stories there to let everyone know how some of the other Paladins and their heroines are doing these days.

TRC:  The Vampire series next storyline is Savage Redemption- Conlan Shea-to be released September 2012 .Will you tell us a little about the premise of his story? (“bats eyes and smiles nicely”)

Alexis:  Conlan first appeared in Vampire Vendetta as the head of security on Rafferty O’Day’s estate. I knew from the minute that Conlan appeared in that story that he’d have to have his own book someday. He’d been badly betrayed in the past that left him angry and reluctant to trust. When I thought about the perfect heroine for him, I realized that before he could be happy again he’d have to come to terms with his past. Of course, the last person he’d want to see was the woman who had betrayed him, but sometimes life and love offer second chances.

TRC:  You have not released a new full-length novel for the Talion Dark Warrior series since 2010. Will you continue to write the Talion series? Perhaps in novella or anthology?

Alexis:  I’d love to do another Talion book someday, and may do a short story or two at some point on my website just so people will know that Ranulf and the others are doing fine.

TRC:  Warriors of the Mist is your new paranormal romance series, and the premier novel is The Lady Mage to be released July 2012. Would you tell us something about your new series?

Alexis:  My very first complete manuscript, which never sold, was a fantasy, so writing this kind of story was something I’ve always wanted to do. I came up with the idea of a group of five men, known throughout history as the Warriors of the Mist. Centuries ago, they took a vow to redeem their honor by serving as avatars of their gods. They sleep beneath the River of the Damned until such time a worthy supplicant calls upon the gods for help. Then the warriors have from the spring equinox to the summer solstice to carry out their mission before they once again stand at the river to face the judgment of the gods.

TRC:  What is the premise of My Lady Mage and its characters, Gideon and Merewen?

Alexis:  Captain Gideon is the leader of the Warriors of the Mist. He and the others are awakened from their slumber beneath the river when Lady Merewen risks everything to call upon them to end her uncle’s tyranny in her homeland of Agathia. For the first time in Gideon’s long life, he has met the one woman who not only lays claim to his protection, but his heart as well. Together they face the evil that has infected her family’s land.

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TRC:  Where did you come up with the idea for the Warriors of the Mist series?

Alexis:  I wanted to create a world with magic, handsome warriors, and strong heroines. I loved the idea of the warriors serving the gods over centuries and had to decide where they would be in between callings. The river just felt right to me. I also wanted Merewen to have her own magic, so she has a special gift for working with horses.

TRC:  Do you have any idea as to the number of books that you will write for the Warriors of the Mist series?

Alexis:  As of right now, we have three books scheduled, but we’ve left the door open to the possibility of more stories set in the same world.

TRC:  Her Knight’s Quest is book number two in your new series .Would you be able to release any information about the characters in your next book?

Alexis:  One of the Warriors of the Mist, Duncan is that really sexy combination of warrior and scholar. As an increasingly dark evil is spreading across Agathia, he is hunting for a way to stop it. In his search for answers, he finds something totally unexpected—love.

TRC:  What are you currently working on today?

Alexis:  I recently sold a second new series to Signet Eclipse called Snowberry Creek that I’m really excited about. It’s a contemporary romance set in the Pacific Northwest. I’m currently working on an e-novella that will be released in August 2013 to introduce the series. The first book, as yet untitled, will be come out the following month in September 2013.

TRC:  Many artists and author use their spouses and partners as sounding boards to throw information and ideas back and forth. Does your husband influence your writing, or make suggestions as to ideas etc?

Alexis:  My husband has been very supportive of my writing from the very beginning. I don’t usually use him as a sounding board for story ideas, but we do discuss my career decisions. He’s also good to help track down details I need for my stories. For example, what kind of material were tents made from in the Middle Ages.

TRC:  Would you like to add anything at this time?

Alexis:  I want to thank you for having me here and your interest in my stories!


Favorite MovieI Robot Favorite

FavoriteTV Show–NCIS

Favorite Book—Midnight Rainbow by Linda Howard

Last Book that you read—Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick

Dark or Milk Chocolate—Dark

Favorite Restaurant—anything Italian

Red or Pink Roses–Red

TRC:  Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. WE are looking forward to your new WARRIORS OF THE MIST series and the release of SAVAGE REDEMPTION.


Alexis Morgan has graciously offered her new Warriors of the MIst novel-MY LADY MAGE as a giveaway to 2 eligible members at The Reading Cafe. To be eligible for the giveaway:

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