Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis by Nicola Palmer

Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis (Alice Parker #1) by Nicola Palmer

Continuing our series of middle-grade novels for the young and young at heart.  A little something to break up the summer boredom.

ALICE PARKER’S METAMORPHOSIS (Alice Parker Book 1) by Nicola Palmer

ALICE PARKER’S METAMORPHISIS is the first book (March 2012 release) in Nicola Palmer’s new Middle Grade fantasy series –Alice Parker. Following the life and metamorphosis of 13 year old Alice Parker as she tries to navigate and fit into a world she never knew existed.

For weeks, 13year old Alice Parker had been feeling ill. Body aches, burning sensation in her back and an increased appetite for fruits and sweets. And to add to her misery, she begins to think she is seeing things. Life in middle school is progressively getting worse –the Coven as she calls the ‘mean girl group’ is constantly teasing and bullying Alice and her friend Sarah. But wait, Alice’s test scores are sky-rocketing and she knows the answer to every question without having to read the book. Something was happening to Alice and she had no one in whom to confide.

The Christmas holidays were fast approaching and now that Alice’s brother Thomas was home from his studies at Oxford, he seemed to be overly attentive, and come to think of it, so did many people that Alice met throughout the day including her Grandpa. But the day Alice finds herself sprouting a full set of butterfly wings, will change everything and open her eyes to a new world-the world of FINWIPs-Fully Integrated Winged People.

Thomas and Grandpa are also FINWIP and Alice is a little more than perturbed that no one had told her about the change. But not everything is hopeless, when Thomas exposes her to an Underground fully operational society for FINWIPs. And like many fantasy creatures of myth and lore, their society must remain a secret. There are a few humans who are aware of the Winged People but soon Alice will come to realize that there are more people with Wings than she could ever have imagined-friends, family and enemies.

As the story progresses Alice begins to learn how to control her wings and the new found abilities that come with her metamorphosis. But there are bigger things in store for Alice when, she is suddenly singled out by the people in charge to save and rescue a missing friend. And to Alice’s surprise, she is ordered to befriend one of the Coven. The secret society has enemies as well. Each FINWIP has a special ability (that they are forbidden to use for personal gain) and it is those abilities that will be targeted by another group-with evil intentions.

ALICE PARKER’S METAMORPHOSIS is the first book in a series directed at middle grade readers. The publisher’s notes suggest for girls ages 7 and up, but the writing and premise may be too difficult for anyone under age 10. There are magical creatures, underground societies, secret passageways and evil villains. If you read the Harry Potter series, you will see many similarities. If you liked Harry Potter, you will probably like the Alice Parker series.

Reviewed by Sandy


9 thoughts on “Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis by Nicola Palmer

  1. Great review Sandy, book sounds like it would be interesting to a younger crowd ,can’t say i am a Harry fan thats one book and show i could’nt get into , But the market is their for them that for sure , Best of luck Nicola

  2. Alice sounds so cute. Nothing worse that having to play nice with the enemy to gather information. I purchased all the HP books for my neice years ago. She’s just turned 18 but she may still like these books.

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