All Hallows Moon by S.M. Reine-a review

ALL HALLOWS MOON (Seasons of the Moon #2) by S.M. Reine

ALL HALLOWS MOON is the second instalment in S.M Reine’s young adult Seasons of the Moon series focusing on a young bitten female werewolf and the hunters trying to take her down. This storyline is not your typical werewolf scenario-there are no glittery or easy transitions from human to wolf, but one fraught with pain, suffering, blood and loss of humanity. Rylie is a 15 year old high school student who, while away at summer camp, fought to save the life of a friend, but ended up bitten by a werewolf hoping to repopulate his decimated pack. Rylie must now endure the monthly moon shifts alone knowing that the one person who could take her life, is the one person she was willing to give up her humanity to save.

Rylie went to live with her late father’s sister, a woman she has not seen in a very long time. Aunt Gwyneth owned a working farm, and the family thought it was best if Rylie learned discipline while doing manual labor. Thinking the young teen was acting out rebelliously Rylie would find herself in trouble at school, at home and with friends. But what people did not know was that Rylie was affected by the changes of the moon, and every day life became a challenge when your inner wolf wants nothing more than to sate a need for blood and meat.

Rylie’s changes left her with no humanity. Waking up with no memory of the nights events, Rylie would discover that her wolf had devoured local livestock at a frenetic pace. The kills were drawing attention and soon the werewolf hunters would be searching for what could only be described as a killer. Although she has never killed a human, Rylie always worried that she may not be able to control the beast. But when the hunters come calling, her wolf perceives a threat and she fights to protect her life. Only this time, one of the hunters is determined to kill Rylie in human form regardless of the hunter’s code.

ALL HALLOWS MOON is an interesting look at a werewolf storyline. The heroine is your typical 15 year old teen, although more rebellious than most, due to her ‘wolf’ acting out aggressively towards perceived threats. One wrong look could produce a growl of displeasure and therefore her number of friends is limited because of her attitude and personality quirks-even her family sent her away because they were unable to handle the mood swings and aggression. Rylie’s relationship with one of hunters throws a major wrench into the storyline, when his family is willing to kill the werewolf, knowing he has fallen in love with the girl underneath. I did have a problem with the Rylie’s attitude. Yes, I know she was struggling with the assault that left her a werewolf and the painful and gut wrenching monthly changes-but the girl just never let up-the entire story was built on the attitude of a 15 year old who perceived everything as a slight against her. Sometimes it was a little too much.

Reviewed by Sandy


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    • I have the series…it was not very expensive…basically 99cents or free…so I thought I would try it out. It definitely is NOT the average werewolf storyline..which in itself makes it good…

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