All I Want For Christmas by Alexis Morgan-a review

All I Want for Christmas by Alexis Morgan-a review


Alexis Morgan’s ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS can be found the in the December 2011 Christmas anthology-A Vampire for Christmas. Like most short stories it was a quick and easy read, the plot was interesting, the characters are lovable, but most of all, it will warm the heart-at any time of the year.

Eagan McHale doesn’t like Christmas. The cold makes him miserable and the twinkling lights-don’t even start. But several missing teenagers, has the vampire/undercover officer on the hunt. As the mangled and blood-drained bodies begin to mount, Eagan suspects newly turned or young vampires testing their prowess as predators. But night after night, Eagan is drawn to a little café, where the most beautiful woman haunts his dreams.

Della Breit, café owner and Christmas lover, keeps her clients happy, the hungry fed and her employees safe and warm, but a stranger in a long dark coat, mystifies and amazes. When the dark haired man finally enters the diner, she knows her life is about to change-forever.

As the story progresses, Eagan worries that his need for Della may inhibit his ability to think straight and keep his mind on the task at hand-hunting down rogue vampires, but when Della asks for Eagan’s assistance with decorating the shop for Christmas, he is surprised how quickly their relationship moves forward. There is an immediate attraction between the couple, and one that does not go unnoticed by the ever-present werewolves who work and tend the diner. Knowing that Eagan is not the only supernatural being who currently vies for Della’s attention, he tries to pull away, but an accident at the café, has Eagan dropping everything to tend to the woman who has invaded his thoughts. When Eagan attempts to heal Della, using both his tongue and his blood, he knows it was a mistake. He is now connected to the woman for all time.

The couple quickly amp up their relationship into one of sexual heat and chemistry, and when Eagan feeds during sex, he knows he is lost. This is his mate and the draw of her blood, will forever be his need. But when he senses her distress, not only does he hunt for the cause, but the werewolves who work with her, assist in the rescue of his mate.

WE are introduced to Tenn (chef), Lupe (friend) and Harry (client)-all supernaturals, as well as Daniel, the young boy caught in a loop of vampire feeding. Here’s hoping that Alexis continues their stories, in upcoming novels or novellas.

All I Want for Christmas is a wonderful addition to the anthology A Vampire For Christmas. As anthologies go, some stories need to be told, while others should have been left on the shelf, but All I Want for Christmas is definitely a story you will want to read. My only complaint.—it didn’t last longer.

Reviewed by Sandy


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