Alliance of the Amazon Series 1-3 by Sandy James-a review

Alliance of the Amazon Series 1-3 by Sandy James-2 reviews

THE RELUCTANT AMAZON (Alliance of the Amazons #1) by Sandy James

The Reluctant Amazon

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 2012 / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO

REVIEW: THE RELUCTANT AMAZON is the first storyline in Sandy James’s Alliance of the Amazon series. The premise focuses on the background information about a female race of Amazonian elemental warriors-Earth, Water, Air and Fire and, how each member of the Alliance must work together with their fellow ‘sister warriors’ to put a stop to the end of the world. The storyline and series premise also pulls in mythological gods and goddesses, demigods and demons, and a hierarchy of power and control that is tested by the very Amazons trained to defend the world. But as the women are pulled together to locate three of their missing sisters, they will face betrayal and the pain of loss at the hands of one of their own.

Like many supernatural storylines, our heroine is not aware of her heritage or powers until a handsome immortal stranger takes her under his wing. Meeting her fellow warrior sisters, Rebecca soon realizes she is not on the same level of playing field as the others. As an Earth Amazon, it is her heritage to nurture and grow, and she has a difficult time mastering everything that she needs to know. But as the story progresses, Rebecca will discover that she is a leader as well as a warrior, and the others will eventually have to look to Rebecca for guidance and direction. We follow as the Amazon sisters are trained to defend and protect, fight for what they believe and, finally come to the realization that that trust must be earned and should not be given freely.

The relationship between Artair (Highland warrior Sentinel) and Rebecca is immediate but a relationship that may place everyone at risk as Artair’s attention and need to protect Rebecca moves his focus from the women he is supposed to train onto the woman who has stolen his heart. As the history of the Sentinels and Amazons unfolds, we are privy to Artair’s long history with the Amazon warriors and his desire to re-enter the human world. Artair believes it is time he retired but in doing so, he must give up the woman with whom he has fallen in love.

THE RELUCTANT AMAZON is an interesting storyline that blends mythology with a contemporary storyline. The different elemental Amazon’s are each ruled by a goddess specific to each bloodline, but the goddesses are not without some issues of their own. Sandy James weaves a tale that places an ancient warrior with a modern woman who has yet to discover her true self but when she does sometimes having too much power is never a good thing. The storyline has a little bit of romance, a little bit of sex, a little bit of action as well as betrayal, heartbreak and love. The story does not end on a cliffhanger but with the knowledge that the evil is still out there and the Amazon warriors will be needed once again.

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The Impetuous Amazon (Alliance of the Amazon #2) by Sandy James-a review

The Impetuous Amazon

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 13, 2013 / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO /

REVIEW: THE IMPETUOUS AMAZON is the second storyline in Sandy James’ Alliance of the Amazons series focusing on four female Elemental Amazon warriors and the men they love. The storyline continues to build on the introductory premise as Megan Feurer, the fire Amazon must learn to control her anger and her fire, or find herself powerless in a world haunted by demons, demigods, mythological goddesses and the walking dead. And to ensure Megan follows orders, Sentinel Johann Herrmann, the man who stirred the embers of Megan’s soul in book one, will shadow her every move as she endeavors to reign in her temper when things get out of hand. And to complicate matters, the truth about Megan’s heritage will reveal a deeper connection to the fire goddess than anyone could have imagined and place an invisible wall between Johann and Megan that may be impossible to overcome.

The storyline progresses as Megan and Johann must investigate the mysterious disappearance and deaths of a number of young women all seemingly connected to a popular singer. But it will be Megan that becomes his ultimate target when power and greed are his to command with the help of a number of supernatural powers.

As the title of the storyline implies, Megan is impetuous; a fiery redhead who is the epitome of fire, Megan’s temper and acidic personality fuels the fire that burns within the Amazon warrior. And our heroine hides a painful past –one of betrayal and rejection at the hands of a woman she once called aunt and mother. But as Megan learns to control her fire, she is unable to control her burning need for the man who is trying to keep the flames under control. Johann will learn first hand what it is to love and be loved by a fire Amazon, and without a shield, Megan’s burning love for her Sentinel may put an end to their relationship before it has a chance to begin.

Sandy James combines mythological goddesses and demons with a contemporary storyline that gifts another Amazon warrior with her mate. The world building is limited in this particular story, as most of the premise is character driven-and saying that many of the previous storyline characters play a pivotal role in the fight against evil. There is romance and love, sorrow and pain, action and suspense as well as the continuous animosity and rivalry amongst the goddesses that risks the lives of the men and women under their command. But the heroine was difficult to like at times-her attitude and personality left much to be desired and saying that-she was who she was because of her past.  I am definitely not excusing Megan’s acerbic characteristics because in the real world she would be told in no uncertain terms-where to go and how fast.  The Impetuous Amazon is an interesting and fascinating addition to The Alliance of the Amazon series by Sandy James.

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Reviewed by Sandy


The Brazen Amazon by Sandy James

The Brazen Amazon / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO

Release Date May 6, 2013

REVIEW: THE BRAZEN AMAZON is the third storyline in Sandy James’s Alliance of the Amazon series focusing on four elemental Amazon warrior women. This is Gina Himmel’s storyline-the air Amazon.

Like the previous storyline, Gina is a strong-willed, independent and kick-a$$ heroine, but there is a softer side to Gina that has yet to emerge. Gina grew up less than feminine-a rough and tumble tomboy and believes herself unworthy of a man’s attention or love. But Gina will have two men vying for her heart: Richard (aka Dick) a former SOG (Son of Gaia): and the other, her most recent assignment-Zach Hanson. Zach is a computer genius and he is the next target of abduction in the struggle for world domination in the war between the gods and goddesses.

The battle for Zach’s invention will lead Gina and the Amazon warriors into a fight between good and evil, but who is fighting whom for domination? When friends present as enemies and enemies present as friends, Gina’s world will be thrown into chaos and Zach will be the unwitting pawn. But a ‘gift’ from the gods will have Zach deep in the heart of the conflict where the wrong move could prove disastrous for everyone.

The relationship between Zach and Gina is quick to build. The couple’s attraction to one another is instant but there is also someone else vying for Gina’s heart. When Richard becomes the odd-man out, sides will be chosen and betrayal will be the ultimate weapon against Gina in the battle for her love. But Gina only loves one man and she is willing to push him away to save both of them any future heartache.

THE BRAZEN AMAZON is another fast-paced well-written installment where the premise and storylines are female driven. There is always a fine line between strong –willed heroine and b*tch, but Sandy James treads carefully in this particular story. Alpha females are often subdued by the men in their lives, but Sandy’s Amazon warriors stay true to form-while not usurping the males- they become equals in their own right.

Reviewed by Sandy

Copy supplied by the author.


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