AMALGAM (Valaran Chronicles #1) by Byron A Wells

Amalgam (Valaran Chronicles #1) by Byron A Wells

AMALGAM (Valaran Chronicles #1) by Byron A Wells

AMALGAM is the first novel and storyline in new author Byron A Wells sci-fi series the Valaran Chronicles. The description given by the author is definitely MATURE young adult, and the author does not punctuate and inundate the storyline with an alarming amount of scientific jargon similar to many science fiction series and novels. But be warned, this novel should not be read by anyone under 16 due to the graphic nature and premise of some of the scenes.

The premise follows 3 different storylines that at times will overlap but in the end come together for a finale that is well deserved. Hobs is our hero, a young man who knows that he is different from the others in his village. Raised and adopted by Ren, following the death of his parents from the plague, Hobs stood out from the other members of his village-several inches taller, black hair and eyes-and at times, he was the target of the local bad boys and bullies. But following a final vicious attack and assault that left him for dead, Hobs will wake up in an underground facility the likes that no one had ever dreamed.

As the villagers scour for their missing friends, the local bad boys will target Hobs’ father and following a viscious encounter, Ren will meet a similar fate as his son. But there are many in the village that suspect what has happened to Hobs and his father, but the extent of the damage will never be known. And in a final brutal attack, one of Hob’s closest friends will suffer at the hands of 3 young men, and find herself the victim of an assault so personal that revenge will drive Hobs through his days.

As the story progresses, Hobs undergoes a regeneration of sorts. What can only be described as a Cyborg (cybergenic organism) befitting a Star Trek storyline with similar ingredients to many of the most popular sci-fi sagas including Neuromancer by William Gibson and He, She and It by Marge Piercy, the story ventures into the realm of AI. Data transfer through neuro-plugs ala The Matrix and artificial intelligence befitting 2001: A Space Odyssey, Byron A. Wells will take the reader on a journey that can only be described as a fascinating and enlightening look at a sci-fi storyline.

And we must not forget the requisite alien, in all of his nastiness, staking a claim against a people they had once destroyed. Returning to a planet long thought to have suffered the indignities of a genocide, the Scarian beings will fall victim to the one remaining Valaran who has mysteriously ‘survived’ an ethnic cleansing between two warring sides in an inter-galactic war of the worlds.

AMALGAM is a well written and wonderful storyline- a fascinating look at a genre often ignored by many reviewers and readers, if only because of the sci-fi category. This is not your usual hard-core science fiction novel. Having had to read the likes of Robert Heinlein, William Gibson and Marge Piercy for university Engl. Lit classes and the study of science fiction, I found Amalgam to be a much lighter read –not too heavy on the scientific jargon, but interesting enough to keep my attention. A scientific journal is not required to help you define the passages. In fact I read the novel in one sitting.

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Reviewed by Sandy


7 thoughts on “AMALGAM (Valaran Chronicles #1) by Byron A Wells

  1. Interesting review Sandy,I have read a few Sci-Fi books in my day and they were like this one , Not too heavy on the Sci-Fi but enough to understand it ,I guess i add another to my list . Looking forward to this read.

  2. There was a time when I read little that wasn’t straight Fantasy or Sci-fi… I still read them from time to time, though not as much. This could be something I might find to my taste. Interesting review Sandy.

  3. This sounds like a great book. I have never read sci fi, in fact I mock my male coworkers who read it! Don’t worry, they get me back! They mock all of my Carpathians and vampires! lol

  4. Thanks for the great review for my first book Sandy. To all that expressed interest in reading Amalgam I will gladly send you copies of Parem and a new short story titled Ren, both of which provide backstory to the book. =)

    If I am allowed to say this: Information (and maybe a few chapters) for the second book can be found on Facebook at:

    Good reading all…

    • Thank you Byron for dropping by The Reading Cafe.

      I remember throughout English Lit. in university, we did a year of sci-fi and fantasy studies…which opened my eyes to many different authors. Ursula Leguin, Philip Dick, William Gibson, Marge Percy and the requisite Mary Shelly and HG Wells among the many.

      Your writing includes many of these author’s ideas and blends them into a interesting storyline for the young…and young at heart. Congratulations on the release of your first novel.

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