Amityville Horrible (Otherworld Series) by Kelley Armstrong-a review

Amityville Horrible (Otherworld Series) by Kelley Armstrong-a review

About the book: “I don’t run from ghosts. ”His voice, right at my ear. “You will.”

Jaime Vegas—spiritualist, entertainer and, unbeknownst to her audience, real-life necromancer—swore she’d never do another reality ghost show after the last fiasco. But when she’s railroaded into a charity gig, she finds herself back on the set, this time with a cast of photogenic college kids, an up-and¬-coming Russian spiritualist, and a tale of missing girls and murder in New England. It’s cheesy, but that’s show business. With her werewolf Alpha lover, Jeremy Danvers, along to keep her nights interesting, it’s not so bad really. Until the bloody ghosts show up. Jaime has never faced spirits like these, and no matter how hard she tries, they won’t be ignored.


REVIEW: AMITYVILLE HORRIBLE is another new release (December 2012) novella in Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld Series based on the characters and storylines from her Women of the Otherworld series. Kelley brings back necromancer Jaime Vegas and Werewolf Alpha Jeremy Danvers, as Jaime is once again invited to participate in another reality TV show where the ‘reality’ contestants are wannabes and actors and Jaime is the only person without any hidden agendas or motives.

Jaime is a no-nonsense personality who knows better than to get involved with ‘reality’ television programming but when a producer begs for her participation in a fundraiser using a haunted house as the background for his ‘charity of choice’ Jaime considers backing away. When a fellow ‘necromancer’ is introduced to Jaime, she hopes she has found a kindred spirit, but like all reality programming, something doesn’t add up and Jaime will soon discover that she has become the pawn in a game where ratings and shock value are all that counts.

Kelley writes an entertaining storyline that revisits some of our favorite Otherworld characters if only through telephone conversations and implied presence. Clay, Elena, Savannah and Jeremy all have small roles in Kelley’s Amityville Horrible but we get a little more screen time between Jeremy and Jaime. Jeremy is one of my favorite Otherworld characters, so any time with Jeremy is time well spent.

I am one reader who is pleased that Kelley is continuing her Otherworld storylines with a series of novellas and short stories. I am looking forward to the release of FORBIDDEN at the end of 2012.

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Reviewed by Sandy


14 thoughts on “Amityville Horrible (Otherworld Series) by Kelley Armstrong-a review

  1. Great review, Sandy. I too am happy that Kelly will continue to do novella’s for her Otherworld characters, keeping us happy. I have this book and Forbidden still to read.

  2. Another Kelley Armstrong. I love all of Kelley Armstrong Otherworld storylines. Thanks for letting me know about this book and Forbidden. I think I saw somewhere on The Reading Cafe about the release but obviously slipped my mind.

  3. Sounds like another winner for Armstrong Sandy. I so need to get on reading her books. You make them all sound amazing and I know it’s something I will like. Now to carve out the time to check them out.

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