Andrei Andrei-Interview with the Model and Web Designer

Andrei Andrei-Interview with the Model and Web Designer

Andrei Andrei-many of you will recognize Andrei from his numerous modeling campaigns and the use of his image as numerous characters for some of our favorite storylines and novels.  But did you know that Andrei is an accomplished Web Designer and cover model for some of our favorite books?  Today at The Reading Café, we would like to present:  Andrei Andrei

Professional Name: Andrei Andrei
Date of Birth: 1983
Birthplace:  Arad, Romania
Education:  West University
Degree:  Math and IT
Modeling Career:  2004 to present

TRC:  Hi Andrei and welcome to The Reading Café.  We would like to start with some background information.

TRC:  Would you please tell us about yourself?

Andrei:  Hello, thank you for having me on your blog. This is one of those questions that causes me stare at the screen with a bit of a blank look on my face. There is so much to tell. I’ve been a model for several years and have done quite a bit of traveling. Currently I’m in Romania but I will return to New York in the fall to continue pursuing modeling and freelance web design. I’m hoping to make NYC more of a permanent residence in the near future.

TRC: What were your goals and aspirations growing up?

Andrei:  Growing up I was the fat kid that got teased in school. Early on one of my goals was to change that and get in shape–something I accomplished pretty easily. By 18 I had changed my physique to reflect the inner me. I never thought I would become a model, but once it was a reality, I gave it 500%. I don’t like doing things half way. I was successful at modeling but always in the back of my mind I was that nerdy kid interested in computer science and code and geeky things.

TRC:  Your modeling career began in 2004.  Will you please tell us about how you got started in the modeling business?

Andrei:  I went with a friend of mine to a local modeling agency who took an interest in me. They referred some of the pictures to an agency in Bucharest where I got the chance to participate in fashion week. From there I traveled to Asia to shoot my first catalog. The rest is history.

TRC:  What have been some of the challenges you have faced in your modeling career?

Andrei:  The fashion industry can be very shallow and at times brutal, but you can say that about almost any industry. It is extremely competitive which works to my advantage, but lacks stability. It’s difficult to determine where you’ll be next or what you’ll be doing. Maintaining friendships and relationships when you are constantly on the go is very difficult. The plus side is that I’m always meeting new people, but every so often I do desire to slow down in a place I can call my own.


TRC:  Have you ever has a photo shoot that went completely wrong?

Andrei:  We all have good days and bad days, the key is to give it your all and do the best job you can. I am not a whiner nor do I like to make a fuss. Frustration is part of every job. When I am on a job I am extremely professional and maintain a positive attitude. I am pro! 😉

TRC  As a model, you have travelled extensively and to many exotic locations.  Where is your favorite destination and why?

Andrei:  I really love London and New York, both cities fit my sense of style. I love that in both these places I can sort of disappear or go crazy, they both allow for extremes I enjoy.

TRC:  Nudity in modeling or acting can be controversial.  Some pictures can cross the line between sexuality and pornography.  You have posed nude for several photographers.  What would you tell young models just entering the business about nude modeling?

Andrei:  This is easy to answer. I don’t mind nudity so long as it’s artistic. Nudity is a personal choice models have to make. For the right campaign and the right photographer it can boost your career. Make sure you are working with someone reputable, then…take it ALL off.

TRC:  The modeling industry exposes you to many people and sometimes it can be very stressful.  At times do you feel alone, surround by so many people?  What do you do when the stress becomes overwhelming?

Andrei:  I am a very quiet person. I’m my best and most comfortable with close friends and family everyone else only gets a glimpse of the real me. I don’t do well with very superficial people and situations. I’ve learned to adapt.

TRC:  You are an accomplished web designer as well as a model.  What sparked your interest in web design?

Andrei:   I didn’t get up one day and realize I was a creative person. That person is slowly emerging as I learn more and more about design. My interest in web design began out of necessity. I desperately needed a web site and didn’t really have the money to hire a designer so I began designing it myself. I knew I could probably do a better job than someone else. The thing about design, of course, is that when you are starting out the visual ideas in your head don’t jive with what you can craft say in Photoshop. That takes time. Luckily when I found myself in New York I met a very knowledgeable web designer who pushed me. Through her I got an internship at a design agency and was able to learn a lot and gain the confidence I needed to do more design. Strangely enough, my mentor was moonlighting as a writer on the side. She goes by the pen name of Narcisse Navarre.

TRC  Will you please tell us about your web design business?

Andrei:  In the next year I want to launch a website focusing on freelance web design and hopefully pick up some good clients. Look for (coming soon).

TRC:  Does you modeling career interfere with your web design business or has it helped with your business promotion?

Andrei:  So far I’ve been lucky. Most of the clients I’ve worked with have been extremely flexible with my schedule. Up to this point I’ve been able to do both pretty much seamlessly. Modeling doesn’t help much when it comes to promoting design. Yes, I know a lot of people, but ultimately my design needs to speak for itself. Modeling and design are apples and oranges.

TRC:  You recently appeared on the cover of Donya Lynne’s RISE OF THE FALLEN-the first book in her new All The King’s Men series of novels and MICAH’S CALLING. Many readers of romance novels use the cover model as their depiction (or in their imagination) of the storyline hero.  What do you think about your image as the hero for a vampire-romance novel?

LINK TO: Donya Lynne’s Blogspot

Andrei:  When Donya contacted me about the cover of her book I was working with author Narcisse Navarre on the trailer and book cover of An Endless Hunger (another vampire novel). I guess I am destined to be a vampire in some form. I finally surrendered to the idea and possibly…the dark side. Perhaps the role of Dmitry Bekilov is next (after some serious acting lessons lol) ;P

You can see the trailer here:

TRC:  Do you know the number of novel covers that your image has appeared?


Andrei:  That I know of I am in the cover of four books, though people write me all the time saying they have seen me on book covers. It’s possible that there are more, but I have only sanctioned two authors to officially use my image: Narcisse Navarre and Donya Lynne.

TRC:  At times, there has been a ‘stigma’ surrounding the male model and the romance-cover industry.  But the popularity of the paranormal romance storyline has skyrocketed in the last few years with the many vampire, werewolf and fantasy storylines. What is your opinion about the recent popularity and the very busy industry of the ‘romance cover model’?

Andrei:  It’s bad to get pigeon holed into anything. As a model it’s good to keep your avenues open. Before Narcisse introduced met to the world of indie eBooks I had no idea that the male “romance model” was a business. It was not on my radar at all.

TRC:  Would you please tell us what you do to relax?


Andrei:  I enjoy hanging out with friends, having a drink, going to comedy clubs. I work out and spend lots of time on the computer learning new things. I find that with design I can never really get bored.

TRC:  On what are you currently working on?

Andrei:  Currently I am building a great big rocket ship and planning a manned expedition to Mars. Hmm…actually I am going to take some time to relax for the summer in Romania with my family and recharge my creative batteries.

TRC:  😉

TRC:  Would you like to add anything else?

Andrei:  Thank you again for featuring me on your blog. You will surely see me on a few more covers. Marzio Ombra and Narcisse are working on a sci-fi thriller and a few more projects I will be featured in, as well as Donya’s new book coming out this month.


LIGHTNING ROUND (a few quick one word answers for fun)

Favorite Food

Favorite Dessert
Skip it!

Favorite Movie
Lord of the Rings (All of them)

Favorite TV Show

Last Movie that you Saw

Dark or Milk Chocolate

Last Book that you Read
Last book was An Endless Hunger by Narcisse Navarre which encouraged me to improve my English.

TRC:  Thank you Andrei for taking the time to answer our questions.  You have a fantastic portfolio and an accomplished career in the web design business.  We wish you all the best with ALL of your careers.  It is a pleasure to meet the man behind the image.

Andrei Andrei
model / web designer / front end developer




18 thoughts on “Andrei Andrei-Interview with the Model and Web Designer

  1. Wonderful interview, Andrei and Sandy. Andrei, from reading this interview, you give us a great insight into your life. You seem like a fun person, who knows what he wants. I think it’s great that you can do your cover shoots, and they do look great, but you also have a web design career. As well as find time to enjoy yourself in New York and London. Kudos to you.

  2. Fantastic interview Sandy and Andrei… it is always interesting to hear about the life behind the persona in front of the camera. Doesn’t hurt that Andrei is one of the models that makes you take a second look as you pass by his pictures… 😀

  3. Great interview Andrei and Sandy. I love these features, it’s nice learning about the men who appear on our fav books. Andrei you have done well for yourself and sound like a wonder person. You’ve treated us to some lovely pictures of yourself and given us a great deal of insight into your professional career. Good luck with you future projects and thanks for taking the time for us here at TRC. 😉
    BTW, you and I would get along famously; Lord of the Rings and milk chocolate, two of my fave things as well. 😉

    • Where the heck have I been?! Julie….did you catch the character he named???? It was misspelled, but….I….believe….it….was: DIMITRI BELIKOV!!!!!!!! I’ve never liked the cover model for the VA books, but Andrei Andrei would be one sizzling Dimitri!!!!!

      WAIT. There’s a youtube link. Let me check it out before I go overly crazy, lol!!!!

  4. Great interview!! It’s great to meet you Andrei Andrei!!! It’s a pleasure to rad about how you excel and enjoy both modeling and web design. It really gives me hope that I can keep both of my ambitions without having to give one of them up. As for your answer on nudity in modeling, I totally agree. Nudity has its artistic value when used tastefully and right. I had to stop and say that since my inner art geek likes to come out sometimes.

  5. Great interview Sandy and Andrei!!! It is always so nice to get to know a little about the folks who grace the covers!! Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to stop by The Reading Cafe!

    And, I have to ask, is the Demitri you speak of from Meade’s Vampire Academy?? I loooove that series………..

  6. Great interview Andrei and Sandy. Brains and great looks together . Wow . I feel for you when you were young. It is had to think of yourself as other than the fat kid that was teased. I admire that as I had the same problem. Thank you for coming by.

  7. Andrei, thanks for coming. Beautiful covers. Smart man not relying on just 1 career. Nice to read that the family and friends value is important to you. I have Romania on my To Be Traveled List.

    Favorite Movie: I concur on the Lord of The Rings (all of them). I even have the anniversary extended version of all 3.

    Great interview Sandy. Keep them coming.

  8. He likes Lord of the Rings? AND peanuts? Two more excellent reasons this love this guy! I’ve always been attracted to “computer geeks” too (hey everyone has their thing…!) I think I have to laugh, he’s just too perfect. It’s funny.

    Andrei, I also have been using a few images of yours as inspiration for one of my characters in my epic fantasy series. Until I researched into whose picture it was pinned up next to my PC I had no idea you were a muse to so many other authors. I suppose I’ll unfortunately have to get use to the idea of sharing you (and sorry if that sounds a little creepy… It didn’t, did it?) 😛

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