Angel Betrayed (The Fallen 2) by Cynthia Eden- a review

Angel Betrayed (The Fallen #2) by Cynthia Eden-a review

ANGEL BETRAYED by Cynthia Eden

ANGEL BETRAYED is the June 2012 new release by Cynthia Eden. The second storyline in The Fallen series, Angel Betrayed follows Fallen angel Sammael as he helps a beautiful hybrid escape the demands of the Angel of Punishment, fight the hounds from hell, as well as a host of other demons and the Fallen.

Seline knew she was different. As a hybrid cross between a succubus demon and an angel, Seline believed her demon father had killed her mother and the Angel of Punishment- Rogziel had always fueled the flames of Seline’s sorrow and guilt. Raised from a small child by Rogziel, Seline only knew that she had to follow orders whenever he ordered her to hunt. But her latest assignment involved a Fallen angel with his own agenda. And drawing power from her lovers was an added bonus when her relationship with the Fallen pushed beyond her assignment.

Sammael (Sam) was a Fallen Angel. Punished for disobeying and taking the souls of those who were not meant to die, Sammael had a dark side. Sam had stood by his reasons for the many deaths at his hands, but Rogziel had promised that one day he would pay. Always ready for an attack, Sammael was taken by surprise when the beautiful Seline ‘conspired’ to set him up. But finding himself on the run, chased by the hounds of hell while trying to determine if Seline’s actions were a betrayal, kept Sam ever vigilant. And the death of two of the other Fallen was warning that something bigger than just Seline was heading his way.

Azrael was a powerful angel, but as a newly Fallen he still considered Sammael his primary target. But finding himself targeted by the Angel of Punishment for something he could not remember forced Azrael to consider his options. To find Sammael, he would have to hunt the hybrid. But allegiances and promises can be broken, when it is discovered that perhaps there is more to the story than just what appears on the surface.

The relationship between Sam and Seline is very sexual and tense. Seline knows that she is falling for the Angel, but trust is difficult when neither has been truthful about their intentions. Each with their own agenda, betrayal is a constant worry, but their feelings are hard to deny, especially when they discover they are more compatible then they would have thought.

Cynthia introduces Tomas. As one of the Fallen Guardian angels, Tomas was stripped of his wings when he fell in love with Sierra whom he had sworn to protect. But Tomas was soon a pawn in Rogziel’s hunt for Sammael and Seline, and Sierra would be the one to suffer the most. And it is Tomas who will eventually bring the Fallen together at the ‘crossroads’ between heaven, hell and earth. But the Angel of Death will once again make an appearance, and someone will lose their life in the battle between Heaven and Hell.

Angel Betrayed is another fantastic instalment in Cynthia Eden’s new Fallen series. Based on the premise of heavenly angels who have fallen to earth for disobeying their superiors, the Fallen angels find themselves serving their sentences on earth after a fiery exit from Hell. With only the shadows and the memory of their wings, the Angels must fight their way through a maze of deception and torment at the hands of those who still consider themselves above everyone else. And Uriel, once believed to be the second-in-command in heaven, will make it known that he will not tolerate any disobedience from his angels. Punishment is swift, but when an ‘new angel’ is willing to give up the wings for the love of another, there will be another Fallen who must burn in Hell before remembering the reason for the Fall.

The Fallen is a fantastic new series that is sure to please. If you love angels, demons, witches and shifters, Cynthia writes a story that includes a collection of supernatural beings that will grab your attention from the very first word.

Reviewed By Sandy

1. Angel of Darkness
2. Angel Betrayed
3. Angel in Chains (Nov 2012)

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15 thoughts on “Angel Betrayed (The Fallen 2) by Cynthia Eden- a review

  1. Great review, Sandy. I have to get this series. sigh..never will I catch up. Again reading you reviews, and having read the 4 bound novellas, I have added Cynthia to my must read. terrific writer

  2. LOL Oh Barb we know when we have been beaten and might as well just write all Cynthia’s books down . this book sound great and yes its marked down , but i finished Cynthia’s Eternal Hunter last night and it was excellent so now i must go online to see what the other 2 books are so i can get them yes i will now ” sigh ” . Great review Sandy

  3. Great review Sandy… got to watch not to take these things for granted from you already they are getting so common… sigh. Hadn’t noted that this one was out yet… getting paper, writing down… putting on top of Ipad. If you start a series, you keep going unless it is ewwww. 😀

  4. Great review Sandy. First I have to say these covers are smokin hot. Just the covers alone would make me stop and check them out in the bookstore. 😉 This sounds like a series I must check out for sure.

      • LOL Barb!!!! Notepad giveaways aren’t a bad idea my friend. I’ve had to go out and get a spiral bound notebook to transfer my list to as it was getting to hard to keep track of. I was worried I’d loose some pages and that would be just horrible. 😉

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