ANGELIC by Kelley Armstrong-a review

Angelic by Kelley Armstrong-a review

ANGELIC (Otherworld Series Novella) by Kelley Armstrong

ANGELIC by Kelley Armstrong is a Women of the Otherworld novella focusing on Eve Levine, the ½ demon ½ witch daughter of Lord Demon Baal, mother of Savannah and lover to Cabal heir Kristof Nash-only she is a part time ghost and part time Angel. Working for the Fates 6 months of the year, Eve’s latest assignment will have her discover that the latest djinn uprising is well organized and powered by an angelic force once thought to be a friend. The djinn Dantalian wants early parole from his prison, and will use anyone or anything, including dissension among the ranks.

Eve continues her disregard for her assignments. As one of the heavenly executioners, Eve wields plenty of power and puts fear in to the supernatural bad guys in the otherworld realm. But when she finds herself facing her own list of sins, she knows that the djinn are stalling for time. Hoping for some heavenly advice, Eve contacts a couple of fellow angels to help research her way back to the djinn.

As the story progresses, Eve soon learns that friends in high places are sometimes the ones sending you on a fools errand. Finding herself in a battle for her otherworldly life, Eve must confront a friend as she realizes even Angels fall if the price is right.

ANGELIC is a short story in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. Although not necessary to the Otherworld premise, Angelic is like many of Kelley’s novellas where she adds an additional storyline for some of our favorite characters. Angelic is no longer available in paper book format, therefore an ebook copy is the only way to go. If you like Kelley’s Women of the Otherworld series, you will enjoy Angelic.

Reviewed by Sandy


10 thoughts on “ANGELIC by Kelley Armstrong-a review

  1. Great review Sandy… and a short story from Kelley Armstrong… 😀 Might be a way to get acquainted with the series without adding too much more to my TBR pile. (I am sure you would not tell someone it is a quick read (short story) without it being so. 😀

    • It is very quick…but there is plenty of background information required…or some..

      1. Eve is deceased. She was killed in STOLEN.
      2. Kristof (her mate/lover) is deceased. He was killed in STOLEN
      3. They are both ghosts, but have heavenly duties to perform. Kris is the ‘heavenly attorney’ for those who have wronged on the otherside.
      4. Eve is part time angel/part time ghost who is an ‘executioner’ for those supernaturals who have been deemed…guilty.

      • Thanks for the background information… going to get into this author’s work sooner or later… right now I am trying to figure out how I managed to get 50 new books on my ipad since I got it… something tells me I had help finding them. Serves me right for attacking the old books and not adding the e-books to the TBR count. 🙂

  2. Man i so suck again i missed another one i need to do a author update , I do it a couple times a year but for some reason i missed another and thats 2 for Kelley that i have missed and that is just a NONO .

  3. I pulled up my Library acct. and they have it on recording i think it is and also on the Ereader so i will be able to listen at least. but it will be on my list to read i just had 14 new releases come in today and they have to be back on the 24 of this month . thats what i get for ordering like 30 books and they had to buy them so i’m a little late and i think we review most of them but OH I CAN’T wait to get started .I guess if you don’t hear from me it’s because i’m reading like crazy and will come up for air when i can.

  4. Ya i just heard that not to long ago, which is really nice if i can’t find it in a book i can’t get it a ereader .Not sure what to do with it but at least it’s there if i need it . Thank the good Lord for Libraries i don’t know what i would do if i could get my read fix in.

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