ANGEL’S FLIGHT (The Guild Hunters) by Nalini Singh-a review

ANGEL’S FLIGHT by Nalini Singh- a review

ANGEL’S FLIGHT by Nalini Singh

Angel’s Flight (released February 2012) is a series of 4 novellas by Nalini Singh.


Angel’s Pawn features Guild Hunter Ashwini and Cajun vampire Janvier. Ashwini is a friend and colleague of Elena and like Elena possesses a special gift-she is able to feel and read emotions with a touch. But the Atlanta Archangel Nazarach, with years of pain and suffering on his hands, requires a job of Ashwini–To retrieve one of his errant new-born female vampires. But Ashwini is stunned when she learns of the nature and the extent of Nazarach’s evil.

Janvier is a sexy vampire, who on more than one occasion has been targeted for retrieval by the Guild Hunters, and more specifically by Ashwini. When Ashwini asks for advice, Janvier is prepared to partner with Ashwini in more ways than one. The sexual attraction between the couple is explosive, but Ashwini has a job to do, that does not involve any playtime with the vampire.

When Ash and Janvier return Nazarach’s wayward vampire, his cruelty will touch deep within the Hunter’s soul, and the realization that both she and Janvier may very well have been, the Archangel’s next victims.

Angel’s Pawn is an introduction into the lives of Janvier and Ashwini. There is an attraction between the pair, one that cannot be denied, and let’s hope Nalini is ready to write their story-in the near future.


Angel’s Judgement is a prequel. We meet Sara Haziz, a hunter-born Guild Hunter before she became the Guild director. She has just been notified that she is in the line of succession for the position of Guild Director, and has been given what may be her final assignment. On the trail of what appears to be a ‘rogue’ hunter who is mutilating and destroying vampires, Sara meets Deacon , the man who will one day be her husband. But meeting Deacon opens up another world within the Hunter’s Guild. Deacon is The Slayer- a highly trained assassin and hunter who is brought-in under extenuating circumstances to ferret out hunters who have over-stepped the bounds of their own authority and power.

Sara and Deacon are determined to find the hunter responsible for the horrendous deaths of the vampires, but when all signs point to 3 possibilities, they must acknowledge and search for the information that will eventually lead them to the true identity. Along the way, the attraction between Sara and Deacon grows, but knowing she has been nominated for the highest position within the Guild, she reluctantly pushes aside all thoughts of a future with The Slayer. All conflicts of interest aside, Sara knows, that Deacon is her soul mate, her life.

Angel’s Wolf is the third novella in Angel’s Flight. Noel is a vampire who had been tortured and left to die, but his recovery in The Refuge is nothing short of miraculous. Bearing both the physical and emotional scars, Noel needs to be acknowledged. As a vampire under Archangel Raphael’s regime, Noel is assigned to the angel Nimra, to aid in locating an assassin determined to end her life.

Undercover as Nimra’s new man, Noel’s presence comes under scrutiny by many of Nimra’s loyal and trusted servants, including another male vying for her attention. But when both of her cherished cats are found dead, Nimra knows that someone within her household wants her dead. Knowing Nimra’s true power, has not deterred the would-be assassin from his/her promise of death. But when someone close enough to be called father, is determined to end her life, Nimra knows there is only one way she is able to handle the situation.

The relationship between Noel and Nimra is no longer one of a hidden agenda and their love for one another grows stronger, as the protector and mate in Noel, is determined to keep Nimra from harm.


Angel’s Dance is the final storyline. Another prequel, occurring approximately 500 years before Raphael meets Elena, Angel’s Dance warns of the threat of war between father and son, human and angel, archangel and the Cadre.

Galen is a powerful weapons master, an archangel currently under Titus’s command, but a brief glimpse of a beautiful ‘clipped’ angel leaves Galen awash with a new purpose.

Jessamy is a 2600 year old angel, who has never been able to fly due to a malformed wing. As a result, she has remained at Refuge most of her life as the resident historian and teacher of the little angels. But a chance meeting with the ‘barbarian’ warrior Galen opens up new opportunities for the future.

Angel’s Dance will leave you breathless with delight when Galen is finally able to ‘dance’ with his mate. The romance speaks volumes for a warrior thought to be cold and a woman who considered herself damaged goods.

The Guild Hunters series by Nalini Singh

Reading Order

Angel’s Blood
Archangel’s Kiss
Archangel’s Consort
Archangel’s Blade
Angel of Darkness (Anthology)
Angel’s Flight (Anthology)
Archangel’s Storm (Sept 2012)



reviewed by Sandy


7 thoughts on “ANGEL’S FLIGHT (The Guild Hunters) by Nalini Singh-a review

  1. Angle Flight sounds like it would get you up to speed for the other books. I checked out Nalini Singh’s website yesterday and realized I had Burning up which is a anthology with Angela Knight. I read her short story Whisper of Sin of the Psy series and fell in love with Emmett and Ria. So I’m going to start reading that series. Can’t wait to read the first book Slave of Sensation which is the alpha Lucian Hunter’s story.

  2. Nalini Singh is one of my top authors. I read the Guild Hunter series after Psy/Changeling and fell in love with it.

    While I have all the books, I have not read Angel’s Judgement (Sara/Deacon). Not sure why not.

    IMO, one should definitely start with Angel’s Blood in order to get a true feel for the world. I can’t imagine starting off with any couple other than Elena/Raphael, two of my favorite characters.

    Galen and Jessamy are a wonderful couple and I enjoyed their story. Ashwini and Janvier are interesting also.

    I love the Angel world, which is pretty dark, btw. While I tire of violence and darkness, I have to admit I love the Angel world with Elena, Raphael and the Seven.

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