Asking for Trouble by Anna J. Stewart – a Review

Asking for Trouble by Anna J. Stewart – a Review


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The Tremaynes are one of the most prosperous families in Lantano Valley, California. But money can’t buy everything—especially when it comes to love…

Morgan Tramayne has a heart of gold, but to keep her children’s charity afloat she’s had to resort to some less than legal means: donations from a notorious cat burglar who targets the wealthy. It’s only a matter of time before Morgan’s criminal connection blows up in her face—especially since her undeniable attraction to the man heading the investigation keeps putting her in tricky situations.

Former police detective-turned-investigator Gage Juliano has two goals: salvaging his career and nabbing Lantano Valley’s present-day Robin Hood. But when he meets a beautiful, curvaceous woman who’s more interested in helping others than amassing a fortune like the rest of the town’s residents, Gage finds his desires pulled in an unexpected direction



Asking for Trouble by Anna J. Stewart is the first book in her Tremayne Family Romance series. This is the first book I have read by Stewart, and after finishing this book, it will not be my last. This was a wonderful sweet, romantic and heart wrenching story, that is not to be missed.

Morgan Tramayne is our heroine, and with the death of her mother, she stepped into handling the charity foundation of the Tramayne family, especially her children’s charity that she is in charge of. Morgan is emotionally involved building the new clinic, as well as taking into her home 4 sick children. But Morgan finds herself in too deep financially. She has used some of the charity funds to help pay for a dying child’s surgery to save him. Now due to the expenses from the new building, she is strapped for time to pay back what she borrowed. A cat burglar named Nemesis, who targets the wealthy, leaves funds for her to use at various times, and now she is forced to use it.

Gabe Juliano is our hero, a former cop, who is now an investigator for the Lantano Police Department. Gabe previously was involved in trying to find out who was Nemesis, whom many call the modern Robin Hood. Gabe finds himself becoming involved again, as he suspects there are some connections in town.

Morgan and Gabe meet at the charity foundation gala, and the attraction between them creates immediate sparks. Gabe is enthralled with the beautiful & vivacious Morgan, but she knowing he is a cop, tries to distance herself. Gabe is persistent, and soon finds himself meeting and becoming involved with the children that Morgan takes care of. Morgan agrees to meet Gabe’s family, which was fun, and in a short time the Juliano and Tremayne families begin to work together helping with jobs or to help with the kids. It was kind of funny to watch Gabe’s mother latch on to Morgan to convince her to marry her son. Lol

Gabe and Morgan’s romance begins to sizzle, and both know that they have fallen love with each other. But Nemesis investigation run by an FBI investigator who seems to be out to get the Tremaynes, puts a cramp in their relationship. Gabe must find a way to clear Morgan, and stop the investigator from his unwarranted attempt to destroy Morgan and her family, and at the same time, he is concerned if he trust Morgan again? You will have to read the book to find out. what happens.

This is a sweet beautiful romance, great couple, a nice mystery and two super families. There are some twists that will continue on into the next story. However, this is also a very emotional read, as we get attached to the children staying with Morgan, with some heartbreak.   Great story all the way around. I suggest you read this book, as it is not to be missed.

Reviewed by Barb

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