Asking for Trouble (Line of Duty #4) by Tessa Bailey-Book Tour and Review

ASKING FOR TROUBLE (Line of Duty #4 ) by Tessa Bailey-book tour and review


Line of Duty #4
by Tessa Bailey
Release Date: November 25, 2013


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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 25, 2013

Brent Mason and Hayden Winstead can’t stand each other. She plans exclusive parties for her rich familys charities. He’s a rough and tumble cop who rigs explosives for a living. Could two people be any less suited for conversation? They think not and prefer to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, their two best friends are deeply, disgustingly in love. Forced together, the mutual attraction simmering beneath the surface of Brent and Hayden’s non-relationship grows with every argument until it explodes into a scintillating night of mind-blowing sex. And it wont be the last, as far as Brent’s concerned.

Hayden has a secret, though. Her father’s company is relying on a merger to save them from financial ruin, and only Hayden’s marriage to the CEOs wealthy son can secure the deal. If she’s to protect her family, she’ll have to forget Brent. And he has no intention of being forgotten.


REVIEW: ASKING FOR TROUBLE is the fourth storyline in Tessa Bailey’s contemporary adult romance series-Line of Duty. Although Asking for Trouble is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone without too much difficulty, I would recommend reading in order as a few of the previous storyline characters play a significant role in each subsequent novel.

Asking for Trouble follows an enemy to lovers storyline that finds officer and part time mechanic Brent Mason and Hayden Winstead at each other’s throat. Hayden comes from money and Brent has always worked hard to earn every penny he has saved and spent but for some reason the duo are quick to judge each other based on where they live; what they do; and the bottom line. Close friends with Story and Daniel (the previous storyline characters) Brent and Hayden are forced into a companionable treaty when in the presence of their mutual friends.

Brent sees Hayden as a spoiled, rich girl who lives off of her family’s money and Hayden views Brent as a blue collar obnoxious ruffian without manners, morals or respect. But as the storyline develops we begin to learn that both have made an error in judgment and it is this mistake that will push each other’s proverbial buttons when it comes to sex and their building relationship-good or bad. And when Hayden must make a heartbreaking decision, it will be Brent who steps outside of his comfort zone to ensure that Hayden will be his-forever.

The relationship is acrimonious. The sarcastic taunts, name calling and aggression reads like foreplay when the couple begin to realize that there may be more to their relationship than ego, mistaken beliefs and hatred for one another. Attraction and love are vaguely disguised but the sexual tension is thick whenever they are together.

Asking For Trouble is a storyline about two people who have a difficult time seeing past the zip codes and fancy label packaging. But when all is said and done, once everything and everyone is stripped down, they are two people who will fall in love when the truth about the bottom line is finally revealed.

Reading Order

Protecting What’s His
His Risk To Take
Officer Off Limits
Asking for Trouble

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Reviewed by Sandy

About The author

Tessa BaileyThank you for your interest in my books! I’m Tessa and I live in the crazy, loud, overcrowded borough of Brooklyn, New York. I love it here. This city is a constant source of inspiration, which is why I’ve decided to set my most recent books in the Line of Duty Series here.

I moved to New York when I was eighteen, the day after I graduated high school. Threw my suitcase in the back of a Chevrolet Cavalier and drove across the country to find my adventure. I’m still finding it, little by little.

Thank you for being a part of it.

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