Aura by M.A.Abraham -a review

AURA by M.A.Abraham-a review


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AURA is a fantasy romance novel written by M.A. Abraham that focuses on a young woman whose need to escape the family will find her travelling back in time to a place that is familiar -yet not. Loved by her step-father and disregarded by her own mother, Aura will pack up her things and head into the unknown where she will awaken several centuries earlier, in a world run by feudal Lords and drunken men.

The reader is taken on a journey that follows Aura as she endeavors to discover where she belongs in the grand scheme of life but Aura’s life has not been full of happiness and sunshine, and to some extent the young woman is a product of her own making.  Like many emotionally neglected children, our heroine will develop an armor that prevents anyone from getting too close, but in doing so the character read as unapproachable and cold-it is only my opinion but others may see something else.  It was uncomfortable at times to ‘watch’ as Aura would deliberately sabotage any attempts at friendship believing she needed no other than herself and her pup. 

Aura’s life is not that unusual for many children of second marriages but in this particular case it is Aura’s own family that has a difficult time accepting her. There is something very Cinderella-esque about the story. We are not privy to the intimate details of what transpired between Aura’s mother and biological father, and in that sense, something is missing. Aura is a constant reminder of a bitter past and with that comes the knowledge that she is unwanted.  In this, Aura believes that to survive, she can only depend on herself in the long run and she is the one who truly knows what it is she wants.  We watch as Aura survives in another world for two years (basically alone but for a few days) almost blending into the background but it is her persona on the battlefield that will have everyone standing up and taking notice.

For me, Aura is a difficult character to like.  She can be rude, condescending and sarcastic (and not in the humor department).  She is a feminist at heart-and refuses to give any man the benefit of doubt-even the man who may one day call her wife.  At times, her reaction to men came in the form of a patronizing comment and dismissive attitude. Aura has built a wall that she uses as a shield to protect herself from emotional harm. But in the end, Aura will discover that you can never go home, especially when her heart is lost to a man in another time.

The majority of AURA is a written narrative.   As the character of Aura is alone for a good portion of the novel, it is the narration that carries most of the storyline and we learn very little about the other characters. There is some back and forth with the time-line but there is no explanation as to how or why Aura initially travelled between the times (although Aura and Thorn first meet in a dream) but in the end, it is her faith that must get her to where she wants to go.

Aura is a well-written storyline of one woman’s journey of self-discovery. M.A. Abraham has delved into one woman’s psyche and given us a glimpse into the inner turmoil between what the heart wants and what the mind knows.

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Reviewed by Sandy


37 thoughts on “Aura by M.A.Abraham -a review

  1. An honest and detailed review, Sandy. I have not had the chance to read this book, but I look forward to reading it. Aura growing up in a difficult childhood, would make them bitter and distrustful. They key is to find the right person to change your perspective. I also look forward to the time travel aspect. This is a new storyline for M.A. Abraham, as I have read all of the Elven Chronicles.

  2. Good review Sandy . I have a different opinion. Loved Aura and understood why she was so self contained. I thought the story and had great secondary characters that added to the story. I loved it.

  3. Interesting review, this is a very difficult subject and I find it interesting. I’m in the middle of the books you put up for me to review…but it’s a little similar and yet not…hummmm. Very interesting.

  4. Great review Sandy, got to love controversy… lol. I wrote Aura many years ago and never had the inclination to dust it off until this last year. She was a difficult character to write and many people see her in different ways.

      • A few found her a bit benign. Unfeeling towards Thorn. Another thought she was fantastic a little too perfect (that I couldn’t see and told her so) Aura has lots of faults, the main one, she is scared of hurting, and she has no faith or understanding of what love is. Thorn is easier… EVERYONE loved Thorn… lol. 😀

  5. Good review sandy. I can’t wait to read this one. As soon as I catch up in the Elven Chronicles and a few other series I’ll b good to go to check out Aura. Man where dies the time go

  6. Sandy Thank you for a good review. I appreciate your honesty as not all of the books we read we will “see” in the same way. I do have to disagree with you. I really could see Aura, her youth and her fears. She came across scared and unloved. Hard to fall into loving mode when she had known nothing of it all her life. And Thorn was accomplished on the battle field but not in dealing with a woman of principal and worth. I, personally, am having more trouble “liking” Thorn and I do not feel sorry for him one bit. He got what he deserved. He tried to rape Aura and there is not a justification for that in an world. (Now this is just my opinion)
    This is a story one will either love or hate the characters but really shows the diversity of writing that Mary Ann is accomplishing.
    Keep writing Mary Ann and more than the Elf’s. I like this one also. I know that they are your “kids” and you love them all.

    • The great thing about reading books is that not everyone sees it the same way. I have read some books lately that I didn’t like the characters, and when you read on Amazon or Goodreads, the reviewers there loved them. But that’s what makes this fun, to agree to disagree, and why. lol

      • I know where you are coming from Barb, I am trying to read a book that is very highly rated, everyone seemed to love it, but I am barely half way through it after 5 weeks… it is going to get put aside while I go on to others because I can’t get into it.

        Katie, I am shocked, you don’t like Thorn! Anyone Who has come back at me with an opinion gave me the feeling that the man could do no wrong. LOL. I found his character easier to write than Aura’s.

        • May I add my 2cents. Sorry if I am intruding.

          But what I understand is that Sandy enjoyed and liked the book but had a difficult time with Aura. From her review she says that the character is rude, condescending and sarcastic and for me, that would be a turn-off in ‘real life’ as well. If I met a person with those attributes and attitude I would probably not like or accept them as well. I think as readers, we see the whole story, but in reality these ‘attributes’ would send most people walking the other way.

          Sandy is not condemning the story, in fact it looks like she liked the storyline, but she had a difficult time with Aura’s personality. In real life, most of us would not have put up with such an attitude from most people.

          Yes, I know the novel is not real life, but sometimes a character’s attitude can be a turn off. We have all read books where the hero/heroine is a nasty piece of work-personally and emotionally- and it can actually turn us off the entire book. I don’t see Sandy as being turned off by the book-she just didn’t like the character.

          • I agree Alicia… so much is left for interpretation in a book we all tend to insert our own ideas and run with it… believe me, sarcastic people in real life leave me cold as well.

            I love Sandy’s reviews.

          • It is a story and it is what it is. This was my opinion and I had no intension of negating Sandy review. I’m sorry Sandy if that is what came across.

    • Hi Katie. I have to say first of all-I ENJOYED AURA. My issue was with Aura’s attitude especially towards men. I did not see Thorn as attempting to rape Aura, but as being a little too forceful in his attempts for contact etc. Rape is a major issue with me and I did not see what he did as attempted rape. As we have read in The Carpathian series by CF, almost all of her male characters technically assault their mates yet we do not get angry at these men-even Mikhail, Gregori, Rafael, etc sexually assault their mates the first time.

      Aura’s overall attitude was from the start and in that she was difficult for me to like. But I have talked with MaryAnn and she has explained that the story was written with ‘missing information’. We do NOT know what happened between Aura’s biological father and her mother, therefore we do not know what was said to Aura growing up. And as a reader, we are privy to some background information where the characters are not and that makes us look at the hero/heroines on a whole different level. WE know about the Carpathian’s need etc and we accept that they basically force their mates into a relationship -to save their lives-but again, as a reader we are aware of the ‘need’ and accept it.

      But, in this, Aura’s attitude with all men and even many of the women was dismissive and THAT I did not like. She came across as cold and uncaring at times-no matter what was transpiring. As Alicia said below, if someone in the real world acted like that, she would be friendless and without companionship most of her life and would definitely need her ‘pup’ for a friend.

      But again, if Mary Ann’s storylines can provoke this much controversy and talk between us….Mary Ann is the WINNER….

      • In the rough copy there was a comment that said that Aura’s mother was abandoned by her boyfriend when he found out she was pregnant… it was removed by the editor as being… unnecessary. She didn’t think it would matter in the great scheme of things. lol. Looks like I should have insisted it stay in, then again, what do I know?

  7. I think it was an honest and good review! Controversy, is what makes things in life exciting and why we have so many genres of books! Great job Sandy. I will admit I am so far only part way into the book however, I like Aura’s character thus far. I think the biggest thing for either liking or hating her character that makes a difference is a sense of …. empathy? (I am unsure if this is the best choice in word.) I understand her feelings so far towards men and the bitterness and feeling the need for almost protection. We shall say I had a mother that was much the same as Aura’s. She was no where as cruel in the ways of Aura’s but was just as mean when it came to the reminders of her ex and the warnings of men. For that reason I identify with her. I was personally poisoned towards men from a young age so feel the same sometimes as Aura. At the same time sarcastic and bitter people bother me – so perhaps her character will start to rub me the wrong way.

  8. I found Aura a strong character, yet emotionally vulnerable when faced with difficult situations. Yet for all of that I found myself drawn into this book, i thoroughly enjoyed this book and am anticipating the next M.A Abraham novel and short stories

  9. It looks like I’m very late to this review, but I honestly do try to keep up!

    Sandy, your review as always is honest from the readers heart. Something I truly admire about your reviews. I’ve not yet had the opportunity to read this book yet, but I really love your insight and everyone’s comments and insights. I read all of Mary Ann’s books just like I read all of Christine Feehan’s and Lisa Kleypas. Sometimes you find an author you like and you just want more.

    Although I’ve not yet read the book it sounds as if the main character(s) are flawed and I really love flawed characters. I’m looking forward to this read.
    Thanks again for all you do to help us readers and authors out there!

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