BARED TO YOU by Sylvia Day-a new release review

BARED TO YOU by Sylvia Day

BARED TO YOU is the premiere novel and new release (April 3, 2012) for Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series. Sylvia introduces Gideon Cross a billionaire with multi-corporations and financial investments, and Eva Tramell, a 24 year old woman with a new job and a new outlook on life.

Eva Tramell was hoping to make an impression on her first day at Crossfire Industries, but landing hard on her ass in the foyer wasn’t how she had hoped to impress. And worse, the beautiful sexy, dark and dangerous man who rescued her pride was none other than Gideon Cross, owner and financier. Eva’s position to a junior ad exec was just what she was hoping for to allow her to break free of her mother and step-father’s need to control. But Eva was hiding a painful past, one that her mother was unable to forget and her step-father had paid to hide.

Gideon Cross is a man of power and wealth. Along with the money came responsibilities to him employees, his corporations and to the many charities he had chosen to support and back, including one specifically for abused and battered children. But the sight of that beautiful blonde woman landing on the floor was something he would not forget. She stirred something inside, he had long forgotten. Along with his power and money, came the people, especially the women who wanted to know Gideon Cross, but Gideon was one to hold back secrets. And like Eva, Gideon too, hid a horrible past that would haunt him night after night.

Eva and her boss Mark worked well together. They became quick friends and along with his boyfriend Steve, Mark tried to ensure that Eva was accepted. The many layouts and presentations together were successful and caught the eye of Gideon Cross. And there was a sexual tension growing between Eva and Gideon that was palpable by the many employees at Cross Industries. Mark took it upon himself to not only chastise Eva but to warn her about the repercussions of becoming involved with an office romance. Although Eva was quick to turn aside all of Gideon’s advances, the couple were heading into a relationship built on sexual attraction and need. On the night of the dinner for the Battered Children’s charity, Eva could no longer resist the desire and need growing between she and Gideon. But Gideon’s quick exit and disappearance from the function left Eva feeling cold and used. She did not want to be his latest conquest.

But not all was what it seems. Gideon’s need for Eva grows to an obsession. He is unable to describe his desire and need, but only that he is growing jealous of her friendships with others including Mark and her roommate Cary. Cary is a bisexual man and a model, with a dark history of drugs and abuse. When Cary thinks he has finally found love with Trey, he goes about sabotaging his relationship with one-night stands and sexual games. And only Eva is willing to help Cary back from the brink. But she may not be strong enough to save Cary from the disaster he is fast approaching.

Gideon and Eva’s relationship is filled with sexual encounters and daily affirmations. And the lover’s are fragile. There is a hunger for each other that is not easily quenched, but trust is hard to gain. Both have been hurt, literally, and their trust in one another is slow to develop. Gideon admits his need to control, but when he suggests that Eva willingly submit to his demands, she must admit something about her past that could end their relationship. Surprised by his reaction, Eva was hoping Gideon was able to confide his secrets to her. But the nightly terrors that ride Gideon in his sleep only grow until their relationship is threatened. Hoping to ease some of Gideon’s pain, Eva suggests couples therapy and is pleased when Gideon is willing to try. But Gideon still is unable to talk about the many demons that ride him hard. There is a family history of pain and suicide, depression and neglect, and Eva is only now discovering that the man she has fallen in love (with); the billionaire corporate CEO; the man desired by every woman; the man who looks more put together than anyone she has ever seen is so fragile and in so much pain.

Eva’s past is hard for Gideon, and perhaps that is one reason he is unwilling to talk about his own. But when Eva is finally introduced to a woman who was once a significant part of Gideon’s life, she is unable to control the hurt, anger and jealousy that engulf. Eva feels betrayed with the knowledge that Gideon is keeping secret much of his past. And it will take a much longer time to learn to forgive and forget, when everyone is ignoring the  giant elephant standing in the room.

Bared to You is an erotic story that centers on the relationship between two dysfunctional people, who are both trying to swim in a sea of pain and sorrow. Eva’s past is revealed but Gideon’s history is one that we have yet to learn. There are many skeletons in the proverbial family closet and hopefully Sylvia will reveal more in her next Crossfire novel-Deeper In You. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this novel, but I was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes the first novel in any new series if filled with too much background information, but Bared to You had just enough and left me wanting more.  I am looking forward to Deeper In You.  

Reviewed by Sandy

Bared to You was supplied by Netgalley.


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    • Hi Alisha…Bared to You was a fantastic start to Sylvia’s new Crossfire series….eerily similar to Fifty Shades of Grey series….cannot wait to find out what has triggered Gideon’s nightmares…..

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