Bayon and Jean-Baptiste: Bayou Heat 3&4 by Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy

BAYOU HEAT 3 & 4 (Bayon and Jean-Baptiste) by Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy-a review

Bayou Heat trilogy 2

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Release Date:  April 11, 2013

BAYOU HEAT (Bayon and Jean/Baptiste) picks up immediately following the events of the previous storyline. The Pantera are a puma-shifting, Wildlands living group of inhabitants who have been cursed with infertility with the possibility of extinction. But now that Raphael’s human mate is expecting the first cub in over fifty years, everything goes from bad to worse, when it appears black magic is being used against the Panthera to prevent the continuation of the species.

BAYON is the third storyline in the Bayou Heat series. Bayon is a Hunter. On the search for the source of black magic affecting Ashe and her unborn child, he will soon discover that the woman he long thought was missing and dead, has been held captive for nearly twenty five years. Freeing his would be mate reveals plenty of information especially when she reveals that the people who had set her up were two of their very own shifters.

JEAN-BAPTISTE is the fourth storyline and a little more complicated. Jean-Baptiste is having difficulty controlling his cat so he resorts to getting tatooed with specially infused ink that keeps his baser instincts at bay. But when he is sent on assignment to retrieve a voodoun priestess, he is beyond words when a Suit is sent along for the ride-Genevieve Burel-a top negotiator in the arts of persuasion. Only this time, the only one needing persuading is Genevieve herself when Jean-Baptiste’s cat claims to have found its mate

BAYOU HEAT –Bayon and Jean-Baptiste is another welcome addition to the continuing saga of the Pantera shifters in the Wildlands of Louisiana. The sexual chemistry in each of the storylines will make you growl and purr like the cat we all want to be. Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy bring together a secretive species that is trying to stave off extinction at the hands of curse brought about by sibling rivalry taken to the extreme.

Reviewed by Sandy


8 thoughts on “Bayon and Jean-Baptiste: Bayou Heat 3&4 by Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy

  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. When you did the review on the first book, I bought it and read it last week ( I had a little time to read something of my kindle tbr lol). I really enjoyed it, and yesterday bought this book. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. Sweet review Sandy. Sounds like a very sweet read and can’t wait to go out and get these books . Thanks Oh I hope they have these in book form , fingers crossed.

  3. I’ve read all of Alexandria Ivy’s series. I’ll purchase this series on my ereader. Sounds very good and the price is soooooo right. Thanks Sandy!

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