Be Witched (Novella) by H.P. Mallory-a review

BE WITCHED (Jolie Wilkins/Rand Balfour novella) by HP Mallory

BE WITCHED (Jolie Wilkins/Rand Balfour novella) by HP Mallory

Sinjin Sinclair and Rand Balfour were now aligned in the war between Bella and the supernatural powers. While recovering from her recent run-in with the Dougal the fairy, fighting for her life as well as the promise of support by King Ordan of the Fae, Jolie was unaware that the vampire and the warlock were in a war of words over the right to claim Jolie as their own.

Rand’s feelings for Jolie were confusing. He had refused to claim Jolie as his own, knowing that the relationship between witches and warlocks were for life. He had promised to protector her and guard her with his life, but his fight with Sinjin would be interrupted by a scream and an attack against Jolie by another of the supernatural powers.

Vampires and Witches were immune to one another’s powers therefore Rand must bespell Jolie so that Sinjin can heal her wounds. But the allure of a vampire’s sexuality during a feed was too much for Jolie, and she fell prey to the sexual desires and the site and images were overwhelming to Rand who had yet to reveal the true extent of his feelings for Jolie.

Rand’s need to be close to Jolie would find them together, but once again Rand’s sense of honor would hold him back from staking a claim on Jolie. Rejected and feeling betrayed, Jolie would force Rand to make a decision that would affect both of their lives. But Rand had a secret and Jolie was too hurt to realize that his feelings went beyond protector and friend, but to lover and mate.

BE WITCHED is a short story that looks at the relationship between Sinjin, Rand and Jolie. Both males desire Jolie, but it is Rand’s growing feelings for Jolie that could place them both in danger. A welcome addition to HP Mallory’s Jolie Wilkins series.

1. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
2. Toil and Trouble
3. Be Witched
4. Witchful Thinking
5. The Witch is Back
6. Something Witchy This Way Comes

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