Because You Are Mine-Part #1: BECAUSE YOU TEMPT ME by Beth Kery-a review

Because You Are Mine-Book #1:  BECAUSE YOU TEMPT ME by Beth Kery-a review

BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE-Because You Tempt Me by Beth Kery

BECAUSE YOU TEMPT ME is the first novella in Beth Kery’s 8 part novella “Because You Are Mine” series. Each week beginning July 31, the publisher will release a subsequent novella in the series culminating on September 18 with Because I Am Yours.

Ian Noble is a billionaire Internet mogul. Making his first billion before the age of thirty Ian thought he knew what he wanted. Descended from royalty, he dined with the rich and famous, required order in his life, and a felt the emptiness of being alone. But a piece of art, painted by Francesca Arno called to his very soul. Had she known whom she had painted?

Francesca Arno is a starving artist struggling to finish her master of fine arts degree. But finishing first in the “Far Sight’ art competition would land her commissioned work in one of Chicago’s newest buildings owned by Noble Enterprises and help pay her debts for a very long time. And when Ian Noble suggests she paints the skyline seen from his penthouse window, it is all she can do not to question his motives. She was in way over her head.

Ian kept his distance. Travelling for days at a time, he suddenly had the urge to find Francesca. His thoughts were constantly turning to the beautiful woman with whom he wanted something more. But Ian had a secret-demons that road him hard. And his need to control overrides a desire to love.

Fencing with his friend Lucien, Ian had a secondary outlet for his pent-up frustrations and pain. But the day Francesca walked into his fencing studio, all bets were off, when she agreed to pick up the blade and duel with the billionaire mogul in more ways than one.

BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE-Because You Tempt Me is a very fast read. Basically a couple chapters in length, the novella quickly introduces the two main characters about whom the series will focus. Ian Noble has many secrets and considers himself a reluctant Dom, but at this point in the story we are privy to one ‘sexual’ encounter of a personal nature, and he was definitely the dominant at the time.

With the popularity of Fifty Shades, the similar storylines are flooding the market-the heroes are hiding a secret past and trying to find their way in life. Success and money definitely do not buy happiness or peace of mind. Guilt and shame, acceptance and love are the overriding themes to the premise of these novels. Because You Tempt Me only hints at the potential for such a storyline but the character of Ian is screaming for help without ever considering the consequences of his actions.

Reviewed by Sandy

LINKS TO PRE-ORDER:  Because You are Mine-8 part e-novella series by Beth Kery at

July 31, 2012———–Book 1
Because You Tempt Me
August 7, 2012———Book 2
Because I Could Not Resist
August 14, 2012——–Book 3
Because You Haunt Me
August 21, 2012——–Book 4
Because You Must Learn
August 28, 2012——–Book 5
Because I Said So
September 4, 2012—–Book 6
Because You Torment Me
September 11, 2012—-Book 7
Because I Need To
September 18, 2012—-Book 8
Because I am Yours



7 thoughts on “Because You Are Mine-Part #1: BECAUSE YOU TEMPT ME by Beth Kery-a review

  1. Wow, very nice review, Sandy. Interesting beginning, certainly makes you want to see the next installment. Also an interesting concept, not sure if i like the idea, but I guess if it was a full book, it would not be cheaper, since each monthly installment is 1.99 at Amazon. I will be following this.

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  3. Great job, Sandy. I would assume that Ian and Francesca’s relationship evolves and turns into a mutually accepting relationship. Having swooned all over 50, I am curious to see how Ms. Kery handles such a heavy issue. Thanks!!

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