Beverly’s Rebirth (Six Saviors 3.5) by Carly Fall-a review

Beverly’s Rebirth (Six Saviors 3.5) by Carly Fall-a review


BEVERLY’S REBIRTH (Six Saviors Novella) by Carly Fall

ABOUT THE BOOK:  Released January 2013

This is the book that was never supposed to be written. It was inspired by fans of the Six Saviors Series who wanted a little more of Beverly and Hudson from REBORN. If you haven’t read REBORN, this book is not for you.

There’s no doubt that Beverly has had her share of ups and downs. When we last left her in REBORN, she had told Hudson that she was pregnant with his child, he was happy about it, and they were about to be mated.

In Destiny’s Shift, we see Beverly and Hudson happy with their baby, but what happened in between those two books?

A lot.

This is Beverly’s journey into motherhood.  And it’s not an easy ride.  This book also answers the question that many readers emailed me about: What are they going to do with Beverly being fully human?


Background: 6 saviors warriors from planet SR44: Rayner, Hudson, Noah, Cohen, Jovan & Talin. The warriors were sent to earth 212 years ago to stop and eradicate the 12 murderers who escaped from one of the moon colonies of planet SR44. The Colonists, as they were soon called, made their way to Earth, took the human body form, mated with the females and populated the earth with Colonist DNA. The savior warriors are part of the elite military from planet SR44, commissioned to remove the Colonists from Earth. The beings on planet SR44 are incorporeal bodies of mist and smoke, each bearing a different color, but in their corporeal bodies on Earth, their eyes will glow their familiar- planet SR44 color each evening.

REVIEW:  Beverly’s Rebirth follows Beverly and Hudson as they traverse the minefield known as pregnancy and birth.  But unlike most humans, Beverly is about to give birth to a child that is half human/half SR44-in other words-a different species.  Without any prior knowledge, Beverly and Hudson, along with Cohen must endeavor to deliver a baby into the world-only everything does not go according to plan.

Part of the storyline takes Beverly on a journey of faith and rebirth and, one that is personal as well as otherworldly.  While Beverly tries to understand and convince the higher powers where it is she wants to be, Hudson must remain behind and convince himself that all is not lost-which isn’t easy when his entire life comes crashing down around him. 

There are some moments that will be familiar to every woman who has ever given birth-the need to strangle one’s mate comes to mind.  And there are moments of heartbreak and sorrow when a man thinks he has lost –his everything.

 Beverly’s Rebirth is a well-written, short story that fills in the missing information between Reborn and Destiny’s Shift.  And like Carly pointed out, you must read the series to understand the storyline and premise.  Without the background information and previous personal history, this novella will be lost to anyone who has not had the opportunity to read the series.  Carly’s Six Savior series is a must read for fans of the paranormal with a slight-very slight-science fiction premise (if only because our amazing heroes are from another planet). I want my own SR44ian

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 Reading Order

  1. The Light Within Me
  2. Finding My Faith
  3. Reborn
  4. Beverly’s Rebirth
  5. Destiny’s Shift

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Copy supplied by the author.


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  1. Me, too! Me, too! I want my own SR44ian!!! I would love to start this at the beginning to understand the world building and nuances. I’m super interested!

  2. Thank you for sharing with us. I have not read this series, but have heard good things. I follow a lot of sites so will often drop by for a weekly visit to get caught up on recent posts. I am glad I came by today and could get caught up on the fun.

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