Beyond the Cut (Sinner’s Tribe MC #2) by Sarah Castille-a review

BEYOND THE CUT (Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club #2) by Sarah Castille-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 2, 2015

As a teen, Dawn ran from a life on the streets straight into the arms of Jimmy “Mad Dog” Sanchez, a biker who promised to be her knight in shining armor. But his love was just another cage. Years later, Dawn’s former life still has its hooks in her and she’ll do whatever it takes to break free. When Cade “Ryder” O’Connor, a member of a rival club, makes her an offer, Dawn finds herself in a different, hotter kind of trouble with one irresistible Sinner…

Cade is an outlaw biker with allegiance to one thing and one thing only: The Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club. But when it comes to the stunningly sexy, fiercely independent Dawn Delgado, Cade finds himself…hungrier for more. Trouble is on Dawn’s heels and he wants to be the answer to her prayers, whether she wants him to be or not. What can’t be denied is the red-hot attraction between them. However, as they fall deeper, the danger rises and Cade may have to sacrifice it all…


REVIEW: BEYOND THE CUT is the second installment in Sarah Castille’s adult, contemporary Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club erotic, romance series focusing on the men and women of the Sinner’s Tribe MC. This is outlaw biker (and second in command) Cade O’Connor, and waitress Dawn Delgado’s storyline. BEYOND THE CUT can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous storyline is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Cade and Dawn), BEYOND THE CUT follows the second chance romance between Cade and former ‘old lady’ to Jimmy ‘Mad Dog’ Sanchez- Dawn Delgado. Mad Dog is looking to take control of the Brethren-a rival MC club- and will do everything he can to make it happen, including destroying what’s left of Dawn’s heart and soul. As a young woman, Dawn was homeless and looking for someone to protect her from the world and all of its’ evil-enter sadistic outlaw biker Mad Dog Sanchez-the man who would take Dawn’s humanity and the children she so dearly loved. As the storyline develops we discover that one year earlier, Dawn and Cade spent two wild nights together but Dawn refused to get involved with another biker or MC club. What ensues is a rekindling of Dawn and Cade’s relationship, and the steps Mad Dog goes to steal back the woman he despises and hates.

The relationship between Cade and Dawn is one of second chances. Cade is an alpha male; an outlaw biker whose first allegiance is to the Sinner’s Tribe MC but discovering Dawn was still in town brought back the memories and questions about their short time together. As Cade continues to pursue Dawn, Dawn’s life and those of her children are threatened by Mad Dog and the people hoping to take down the Sinner’s Tribe MC Club. The numerous $ex scenes are erotic, passionate, provocative and intense. Cade is a bit of a man-whore, and in this he knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to let Dawn know. The push and pull of the relationship heightens as local law enforcement (Doug Benson) tries to take Dawn into witness protection for her safety and that of her children. To help protect Dawn from the rival gangs, she must officially become Cade’s old lady.

The secondary and supporting characters included many of the Sinner’s Tribe MC members whom we met in ROUGH JUSTICE-book one of the STMC series; Zane, Dax, Gunner, T-Rex, Sinner’s Tribe President Jagger and his old lady Arianne, Banks –our mysterious bar owner whose past life is dangerous and dark, and the new prospect Hacker whose business is all about the computers. We are also introduced to Mad Dog and his group of sadistic bikers whose only care is power and control; and Mad Dog’s sister Shelly-Ann whose own life is tied to her brother’s MC. Viper and the smarmy Bunny return for some familiarity and cohesion. Where the Sinner’s Tribe is all about the Brotherhood and, protecting the women and children, the other MC clubs treat all others with disrespect and hatred.

BEYOND THE CUT is a storyline with graphic sex and violence. There are murders, torture, assaults, kidnappings and horrendous threats but the majority of the imagery is behind the scenes and left to the reader’s imagination. We get a third hand accounting of what went down; we are witness to the aftermath on many occasions but that is not to say we are unaware or closed off from the action. There is plenty of action, drama and intense suspense as the storyline unfolds and a war between the rival gangs is building on the horizon.

Sarah Castille pulls the reader into the dangerous world of outlaw bikers and the women they love. There is no romanticizing the lifestyle-it is what it is-rough, aggressive, gritty, distressing, abrasive, destructive and oft times fatal. Sarah’s heroes are human, fallible and tragic; her heroines desperate and in need of protection and love. The storyline is intense and dramatic; the characters engaging and charismatic; the romance encouraging and hot.

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Reviewed by Sandy

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 3, 2015


Raised in a motorcycle gang, tough, beautiful Arianne Hunter has always dreamed of a normal life. But no sooner does she escape her father’s domineering grasp than she wakes up to find herself in a rival gang’s clubhouse—at the mercy of the dangerously sexy Jagger Knight.


The alpha leader of the notorious Sinner’s Tribe, Jagger Knight is all muscle, all biker, and all man. But somewhere inside this hard tattooed outlaw, Arianne senses a kindred spirit—and she can’t ignore their tempestuous attraction. Can she beat him at his own game in a revved-up blaze of glory? Or will their passion spark a war that’s the end of the road for them both?


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