Beyond the Myth by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

Beyond the Myth by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

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Darlene Stanton is an archeologist, born and raised in the field by her archeologist parents, along with her twin, Derek. They appear to have it all, fame and fortune, for they are top of their field. They are sought out for their expertise in the field and the prestige they bring to each job they do, which is why they have been hired to check out the myth and island where it originated. There is more to the myth than they expect.

Blond and beautiful, Darlene has hidden herself behind her work and an icy shield that is meant to keep people at bay. She discovers more than she can handle when they get caught up in the reality of the myth on the site she is working on with her brother.

Atl is one of the leader’s sons, and he wants nothing more than to marry his childhood sweetheart, until he meets Darlene. She is beautiful, spirited, and nearly more than he can handle in the beginning. She is also suffering from shock from all the changes she has been forced to face in the few days before they met.

Ripped from her home planet, forced into a relationship, and lifestyle that is totally alien to everything she knows, Darlene fights to regain some form of stability in her life, while Derek settles into their new lifestyles without a problem. It doesn’t help when the handsome man who owns her is so charismatic that she can barely keep her hands off of him. She knows he didn’t want her anymore than she does him, but there is nothing either of them can do to change things. How is she to face the reality of her life, beyond the myth?



Beyond the Myth by M.A. Abraham is a standalone Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel.  Darlene and Derek Stanton, brother and sister twins, are world renown archeologists.  They are famous, rich and always in demand; but they are selective and expensive in accepting jobs.  Despite her dire feelings, Darlene agrees with Derek to accept their next adventure on a newly discovered island that holds a mysterious myth.  When they begin exploring, they sense that this is not things they normally handle from the past, but something more advanced into the future. Derek will accidently touch one of the artifacts, which will bring them into a new world and change their lives forever.

Darlene and Derek are not only smart and independent, but they are both beautiful.  She being more distant and cold, and he being a fun loving playboy.  But in this new planet, things are totally different, and due to their attractive looks, they will be sold to another local area.  On a ship, they find that they have been promised as mates to the leader’s son and daughter.  Derek will adapt well, but Darlene will have a very hard time in an alien world, that takes away her freedom.  She finds Atl, her prospective mate, very attractive and he too is forced into this relationship.  But Atl turns out to be a great hero, and someone who loves the spirited, and feisty attitude of Darlene.  Just when she slowly begins to care about Atl, and finds herself learning more about helping with the land and the ship, the wool is pulled out from under her once again.   With Darlene’s help, the leader is able to return to their homeland after 1500 years, but the new King now has his eyes on Darlene, and will do anything to break up her and Atl.

Rather than tell too much more, what follows is an interesting story line, as well as a very nice romance. I really liked Atl, his father (leader), and sister.  Derek was also very good, especially being in a different world.  Darlene was the main character, and I liked her too. However, I did think at times I wanted to smack her, as her stubbornness was annoying.  Granted, her life was totally torn apart, but at times I found her continued refusal to adapt to Atl and his life irritating; but in the end, Darlene’s strength, smarts and independence will help them.  Overall, it was a great story line, and I am amazed by M.A. Abraham’s wonderful imagination in bringing us different & new stories.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy supplied for review



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  1. Another nice review, thanks Barb. Congrats to MA on the new release. Looks like an interesting story line but I am not a fan of the alpha female who straddles the line between confident and b*tch.

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