Beyond The Past (Supernatural Renegades #2) by Carly Fall-a review

BEYOND THE PAST (Supernatural Renegades #2) by Carly Fall-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 13, 2014

While trapped in a convenience store on a snowy New Year’s Eve, Marine Lucas Tate made a promise to his childhood sweetheart and future wife, Gabby—he would never leave her side again.

Twelve years later, he’s done just that…

While serving in Guatemala, Lucas survived an accident that left him with the supernatural capability of seeing visions of people dying before they actually do. To protect Gabby from his secret and those who gave him the ability, Lucas leaves her, drops out of society, and becomes homeless on the streets of Reno, Nevada—until, one day, he is given a chance at a new life by a stranger who calls himself Joe Smith, on the condition that he sober up and regain his physical strength.

Anger and sadness become Gabby Tate’s companions as she struggles to get by without her husband. In her search for answers, she finds herself caught up in a world she never knew existed, and suffers greatly at the hands of those hunting Lucas.

Reunited by fate, Lucas and Gabby must join forces to stop his persecutors. Through betrayal and heartbreak, Lucas must reveal his secrets to Gabby, who is now faced with the biggest decision of her life: Can she go beyond the past and forgive Lucas for breaking his promise to her not once, but twice?


REVIEW: BEYOND THE PAST is the second installment in Carly Fall’s contemporary, adult Supernatural Renegades paranormal romance series focusing on a team of former marines whose last secret mission to Guatemala left each member of the platoon with a supernatural power. This is former marine Lucas Tate and realtor Gabby Tate’s storyline. Although this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone without too much difficulty.

The focus of the series follows each Marine as he returns home to a different world. The military demands complete silence and secrecy from each of the returnees otherwise termination –from life-is next on the horizon. Life will become too difficult and lonely when the government orders complete compliance resulting in emotional and physical stress for each of our survivors. While Lucas roams the streets of Reno –homeless and hungry-his wife of twelve years finds herself the victim of a brutal attack and kidnapping.

The relationship between Gabby and Lucas has already been established but twelve years of marriage has been destroyed by the dark and dangerous secrets Lucas is unable to reveal. With the increasing threats escalading against his wife and his life, Lucas decides Gabby will be safer if he disappeared for good. But an unexpected meeting from a former member of his platoon will put everything into perspective when he is given a chance to clean up and move forward with his life. Enter the mysterious Joe Smith who makes Lucas an offer he cannot refuse.

We are introduced to Garrett ‘Honey’ Bloom, another former marine buddy whose specialized talent is for the ‘bears’. While Lucas’s ability to see visions of impending death leaves him haunted and exhausted, Garrett’s ability is more animalistic in behavior and nature. Joe Smith returns as the mentor each marine will need to survive as he begins to amass a private firm of protectors for the rich and famous. Brody and Rayna from book one BY SEA return when Lucas and Gabby get a bit of time for a little R&R. The government’s secret ‘Group Nine’ continue to hunt for each of the missing marines and in this there are many more stories to tell.

BEYOND THE PAST is a storyline of suspense, action, second chances and love. A government experiment that went horribly wrong has resulted in changed lives and damaged DNA yet we are no closer to uncovering the who and the why. I think a little more background information is needed.

Carly Fall writes from the heart: her heroes are human, vulnerable and real, and their stories are heartbreaking and sad. The little bit of supernatural storyline blends easily with the contemporary world of romance and love. Our heroes will get their happily ever after but it won’t always be an easy path they follow.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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