BIG GAME (The V.V.Inn #3) by C.J.Ellisson

BIG GAME (The V.V. Inn #3) by C.J.Ellisson

BIG GAME (The V V Inn Book 3) by C.J. Ellisson

NOTE: Series contains mature adult content

BIG GAME is the third book in C.J. Ellisson’s vampire series of novels featuring Vivian Alexandria-a powerful sexy ancient vampire with the ability to manipulate reality and the world around her including fulfilling sexual desires and fantasies all with her powers of ‘suggestion’. But her power has been concealed from those who wish to destroy everything that she is-but someone in the Tribunal knows. The novel is written from varying point of views, but each chapter focuses on what is happening at various points in the story. From Alaska, to Argentina to Buenos Aries, there are three storylines all culminating in the final chapter.

Vivian (Dria) and her husband Rafe are heading to Argentina, to the gathering of the Tribunal in the Seat of the Darkness on a mission to determine who is trying to uncover Dria’s secrets. Members of her seethe are along for the trip, but will stay behind and be called in only when things become too dangerous. As members of her seethe, their allegiances and oath to protect Dria and her mate are their top priority. Left behind to their own defenses, it will soon become apparent that the human family that has been credited with keeping up with the property is no longer in control of their own minds.

Meanwhile Jon and Asa must remain behind in Alaska. A very large contingent of werewolves are heading to the V.V inn for Big Game hunting on the frozen tundra and the packs must be protected and ensured that all is safe. But Jon is not pleased that he must remain behind, when he knows that his position is to be with Dria. Although he is not her mate, he loves her with the desire to be, but unbeknownst to him, Dria has other plans with the arrival of the wolf packs and their numerous single females. No longer a member of the pack, Jon focuses on keeping his thoughts about Dria secluded away. But Big Game hunting has become an even bigger risk, when several of the werewolves are hunted and shot with silver. And when one of the mates succumbs to their wounds, the V.V Inn is suddenly secured down with military precision. Someone is determined to take out as many wolves, and whoever it is, has followed the pack to Alaska. When the identity of the hunter’s is finally revealed, it is a saddened Romeo who realizes that the love of a family, goes deeper when murder is suspected-especially by a werewolf thought to have gone rogue.

Vivian and Rafe soon find themselves in enemy territory. But after a passionate night of lovemaking Dria suddenly finds herself shrouded in silver and her mate dying from blood loss on the bedroom floor. If will be only a matter of time before Dria realizes that her life will be worth nothing without her husband and mate. And with the knowledge that an ancient enemy has procured the aid of another supernatural power, Dria’s only concern is that she will meet her mate in the afterlife. Torturing Dria for the secrets to her power, has only convinced the ancient vampire, that the pain and suffering will soon end in death. Giving up will mean she will find her mate in the afterlife that much sooner.

BIG GAME is fantastic storyline in the V.V Inn series by C.J.Ellisson. The infusion of vampires, werewolves and magic is nothing new, but C.J.’s ability to weave the characters in to an exciting story will leave you breathless and wanting more. And the love of a man for his mate, will bring a tear to your eye when one wolf loses his mate and an ancient vampire is rescued by a force so powerful, even the seethe members were amazed.

Reading Order
1. Vampire Vacation
2. The Hunt
3. Big Game
4. Just One Taste (prequel)

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  1. You did a great job with your reviews, Sandy! Thank you! You managed to relay enough of the storyline without giving away spoilers. An incredible talent in and of itself!

    I’m thrilled to see you enjoyed the books and I sincerely appreciate your time and effort with the reviews. Thanks again!


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