Black Knights Inc #1-3 by Julie Ann Walker-reviews

Black Knights Inc #1-3 by Julie Ann Walker-reviews

Black Knights Inc 1-3

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(Black Knight Inc #1)
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Hell on WheelsABOUT THE BOOK: August 7, 2012

He’s the bad boy she’s always wanted…

Nate “Ghost” Weller has loved Ali Morgan nearly half his life. But he’s done something so heinous he’s convinced she’ll never forgive him if she discovers the truth, so he keeps his feelings and his secrets to himself. Then she blows into town with a mother lode of bad guys on her tail and Nate can’t deny she’s in serious trouble. Unfortunately, he’s the only one who can help her.

She’s the good girl he’s kept at arm’s length…

Ali knows Nate as the most solemn, aloof man on the planet. Sadly, he’s also the sexiest. For years she’s avoided him, unable to stomach his dark scowls and brooding silences… especially when she secretly yearns for his touch. Now she must rely on him to save her from the malevolent shadows ghosting her every move. When the bullets explode, so does their passion. But can love really conquer all? Or are some things just too terrible to forgive?


REVIEW: HELL ON WHEELS is the first instalment in Julie Ann Walker’s adult, contemporary, romantic Black Knight Inc suspense series focusing on a group of former Navy SEALs, Black Ops, ex military men and the women they love. With their base of operations fronted by a motorcycle repair shop, the men of Black Knight Inc –a covert government defense team- do the dirty work behind the scenes when terrorism and threats to National Security become real and mean. This is Nate Weller and Ali Morgan’s story.

The focus of the storyline is Ali Morgan’s safety and finding the people who have been haunting her daily life since the death of her brother Grigg while on a secret assignment in the Middle East. Gregg’s death has weighed heavily on both Ali and Nate but none more so than Nate who feels responsible for the death of his best friend and ‘brother’. When Ali arrives at Black Knight Inc with a tale of being stalked and followed, Nate makes it his mission to protect his best friend’s little sister knowing that his heart was lost to the woman years before. But someone else is willing to take her out to hide a secret he doesn’t want anyone else to know.

Julie Ann Walker writes an amazing storyline of suspense, mystery and action. The relationship between Ali and Nate begins as friends to lover but along the way Nate will push Ali away believing she holds him responsible for the death of her brother.

The sex scenes are hot, sensual and a release because the sexual tension between our leading couple can be felt throughout the storyline. The storyline is told through a combination of memories, flashbacks and present day where we will discover the truth behind Grigg’s death and the fall out of a war that no body wants to lose. The secondary characters are colorful, heartbreaking and exuberant and, there is a building story between Rebecca (Black Knight’s mechanic) and Frank “Boss’ Knight-the leader of BKI. If you want a storyline that will make you cry, Hell on Wheels is a great start to what should be an amazing series.


(Black Knights Inc #2)
by Julie Ann Walker / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO / The Book Depository

In Rides TroubleABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 2012

Rebel with a Cause

Becky “Rebel” Reichert never actually goes looking for trouble. It just has a tendency to find her. Like the day Frank Knight showed up at her door, wanting to use her motorcycle shop as a cover for his elite special ops team. But Becky prides herself on being able to hang with the big boys-she can weld, drive, and shoot just as well as any of them.

Man with a Mission

Munitions, missiles, and mayhem are Frank’s way of life. The last thing the ex-SEAL wants is for one brash blonde to come within fifty feet of anything that goes boom. Yet it’s just his rotten luck when she ends up in a hostage situation at sea. Come hell or high water, he will get her back-whether she says she needs him or not.


REVIEW: IN RIDES TROUBLE is the second instalment in Julie Ann Walker’s adult, contemporary, romantic Black Knights Inc action/suspense series focusing on a group of ex SEALs, Black Ops and military men. This is Black Knight leader Frank “Boss” Knight and motorcycle mechanic Becky ‘Rebel’ Reichert’s storyline. Tired of Frank’s continuous rejection, Becky decides to take a well deserved vacation with her best friend Eve only to have the vacation interrupted by Somali pirates hoping to use Becky’s special abilities for their own use.

The storyline focuses on Becky and Eve’s high seas rescue and the fall out of a night of passion between Becky and Frank. Frank’s regret rips Becky’s heart in two and she is determined to forget about the man –once and for all-if only she didn’t own the motorcycle shop where the Black Knights operated and lived.

The relationship between Becky and Frank is a friends to lovers storyline but a relationship that has everyone at BKI on edge. The sexual energy and tension fuels the anger, the mistaken beliefs and ultimately the jealousy that seems to filter in and out of the Black Knights lives. It is only when the truth about Frank’s personal life is revealed that Becky is willing to put aside her doubts about the man that she loves.

Julie Ann Walker writes an amazing series about a close knit group of former military men whose friendships and need to protect is the focus of the team. There is heartbreaking rejection and the pain of sorrow; there is friendship and love; and there is a second chance at a happily ever after for another one of BKI’s soldiers.

The secondary characters continue to play an active role in the action and suspense that pulls the reader into a story where the fear of losing the only woman you have ever loved comes to a reality –not once but twice-and where one man feels helpless to do anything about it. The storyline is fast paced; action packed; and sensually seductive when our hero finally pulls his proverbial head out of his a$$.


(Black Knights Inc #3)
by Julie Ann Walker / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO / The Book Depository

Rev It UpABOUT THE BOOK: October 2012

He’s the heartbreaker she left behind…

He Never Misses a Target

Jake “the Snake” Sommers earned his SEAL code name by striking quickly and quietly—and with lethal force. That’s also how he broke Michelle Carter’s heart. It was the only way to keep her safe—from himself. Four long years later, Jake is determined to get a second chance. But to steal back into Michelle’s loving arms, Jake is going to have to prove he can take things slow. Real slow…

She Aims to Make Him Beg

Michelle Carter has never forgiven Jake for being so cliché as to “love her and leave her.” But when her brother, head of the Black Knights elite ops agency, ticks off the wrong mobster, she must do the unimaginable: place her life in Jake’s hands. No matter what they call him, this man is far from cold-blooded. And once he’s wrapped around her heart, he’ll never let her go..


REVIEW: REV IT UP is the third instalment in Julie Ann Walker’s adult, contemporary, romantic Black Knights Inc action/suspense series focusing on a tight knit group of former Navy SEALs, Special Ops and ex-military men. This is Jake and Michelle’s storyline. Michelle is Frank Knight’s sister and the woman that Jake pushed away four years earlier.

The focus of the storyline is Jake’s return to civilian duty and his need for the woman he left behind. But many things have changed since Jake walked away and it will be an uphill and dangerous battle trying to convince Michelle that she is the only woman he has ever loved.

Julie Ann Walker pulls the reader into a story of second chances and forgiveness. Jake and Michelle have both made mistakes but when the Black Knights are targeted for extermination, the collateral damage will affect everyone including the people that they love.

The relationship between our leading couple is tense and full of what ifs and whys. Questions need to be answered; sins needs to be forgiven; and the truth must be revealed before anyone is able to move on. The sex scenes are steamy, seductive and fuel the imagination.

REV IT UP is an exciting story where secrets fuel the suspense; where revenge is only a moment away; and where family is everything. The plot is well paced; the secondary characters bring a semblance of familiarity to the storyline; the writing style is evenly paced, evenly balanced and welcoming. Julie Ann Walker adds another dimension into the Black Knights family-a family that begins to grow one generation at a time.

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