Black Moon Awakening by Lina Gardiner-a review

Black Moon Awakening by Lina Gardiner-a review


BLACK MOON AWAKENING (released May 2012) is a novel written in a combination of urban fantasy and the paranormal. Lina Gardiner blends the shape-shifting world of the Therian, the aggression of the werewolf, the power of the Egyptian gods and, the humans who want it all, into a fast paced story where the enemy could be your best friend or the neighbor next door.

Jude Black is a powerful Therian shape-shifter and a high level operative that specializes in targeted killings. But on Jude’s latest fact-finding mission (at Eideroche Medical) for the Senate, everything will go wrong– the trainee in his custody is presumed dead and Jude is accused of his murder; and Jude discovers a female werewolf who has been imprisoned and used for medical experiments. Jude is drawn to the werewolf which is wrong on so many levels but the most important is that the Therians and the werewolves are mortal enemies.

Letitia Hawke is the only female Tracker and daughter of the werewolf clan alpha, and has no recollection of recent events. Thinking everything that has happened has been a bad dream, Letitia will discover more than one bloody body has been left with all the evidence pointing to her. With the help of Jude, they will uncover the details that each has become a pawn in an impending war between their species-Jude has been set up by the very people with whom he works and Letitia’s special DNA has been used in an experiment to build an army of hybrid soldiers. But some of the experiments have gone horribly wrong.

There is plenty of mystery and misguided belief. Jude’s brother has been missing and his whereabouts unknown, but with Jude’s special abilities he will discover the true extent to what has happened and who may be to blame. But keeping Letitia out of the hands of Eideroche Medical is one of Jude’s priorities. When their only option is to expose Letitia to the others, both will discover that their powers and abilities are much stronger and stranger than anyone could have imagined.

Lina Gardiner brings together two powerful species of shape-shifters; the embattled mythological history and legacies of the Egyptian gods Horus and Set; a werewolf clan on the verge of destroying themselves and; the many secrets that have been withheld for the good of the few. There is a power struggle within the Therian nation and Senate, and Jude and his family heritage are at the center of it all.

BLACK MOON AWAKENING is an interesting and fascinating look at two shape-shifting species with a history of hatred and animosity between the worlds. At times, the writing was descriptive and intriguing, and at other times it was simple especially during the conversation and interactions between characters-the writing is much stronger in the descriptive narration. Gardiner’s attempts at world building are interesting and colourful and, I hope she spends a little more time in the Underworld of Theria in her next instalment. There is plenty of suspense, intrigue and deep, dark secrets that are slowly revealing a lifetime of lies and betrayal.

The relationship and interaction between Jude and Letitia left me wanting more-more as in a romantic adventure, but Black Moon Awakening is not a romance novel per say. It is more of an urban fantasy suspense adventure. There is definitely an attraction and sexual chemistry between Letitia and Jude-one that needs to be explored- but there was little time for romance and no time for sex. I did miss the lack of one-on-one time.

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