BLEED FOR ME (Loved By Gods #1) by Cynthia Eden

Bleed For Me (Loved by Gods) by Cynthia Eden

BLEED FOR ME (Loved By Gods #1) by Cynthia Eden

BLEED FOR ME is the first novella (August 2012 release) in Cynthia Eden’s new LOVED BY GODS series. With the combination of both vampire and Greek Gods, Cynthia has blended two of the paranormal storylines most popular creatures.

Terese Lafitte needed blood. It had been one month since she was brutally turned and she had yet to feed, so entering HADES, a popular night club would hopefully find her a willing host. Dressed for a night on the town, Terese knew she had found a source when a gorgeous and sexy man approached her with only one thing on his mind.

Apollo is the Greek god of the sun. The son of Zeus and his lover, Apollo and his sister Artemis were born on the isle of Delos. But Apollo preferred to hang out in his brother’s bar then return to Mt. Olympus. Only today, he was fascinated when a beautiful young woman refused his advances. And it would take a little prodding before Terese would give in to her need.

Apollo is shocked when he realizes that the woman in his bed isn’t entirely human. But the same can be said for Terese, when she is bested in power and strength by the man from whom she just fed. But when Terese returns to her home she finds that her sire, an elder vampire, refuses to let her go. And it will take a man with the powers of a god, to find and locate the vampire with whom he has fallen in love.

BLEED FOR ME is a story of romance with a happily ever after. You cannot help with whom or what you have fallen in love, and the same holds true for the powerful gods of Olympus. There is a little humor when Ares returns and finds Apollo in the back alley with Terese, and like all brothers, he tends to push the proverbial buttons. Cynthia has laid the groundwork for several more storylines, with the introduction of Artemis and Ares, but we also witness Poseidon struggling to find his own mate as promised by the fates. Probably my only complaint, because it was a novella, the love relationship developed too quickly. I was hoping that Cynthia would tease us with a few more chapters.

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    • Hi Maryann

      Novellas do seem to be the way lately… But many author’s and publishers use the novellas to bridge the time between full length novels and the are also quick and cheap for the reader. For many people, they will buy several novellas before buying a more expensive novel… Unless of course, the full length is part of a familiar or favorite series

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