Blood Awakening/Burden of Blood by Wenona Hulsey

Blood Awakening and Burden of Blood by Wenona Hulsey

BLOOD AWAKENING (The Blood Burden series novella) by Wenona Hulsey

BLOOD AWAKENING is the 0.5 novellette in Wenona Hulsey’s Blood Burden series. Introducing Nicole Keenan and her new found abilities to hear ‘evil’ thoughts and dreams of warnings and what’s to come.

Nicole and her BFF Kat were heading to Florida for a few days of fun and relaxation. Kicking back, drinking, dancing and shopping were the only things on the agenda, but finding a sexy, good looking man by the name of Nick Read was an added bonus. But a short walk on the beach found Nick and Nicole in the hospital after blacking out for some unknown reason.

Nicole remembers exactly what happened. Her terrifying nightmares were coming true. The man in her dreams had somehow dropped into her reality and warned her of things to come. His startling proclamation that he had ‘awakened Nicole and one he would come back to take her and her power, when the time was right’ was enough to think she as crazy. But the reality of the situation was coming to light when Nicole began to hear the ‘evil’ thoughts. And just to prove her theory, someone in the hospital was planning to act out a grievous plan, and Nicole was the only one who could stop it before it started.

BLOOD AWAKENING is a quick read, approximately 3 short chapters in length. As the introduction to Wenona’s Blood Burden series, Blood Awakening is a must read, if only to keep you from wondering-how it all began.


BURDEN OF BLOOD (Blood Burden series) by Wenona Hulsey

BURDEN OF BLOOD is the first book but second storyline in Wenona Hulsey’s paranormal/urban fantasy Blood Burden series. If you are interested in the series, I would recommend reading the prequel novella Blood Awakening, which explains how the heroine Nicole discovers that she has an unwanted ability to hear ‘evil’ thoughts.

Nicole Keenan is a small town cop with an impeccable record of finding and arresting the bad-guys. What her fellow law enforcement officers do not know (about) is her ability to hear ‘evil’ thoughts. Now, that would be convenient for just about anyone, but evil thoughts surround Nicole wherever she goes, including the local bars and pubs. And when her friend Kat finally convinces Nicole that a night out on the town would be a perfect distraction, Nicole knew that it would be an early night-especially when Luke was invited along for the night’s festivities.

Luke is also a police officer and Nicole’s partner. Since Luke’s arrival on the force, Nicole has been distracted by his good looks, charm and ‘warrior’ like ability to get the job done. And Luke is most definitely attracted to Nicole, in more ways than one.

In a small town there are always those residents who keep an eye out for anyone suspicious and Nicole will suddenly find herself the topic of conversation when a mysterious stranger appears asking about her family and friends. But when Nicole finds herself hunted like prey, it will be Luke that will profess to be her guardian and protector-for all time.

The mystery of Nicole’s abilities will soon become the overriding premise to the hunt when it will be revealed by her father (and Luke) that Nicole’s abilities are descended from the family line of both Royal Fae and Irish Warrior. To complicate matters, she is the sole surviving member of the Royal Fae family. And where does Luke stand?-he is the centuries old Warrior that has been ‘sentenced’ to guard and protect the only surviving member of the royal Fae. Luke has been waiting most of his life for Nicole and he is more than drawn to Nicole as her protector-he is in love with the feisty Fae, and she to him, but life has a funny way of directing you on a chosen path. When Nicole’s full-powers are finally reveal, she knows that there is only one thing she must do-and that is to eliminate the threat to her family and friends, by hunting down the people responsible for destroying her life and to reclaim the family name. But by claiming her independence she will alienate the one person who has sworn to protect and guard the feisty Fae with his life.

BURDEN OF BLOOD is a wonderful storyline. The story is well paced and well written. My only complaint would be the ending. When the heroine walks away from both family and friends, she is also walking away from the man that she loves, all in the name of honor. Luke has sworn to protect and guard, but she pushes everyone away knowing that she risks her own life because of her stubbornness to ask for help. So, yes, the ending pissed me off, but hopefully Wenona will eventually bring Luke and Nicole together-as in a HEA, but it is Urban Fantasy and sometimes, there is rarely a HEA.

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