BLOOD BETRAYED (Sons of Navarus #2) by Gabrielle Bisset-a review

BLOOD BETRAYED (Sons of Navarus #3) by Gabrielle Bisset-a review

BLOOD BETRAYED (Sons of Navarus #2) by Gabrielle Bisset

BLOOD BETRAYED is the second storyline (May 2012 release) in Garbrielle Bisset’s Sons of Navarus series focusing on a the power struggle between the infertile Archons and the ancient order of the Sons of Navarus. Without the ability to sire one of their own, the Archons targeted the Sons to ensure that only their own kind remained.

The war between the Archons and the Sons of Navarus now focused on Declan (Saint) Collins. Following the murder of his brother Teagan, Declan had hope to one day face the Archons in a final fight. But the Sons of Navarus had a plan to protect Declan, and the plan involved someone from his past. When his own sired vampires refused to come to his aid, Declan’s only hope was the Sons. Shunned by his own for dishonoring the sire/vampire relationship Declan has been alone for years. 

Solenne was a spy for the Sons. Following the staking of her sire, Solenne agreed to ferret out information about the Archons. And with Declan’s reputation for denying the vampires he sired, any hope of help was long past- a penance Declan thought he deserved. But knowing he was to seek refuge with the one person who could truly hurt him, turned in his gut because he blamed her for something that happened many years ago.

Marc Verrater is an Archon. Abusive and cruel, it is Marc’s duty to find and destroy the Sons, but his treatment of Solenne is abhorrent.  The Archons have targeted the Sons of Navarus to prevent the Idolas Prophecy from coming to fruition requiring Solenne to stay under cover to secure what little information she can. But the rumors regarding Solenne and Marc reach the Sons, and Solenne is called before the vampires she is trying to save and is accused of betrayal.

Deciphering the Prophecy would take time. As fellow Sons of Navarus vampires Ramiel and Thane continue their search for clues, it becomes apparent that the Sons will play a major role in the outcome, and for that reason the Archons must hunt and destroy, for their power and control will soon be eliminated. 

Declan and Solenne’s relationship is rocky. When Teagan sired Solenne, Declan had fallen in love with his brother’s vampire, and like many sibling rivalries jealousy and betrayal accusations abound.  For close to 100 years, Declan walked the earth alone, believing that the only woman he has ever loved left him for another man. 

BLOOD BETRAYED is a vampire story of sibling rivalry and the hunt to forestall the Idolas Prophecy. Throughout the storyline, the Sons of Navarus continue to decipher the ancient text knowing that the longer is takes, the more at risk everyone will become. Solenne’s love for Declan has never waivered but has been questioned by those close enough to care and it will be Declan’s love for Solenne that will force a heartbroken Solenne to take refuge with another one of the Sons.

Gabrielle Bisset writes a fascinating tale the weaves ancient prophecies with vampires and love, heroes and villains, family and friends. The sire/vampire relationship is continually questioned as the handling of their progeny is different for each of the Sons, and Declan’s sired vampires have a different story to tell.

1. Vampire Dreams Revamped
2. Blood Avenged
3. Blood Betrayed
4. Blood Spirit

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Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  2. Declan and Solenne’s relationship sounds very rocky. Sibling rivalry even though the other brother is dead still hangs over their head. Marc Verrater sounds like a monster.

    Sandy thanks for the review.

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