BLOODED (Jessica McClain series) by Amanda Carlson-a new release review

BLOODED (Jessica McClain series) by Amanda Carlson-a review

BLOODED -Jessica McClain series (a novella) by Amanda Carlson

BLOODED is the introductory storyline (April 2012 new release) to Amanda Carlson’s new Jessica McClain series. As the human-born daughter of werewolf alpha Callum McClain, Jessica has been the target of jaunts and threats since the day she was born. Werewolves never sired females, but Jessica was an anomaly. Now that every member of the pack knows she will never be able to shift, the Cain Myth is coming true. Foretold that the a female would be born as the ‘daughter of evil’, a ‘witch’, Jessica’s days are numbered. Believing the daughter of evil will bring an end to the wolves, the pack members have targeted Jessica for destruction.

Hoping to prove herself capable, Jessica challenges alpha-male Mitch to a fight. Although her father has been the alpha of the pack for over 500 years, Jessica knows that even his laws will not prevent her possible death. But her fight with Mitch only results in pissing off the other wolves. Surviving against the odds, Jessica has now put herself into a position as an even bigger target. But when Mitch’s friend Sean seeks to end her life, using more than just his abilities as a wolf, Jessica realizes it may be too late to save herself. This fight may be her last.

BLOODED is a great introductory story for Amanda Carlson. She packs plenty of information into a short story without overwhelming and burying the premise. A wonderful story with a kick-ass heroine who knows what it is like to be different. In a world shifters, a mere human is always a threat. I am looking forward to reading FULL BLOODED later this year.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Great review!! I looooove shifters!!! I’ll be checking this one out too!! *walks away mumbling that I have GOT to win the lottery so I have more time to read*

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