BLURRY by Sherri Fulmer Moorer-a review

BLURRY by Sherri Fulmer Moorer – a review

BLURRY by Sherri Fulmer Moorer

BLURRY is a novel written by Sherri Fulmer Moorer that can be classified as a murder-mystery. Most of the characters are under 18 years of age, therefore I would classify it as Young Adult, but perhaps Mature Young Adult as the storyline contains several murders. There is mystery, murder, intrigue, secrets, lies and deceit. The story centers around Woodland, South Carolina and the illegal business of street racing.

Kirsten is a young woman, in her last year of high school, but her past relationship with bad boy Danny Elkman has strained the already frazzled edges of her friendship with the girls at school. But her sudden death in a mysterious car accident will start the rumor mill running with reports of tampering, jealousy and lies.

Rachel is the main protagonist. And while away at a weekend Band Clinic for musicians, she meets Layne Vance, who sweeps her off her feet and promises the moon and stars. But a mysterious call to Rachel’s cell phone goes unanswered, and when the police question Rachel, she is unaware as to the nature of the call. Her phone had been missing for several days and she had no idea what had happened.

Once a life-long friend of Kirsten’s, their relationship has been strained since Kirsten started dating Rachel’s ex-Danny. And to complicate the scenario, Kirsten had been accused of seeing someone else-Jake Sonders- on the side that only added to the anger between friends. But as the young teens begin to investigate the truth behind their friend’s secret life, it becomes apparent that there is more than meets the eye.

Josh Miles has been one of the group since childhood. His secret crush on Rachel has been apparent to everyone but Rachel- herself. And when Josh begins to act mysteriously, the others begin to suspect depression or drugs. Warning Rachel off Layne puts another strain on their friendship, but when Josh discovers a connection between Danny and Rachel’s new friend, there is another death in small town South Carolina, that will once again be connected to the illegal pursuit of street racing.

Along the way, we are introduced to many of Kirsten and Rachel’s high school friends. Marielle who vehemently defends Danny: Sasha is a former cheer leader who has been relegated to color guard due to an accident: Zeke, the freshman who has the inside scoop on the police movements in town: Zeke’s brother Micah, who knows more about the investigations and the connections to illegal racing: Natalie who is Rachel’s best friend and soon to be model: and Brooks-Jake Sonders cousin. At some point throughout the storyline every character will be connected by blood, friendship, street racing or revenge.

The night of the senior prom will bring everyone together once again. But friendships have been strained and trust is no longer a fact of life. Deceit and the power of manipulation will reveal that even a life-long friendship or new love relationship is only as true, as the person involved. If a relationship has been based on lies from the start, continuing the lie will only complicate matters throughout the course of events. But everything will catch up when senior prom starts to resemble a scene from Carrie and everyone is locked into their rooms. Someone else will die, but the truth will finally be revealed, that a death during an illegal street race had a far more range of connections and complications than any had thought possible.

BLURRY is a mystery with many potential outcomes. The writing is simple, without graphic violence or language, and although there are murders, there is no graphic detail to fuel the imagination. Like most YA storylines, the adults are conspicuously absent, but the teen’s investigative work rivals that of many cases of corporate espionage and national secrets, and in this particular scenario, I found it difficult to believe their actions. But, BLURRY is a work of fiction and was not an actual accounting. Perhaps some of the storyline is drawn from real life-like the ramifications of illegal street racing, but teens with the ability to ferret out secrets and re-wire the inner workings of an entire city’s closed circuit system, was beyond my imagination. And saying that, BLURRY does keeps the reader in suspense until the end, and that is what a mystery novel should do-believe it or not!! I have no problem recommending this novel.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Well your review was great Sandy , But i have to say the book just confused me it’s a who’s on first ,and what on second type of book after awhile you don’t remember who is with whom . I have to say this is just one of those books that could be really great but just not for me .

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