Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee-a review

Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee-a review

BONE DEEP by Bonnie Dee

BONE DEEP is an historical romance (re-release May 2012) novel without the usual feel of the historical aspect. Taking place in 1946, Bone Deep follows the life and love of military widow Sarah and how she learns to overcome grief when she realizes that are far worse things in life than having a loved one die-a survivor who must face the reality of abuse with every stare and whisper.

Sarah will embark on a journey of discovery when she finds the ‘tattooed’ man from the travelling carnival hiding in her barn. When Sarah and Tom first eye each other, Tom is trapped behind a cage in the ‘freak show’ exhibits, but there is something about the sadness in his eyes that draws Sarah like a moth to a flame. She sees behind the colors and artwork that cover 99% of his body-she sees the man and she knows instantly that this man has a story to tell.

Tom’s connection to Sarah is instant. When Tom first introduces himself to Sarah, he is soft spoken and with few words. But he is also on the run. He has escaped the confines of his ‘jailer’ and refused to go back to a life on display. Years of isolation and abuse have taken their toll on Tom. With few companions and friends, Tom has had little use for the spoken word. But his body art tells a different story.

As the storyline develops Sarah will discover that there is an attraction between the two, but there are so many odds that must be overcome including the rumors that an escapee from the carnival is threatening the lives of everyone around. To protect Tom, Sarah opens her home as well as her heart.

There is a slight paranormal feel to the storyline, one that is explained by way of Tom’s connection to the carnival fortune teller, and it is this particular power that will force Tom into the open before the condemning eyes of the local towns people. Sarah and Tom must endure the rumors and talk, as well as the escalating anger from the people who are too quick to judge. But it is 1946 after all and someone different is perceived as a threat.

BONE DEEP is first and foremost a love story. The love scenes are romantic, real and emotional. You can feel the love that is growing between Tom and Sarah, and you know that someone will come along and tear this couple apart. Sarah’s immediate attraction to Tom went beyond the façade and into his soul. She taught him to love and trust, and he taught her to open up her heart and let someone else inside.

This is my first Bonnie Dee novel. It is a little older, I believe it was first released in 2006 (according to Goodreads), but it is well worth the time and effort of the read. Bonnie writes a story that proves love can overcome abuse, even when everyone around is threatened by the very person with whom you are in love.

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