Bound by Vengeance by Shannon K. Butcher – A Review (New Release)

Bound by Vengeance by Shannon K. Butcher – a Review


Bound by Vengeance is a novella by Shannon K. Butcher. This is part of her Sentinel Wars series, and it is right before her Dying Wish full novel, which is due next week.

Generally, novellas are a bit too short, and just when things look like its going to get exciting, it ends.  This is not the case with Bound by Vengeance, as it was exciting right from the start, and you immediately identified with the characters.  Shannon has done it again.


Bound by Vengeance is about Dakota Kacey, who knows all about the Theronai warriors, and the women they become bonded to save their lives.  Dakota is one the Defenders, who help the Theronai’s against the evil Synestryns.  Dakota blames herself for the death of her brother Daren, who was killed by the demons.  She is determined to avenge her brothers’ death, and plans to go after the demon responsible. 

Liam Lann is a Theronai warrior who is called in by Dakota’s cousin (one of the leaders of the Defenders) to help Dakota.  Liam is near his end, having given up at any chance of finding the women who can save him.  But when he comes close to Dakota, his luceria around his neck, starts turning colors. Liam is shocked and finds it impossible that maybe Dakota is the women to save him.

This is a short story, but it is an excellent story I could not put it down.  The romance that develops between Dakota and Liam is great.  Early on, Liam tries to convince Dakota to take his necklace (luceria), and she is drawn to the power she receives from it.  It is this, and her determination to kill the demon that makes her work with Liam and train on how to use the powers that he is able to feed to her through the luceria.

Dakota fears to make a commitment that would bind her to Liam forever, but she is drawn to Liam sexually, something they both find difficult to ignore. They work together to find and kill the demon.  But Dakota feels like a failure, as the demon was not killed by her.  She wanted to redeem herself with her parents, whom she feels blames her for her brother’s death.  Liam too has his own issues, as he feels Dakota does not want him, and he is willing to let her go, but to another Theronai warrior, whose she might save. 

It was nice to see them finally realize they belong together, and they will become full partners in helping all the Theronai’s fight this war.  This was such a pleasant read, exciting to the end in a short series.  But it was so well done.  I love this series, and love Shannon Butcher’s writing.  Now on to Dying Wish.

Reviewed by Barb


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